Temple of Taurus
by Tomo
Walkthrough written by Cher and posted here with her permission

Begin in a very dark, forbidding atmosphere, there is medipack in the corner, turn and pull a reach-in switch. A door in the upper level opens, climb the ladder and enter a door way, the floor drops out underneath you and you begin a slide, watch out for the gap you need to jump but thereís not much you can do about the poison darts. You are plunged into water, but there are no critters to worry about at least. As you pull out of the water, if you head towards the left of the closed doors, a ninja will attack, may as well take care of him now.

Facing EAST, there is a swim passage just below the gold waterfall. Emerge and pull up to a great flyby of the area and the dragonís mouth at the top. Start climbing, pick up some grenade ammo in the corner. Jump to the gray brick along side the lava flow, and over the flow to the other side. Jump up onto the dragonís mouth and pull a jumpswitch, the mouth opens, jump back off and inside, crawl through.

Immediately pick up some flares, which are nearly impossible to see as this area is very dark. Turn to the right and thereís a jumpswitch to pull. Continue around counter-clockwise, jump a gap and pull another jumpswitch, and jump another gap, one more switch, the door opens. Light a flare and continue to the corner to pick up some more flares and jump over to enter the open door.

Drop down on a ledge, notice the closed door to the right, youíll open that later, you are now overlooking the big water area. There is a wooden bridge to the left of the wall, carefully walk onto it, after you turn the corner to the left, slicing blades are going to come up over so either run like hell or (what I did), run and jump to the next extension to the right. Thereís a medipack to pick up and another jumpswitch, opening the door at the end.

Slide down and walk to the end, facing a lava pit. Slide/jump/jump/grab. Shimmy all the way left and pull up, then backjump/roll/slide/jump to safety. As you enter the new room, 2 ninjas attack, now in my game they were more intent on running madly about, but take care of them anyway as one gives up a medipack and the other some uzi clips. Pull a reach-in switch and a laser cuts some rock to reveal a guardian key.

Use your guardian key in itís place between the 2 blue and yellow ledges to open the door, as you go in, the door closes behind you and you get a brief flyby of the vraeus sitting on itís pedestal before you. Run to pick up the vraeus as there are traps in the way, the lava turns to water, and you get a flyby of the large area where you use the 2 vraeus. Jump into the water and find a passage that returns you to the large double doors area.

As you approach to place the 1st vraeus, you get a very brief cut scene of a door. This is the door to the right when you entered that upper level. Place your vraeus and go back into the swim passage by the gold waterfall, climb up, through the dragonís mouth etc.

As you go into the door, level 2 loads up, you emerge into a tiled room with a pool. Stay out of the pool, the current is deadly. Jump across and drop and shimmy right around the corner. Jump across the water to the other side, slide and jump onto an invisible ledge, jump over to the far side. Pick up a medipack and climb down the ladder. At the bottom, turn left and go up the steps, climb the ladder and you see the vraeus, as you go for it the door slams shut. Go back down the ladder and turn right to find a floor lever to push, the door opens again. Back up the ladder, take the vraeus, the lava turns to water again, you get a cutscene of the vraeus door. Another door opens, go through it and you are back were you came into the area, return to level 1.

Place your 2nd vraeus and enter the now open door, when you take the guardian key, the bull (you didnít think it was going to be that easy did you?) breaks through the door. In the bulls room there is a secret, a large medipack, some ammo and uzi clips. Notice the 2 ďeyeĒ targets, you know the drill, you need to get the bull to break the eyes and avoid Lara being gored.

When both targets are smashed the doors open to another area behind the targets. Here you have FOUR more targets and a slot for your guardian key. Place the key, it opens a door youíll need in a few minutes. 3 of the 4 targets are simple to get the bull to hit, the left one on the far wall, he doesnít seem to want to hit. Donít worry about it, once he has smashed the other 3, a door on a side wall opens. Go in there and to the left is a red area with slots for 4 guardian keys and 2 more doors which are closed. For some reason, after you go there, when you go back, heíll charge the last target, opening the final door.

Go back up the hallway and turn left, find the grenade gun between a couple of pillars. Now head back right across the hall to an area overlooking the bull area. Head around counter clockwise and when you get to the first corner, a ninja attacks, kill him for a guardian key. Take the key back down to the red room and place it in the far right slot (the others just release scarabs). The door opposite opens to grab a large medipack. Back up to the area over looking the bulls area and continue on counter clockwise, drop and shimmy left to pick up the uzis and some clips.

Go back to the opposite side and find the ladder block and shimmy around to the right. A ninja attacks, take care of him and pick up some flares. Continue and drop/grab and shimmy again to the right, when you can pull up again, find the black block, pull up and this is the end of the level. There is no finishing trigger.