Levels by Tomo

Walkthrough by Yoav

Lara's House Part One

Start the level after the flyby. Lara stands in a main hall facing the boxes at her Mansion. From her left side you see a floor lever; but it's not necessary to pull it right now, as it opens the double black gate outside the Mansion and you can do it later. From her back is a closed main door, pull the wall lever to open this door but don't get out now.

Follow up the stairs to the second floor, at the top of the stairs turn left and enter Lara's bedroom, press the switch behind the bed, enter the small room and pick up the HK-gun and Flares. Leave the bedroom and go to next room at the other side of this floor, pass near the closed door to the attic. Enter Lara's new treasure room, take a short look around and proceed to fireplace room, nothing much to do in those two rooms so get out and back to the main room.

Take the left side and enter the kitchen, there's a closed door (it opens from outside), press the switch to open the cooling room, nothing to do here.

Back to the main room and go through the gym toward the swimming pool, jump in the water and look for an underwater jumpswitch to throw later. Get out of the pool and back to the main room and follow outside the Mansion.

From your left side is a closed black gate, at the front the double gate is still closed so take the left side and go toward the horse statue place (with other four snake statues). Proceed further, you see closed gate with key hole. Take the left side path, then turn to the right side between the mansion and the green wall, you will come to training course.

Keep going further the longest side path of the training course, pass near a table and two chairs, proceed behind the Mansion wall, you see an alcove with trapdoor. Pull the trapdoor to enter a basement, light a flare as it's quite dark downstairs and look for closed gate. Leave the basement a while and back to the path outside, proceed toward the tunnel, follow down the slope, light flare and look for jumpswitch in the left side wall.

Pull the jumpswitch, it opens the gate at the basement. Make your way back over there and pull the lever wall to become empty the swimming pool in the Mansion. Once again get out of the basement, if you've not picked up yet the Revolver with the Ammo near the pool in front of you, now is the time to do it. Keep going further down the side path of the training course, the door will open automatically and you can do shortcuts through the kitchen to get to the empty swimming pool. OR, just proceed further, turn left side at the end of the path, pass the open gate and get in the Mansion by the main door.

Anyway, when you come to the empty pool, climb down to bottom of pool and pull the jumpswitch, screenshoot will show you open door at the main hall.

Climb up the wall to get out of the pool and go over the room you open; as you can see there are five pushable goblets that need to be placed onto the right round tile.

Light flare and notice a different stripe color on each goblet, place them by the list below and over each goblet will appear a small ball, this puzzle will open the closed door to the attic.

Start with the the GREEN goblet, push/pull it toward the round tile opposite the firplace.

Pull/push the BLUE goblet right behind the green one.

Pull/push the ORANGE goblet onto the tile at a middle/right side of the orange goblet close to exit room.

Pull/push the YELLOW goblet onto the tile at the middle/left side of the orange goblet.

Pull/push the GRAY goblet toward the faraway tile close to the wall opposite the fireplace.

Now get out of the room and go the second floor, proceed through the open door, light a flare and follow up the stairs to the attic. In front of you are a few boxes, climb onto them and fall down between the boxes, you'll find the Race Key.

Back to the main hall and follow outside the Mansion, go toward the key hole near the horse and use the Race Key, turn left side of the path and load level two.

Lara's House Part Two

Go forward and find yourself at the Racetrack, in front of you is the quad bike but you can't start to drive it as you're missing the keys. Follow the left side path and start running part of the race, jump over the gap, keep following the path, you will come to an area with water. Get in the water and take a swim under the stone bridge, turn to the right into an alcove, you'll find the Quadcar Keys, swim back and get out of the water. Back to the quad bike and start driving the Racetrack as much as you want.

Note: you will not find a "finish" trigger in this level, for this you need to go back to level one. Enter the mansion and pull the lever floor from the left side, the one that I told you not to pull at the beginning. The double gates are open now, pass through this gate and finish the level.