Wintertime and Wintertime Again

Level by Tijay (September, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] I had a problem going between the two levels. I used the infamous level change cheat procedure to do it. Sorry about that. Although I could have renamed the second level and started it as new. [End note]


Start before a closed door. Go to the left for a shotgun. Go west and open the door. Go out and to the right. Kill two dogs and notice a lock needing a key. Go west over to the crane to pick up shotgun shells. Do not go into the water or you will drown. The sounds under the water are weird. Back to shore, go south and jump the ice floes to the south-west and reach the far corner. Press the pushbutton on the south wall to open a gate elsewhere. The key will come later. On the way back notice another key lock to the east. Go back to the crane and go north into an opening and run up a ramp. At the top, turn around and climb down two ladders. Follow the tunnel to an area with rollers. Avoid the rollers and pull all five jump switches on the walls. Just stay close to the wall and the rollers do not affect you. This opens the doors at the side. Now you have to pick up the two small medipacks on the ground. Just chase a roller, pick it up, and run back to the wall. This turns off the fires in the opening. Go inside each one and press the pushbutton. Go back to the entrance and a door is open. Go inside and come to a bridge over a chasm. Jump to the right to slide down the wall. Go to the north-west corner for a small medipack. If you not shoot at the guards, they will ignore you. Go north into a tunnel and run up the ramp.

You reach a room with a closed gate to the right. The north tunnel is a dead end trap so go to the west tunnel.  Slide and jump with a curve to land in a side tunnel. The water at the bottom is deadly. This is a four way crossing. Take the south tunnel and jump over the big gap. On the other side, climb down the ladder and light a flare. Get into a crawl space for secret #1 and a Gold Rose. Continue down the tunnel, slide and grab. Drop, slide, and jump south to a ledge. Turn around and jump north to a ledge to pick up the Golden Key. Get into the opening and pull up into a tunnel. At the end there are some large steps. Stop at the first step, turn around and pull a jump switch behind you. You get a cut scene of a gate opening. Continue up the steps and watch out for the wall drill. Climb a wall and enter a snow tunnel and exit through the gate you opened. To the right is where you came from. Go left to a bridge but before you cross it look in the left corner for a large medipack. Look up at another bridge. Continue and you are back at the four way crossing.

Jump into either side tunnel. Take the north tunnel and cross a bridge. Follow another tunnel and when it turns left, pick up Uzi's in the corner. Continue and cross an ice bridge. Enter the next tunnel and jump the deadly gap in the floor. Continue and at the first right turn press the pushbutton on the north wall. You get a cut scene of a gate opening somewhere. Go west and be careful of the pit. On the other side of the pit, enter another tunnel. Follow it to a bridge over the previous bridge over some water. Then the tunnel splits. If you go left a gate opens and you are where you entered this area and down the left tunnel are the guards. Go right and crawl under the wall drills. Go down the tunnel but be careful of a spike pit. Pick up a large medipack. Follow to a room to pick up large medipack and flares. In the corner, squat by a lamp to pick up the Desert Eagle. Beside it is the gate you opened. Go in and climb to the top but be careful of the wall drill. Climb another ladder to pick up the Old Key. Slide down the other side and end up back at the ladder where you started. Climb the ladder and go left back towards the crane.

Go to the green house and use the Golden Key. A rope drops over the ice floes but I did not need it. Go south and jump the ice floes to the south-west and reach the far corner. Use the Old Key in the lock. Go back over the ice floes to the key lock in the east. Use the Old Key and the door opens. Slide down and jump to grab a slope just before a spike pit. Pull up and slide down and jump to grab a slope just before a spike pit. Pull up and slide to the bottom. I guess this is the end as I found no end trigger for the next level. The next level is not in the level menu either. When you are at the bottom you are facing south. Roll to face north. I used the infamous level cheat of facing north, selecting load and entering in HELP on the keyboard and then pressing ESC. Then the next level loaded. Maybe the problem was corrected later and I am playing an old release of the levels.

Wintertime Again

You start by sliding down and jump to grab a slope just before a spike pit. Pull up and slide down and jump to grab a slope just before a spike pit. Pull up and slide to the bottom and enter a doorway to the right. Go west and a guard attacks. Kill him and go west near the wire for flares. Go to the south-west and kill two guards and a dog. Avoid the water, as it is deadly. Go west of the crane and use the binoculars to look west over the snow. You see a panel that looks very dark. Go there and shoot it. Light a flare and go inside for secret #2, a Gold Rose, and an Old Key. Go back and pull up to the bridge. Kill two guards that attack. Look south to see where you want to go through a door. From the bridge, jump to an ice column to the south-east. From there jump south to an ice column. Follow it and pick up a large medipack, Desert Eagle ammo, and the Desert Eagle. Kill a guard shooting at you. Go to the end of this column and jump to where the guard was. Enter the door and face three wall drills.

At the top face north and follow the columns in a general north direction and be careful of the spike bags. At the end pick up a large medipack and flares. Go down the tunnel carefully watching out for spike traps. At the end turn left and climb a ladder. You are back at the same entrance where you ended the first level. Go over the ice floes to the west. Use the Old Key to open the gate there. You may notice that the way to the previous section is block by a fire. Go into the gate and press the pushbutton. Climb up a block and go down the other side. Follow a tunnel to a fence in front of some building. Go to the right. The green building door does not open. Go through the hole in the fence and kill a dog that attacks. Go left around the brown building and notice a closed gate. Follow around and notice an opening in the west wall. Go to the green building and shoot a window. Go inside and kill two dogs. Go in and light a flare and look for a pushbutton on the wall to the right of the fireplace. Use it and the gate in the brown building opens. Go there and jump up to the ledge with the switch. This just closes the door so forget it. Go west and pull the movable block back. Shimmy to the left behind it for secret #3 and a Gold Rose. It did not register as a secret but I assume it was since it was a Gold Rose. Press the pushbutton on the wall and get down. It drops a rope in the next area you go to.

Exit and go to the opening in the west wall. Jump to the center column. Jump and grab the rope to swing to the bridge against the far wall. It takes at least two swings and do not overshoot. When you make it, turn north to kill a guard and south to kill a guard. Run south and kill two guards high on east wall. As you approach the doors to the south, the level ends.