The Last Saga 1 – Athens
By Tomo
Walkthrough written by Cher and posted here with her permission

Go around the corner to the right, enter the fountain area, a dog attacks. Push open the doors opposite the striped awning, push the wall and crawl under for a golden rose. Push open some doors opposite these doors to flip a switch, a gate opens in an area left of the striped awning, there’s another door to push open and pull the switch in there.

From the fountain, get on top of the awning and shoot the windows opposite, run/jump over. Pull a switch and enter the door, another dog attacks. Pull up into a crawl space on the wall to the right, drop into another room and pick up a large medipack. Head over to go around the corner and you get a cut scene of rats scurrying. Pick up the revolver and laser sight from behind the barrels and continue to a pushable object, push it past two left side openings, go back to the first one and pull an object out. Go to the second opening, around to the right and push the shelf out, you hear something breaking. Go around left again and find the crowbar, exit the area the way you came.

Head for the door under the awning, a dog attacks, deal with him and use the crowbar on the door. Head up the stairs and part way up is some revolver ammo and a large medipack. Continue up, through a small room, across a walkway, into another room and up the ramp. When you get to the top of the ramp, a battering ram starts swinging. Stay to the extreme right, turn and drop backwards and grab, shimmy all the way around to the right, pull up and flip and switch, opening the gate on the lower level. Go in there and pick up a golden star.

Return to the fountain square and head left and down some stairs, the flyby will pretty much tell you what you need to do.

Take care of the guard with the gun behind the block, jump on top of the forklift and kill another one higher up, pull up onto a ledge and pull a switch. Go through the door that’s opened, as you advance another guard and a dog will attack. Jump onto a crate and up to the higher crate then to an invisible ledge and over to the left to get a golden rose. Jump back onto the crates and up onto a ledge, dive in the water and follow the passage. Get some air and dive into a deeper passage to pick up another golden rose, return to the previous area and pick up a small medipack. I never found a way to turn this fire off by the switch, so flip the switch and eat some medipacks as you get to the water. Another underwater door has opened, swim through, and pull up and down the other side of the ledge. Follow the passage, monkeyswing across, up the ramp and jump to the top of the monkeyswing, pull up over to the right.

You get a cut scene of what you are facing, monkeyswing by the fire-breathing dragons. As you land, a guard attacks, shoot him and pick up the storeroom key he drops. Back past the dragons, and down to the forklift area to use the key.

Pull the switch and a block rises at the top of the stairs when you leave this area, jump up and climb up on the ledge, turn and run jump across. Pick up a small medipack and flip a switch, a gate opposite the stairs opens.

Reach in and pull a switch, some of those flying thingies swarm, it’s best to just stand in the corner until they dissipate but you’ll need to pop a medi. Around the left a gate has opened, enter and pick up some revolver ammo and continue around the corner to a large, metal gate. Above is a bell, attach the laser site to you revolver and shoot the bell. As the gate opens, enter and pick up the 2nd golden star.

Go back to the fountain area and straight through to place the golden stars. Go up the stairs, head towards the doors to end the level.