A custom level made by Tomo

Unofficial walkthrough written by Selene

Pickups: Revolver ammo(but I couldn't find any revolver, so if you have found one in this level, please let me know where and I'll add it to the walkthrough), small and large medipack, Crowbar, Torch, 2x Gemstone Pieces, 1x Temple Key, 1x Golden Star, Stone Of Time + 3 Golden Rose Secrets

Having returned safely from Athens Lara sets off to the Temple Of Time in her search for the Stone of Time. The adventure starts in a dark part of the Temple, barely lit up by the rays of the sun cutting through the ceiling tiles (the room looks amazingly alike TRC's Colosseum level......ah, the nostalgia).

The gate ahead is closed and it will remain so, so just ignore that completely. Go towards the left side of the room and as Lara reaches the far end the floor tile will cave in under her feet, sending her sliding into a lower part of the temple, where you'll see another closed gate. But as an improvement this one at least has a keyhole next to it. First go over to the right wall. If you look closely you will see that the first block from the right has something looking like a ring attached to it. This is a moveable block, so push it in twice to reveal Secret 1: A Golden Rose in the right alcove.

Once you have retrieved the secret go back outside and towards the opposite wall. Look up and you should spot a crawlspace high up on the wall right where the rays of the sun fall on the floor. Jump up and grab it and crawl through and down on the other side. Turn and pull up on the opposite ledge with the remains of the skeletons and crawl through to see a button at the end. Push this and go back to the pit separating the two crawlspaces. This time climb the pole in the pit all the way to the top and backflip onto the floor. Pick up the revolver ammo and go through the only doorway in the room. On a block to the right you will see a golden key. Drop into the room and as you do so Lara will be attacked by a flock of annoying bats. There's no point in shooting at these buggers as it will not harm them one bit. They will nibble at Lara and cause her quite a health loss either way, but I found the best thing to do would be to run into a corner and crouch until the bats disappear. Once they're gone pick up the Temple Key and leave this room.

Go sliding back down the pole and climb up in the crawlspace and through to the room with the gate and keyhole where you found the secret. Use the key in the keyhole to unlock the gate. Enter the newly opened corridor CAUTIOUSLY. Walk rather than run and as soon as Lara passes the open gate the ground will start shaking violently and two spiked boulders will drop from ahead and the left. Luckily for Lara there are two pits here; one to the right and one straight ahead. Now if Lara walked instead of running the spiked boulders will drop into each their pit and thus cause no harm to our heroine. Once the boulders land in the pits go towards the one ahead and do a running jump across the pit. Spikes will pop up so be careful when jumping across. Follow the passageway around until you reach a crawlspace on the left. First go through there to pick up the crowbar. Go back outside and continue up the ramp. As you reach the top draw guns and shoot the crocodile crawling out of the room ahead.

When it's dead enter the room it came from and look around.
There's not really anything of interest here, apart from an open gate ahead. The corridor beyond the gate is not as safe as it might seem though, it consists of collapsible tiles that will send Lara plummeting to her death in a pool of lava. Stand approximately two steps away from the opening and sprint ahead. Once you get close to the darker tile at the end press Alt and Lara will jump over the remaining tile which crumbles under her. You will see a ladder ahead, but before going up there let's retrace for a secret. Turn to face the lava pool and look down to the left. You should be able to spot a crevice running along the left wall. Stand with Lara’s back to the lava, drop off the ledge and press Action to grab onto it. Shimmy along the crevice to the right until you reach a crawlspace where Lara can pull up. Crawl through and pick up Secret 2: Another Golden Rose. Crawl out and shimmy back to the ledge with the ladder.

Climb to the top and you will see two unlit torches on the wall and a closed gate between them. Looks like we'll have to find a way to light them. Conveniently enough there's also a torch on the ground for Lara to retrieve. Pick it up and enter the open doorway in the W wall. As you approach the lit torch on the wall bats will come flying out again so immediately throw away the torch, run to the corner and crouch until the bats give up. Pick up the torch again and use the torch hanging on the wall to light it. Go back out to the room where you climbed up and light the torches on the wall. The gate between them opens. Throw away your own torch as you won't need it anymore and jump onto the slope beyond the open gate.

Lara slides into a room with a Golden Star mounted on the wall. Save your game here and pry the star off the wall. As soon as Lara picks it up the floor starts caving in so immediately press Roll and run to the edge jumping in the last moment to land on a safe ledge below the entrance. You will now see that there's a ledge ahead right below where you found the star and a lava pool below that again. Do a running jump towards the opposite ledge and press Action in mid-air to make Lara land safely on the ledge. Turn left and look at the crevice in the wall. Do a standing jump and press Action to grab it and shimmy left until Lara stops. Let go of Action and immediately press it again so that Lara lets go and grabs onto another crevice below. Continue shimmying left until you can pull up. Go through the crawlspace and climb out in the room above.

Go to the right and pick up the large medipack by the remains of the skeleton. A swarm of rats will pour out and just like the bats these are a waste of precious ammo. Instantly climb onto the block on the left and onto the next block ahead to get rid of the rats. The gate ahead opens automatically, but first let's go for another secret. Turn around to face the room with the rats below and light a flare to spot a crawlspace ahead. Do a running jump, grab the crawlspace and pull up. Go through to reach a room with Secret 3: The Final Golden Rose on a pedestal. NOTE: You will NOT hear the regular secret chime here and this secret will not be shown in your statistics. Once you've gotten the rose crawl back out and drop down to the room with the rats.

Climb back up to the black gate and enter the next room. A fly-by will show you your prize: The Stone Of Time firmly mounted onto the yellow wall ahead. But before retrieving it, go to the left and shoot the small vase on the W ledge to reveal a small medipack. Go to the Stone Of Time and pry it off the wall, causing the gate to the left(when facing the wall with the stone) to open. Go through there and you will find Lara to be standing on a ledge above a deep pit and if you look closely you will also notice a tiny object on the white pedestal on the opposite ledge. And oh, a skeleton awakens from its sleep and starts running around over there. Do a running jump from the left side of the ledge to land directly on the ground opposite and, avoiding the skeleton as much as possible, pick up the 1st Gemstone Piece from the pedestal. Uh oh, this also awakens an angry wraith so now you're in a hurry. Run straight towards the pit and as you reach the edge jump to the ledge opposite.

Dart through the gate to find that the gate straight ahead is now open. Go through it with the wraith still in hot pursuit, drop into the pool and as fast as possible climb out on the ledge with the white pedestal to avoid the company of the crocodile down there in the water. Pick up the 2nd Gemstone Piece from the pedestal and you will see a golden door opening back in the room where you picked up the Stone of Time. To prove that the world is not enough another wraith starts chasing you around. Luckily these guys aren't too hard to evade. Leave this room as quickly as you can and to the immediate right to see the golden door you just opened. Climb up into the opening and as you enter the next room combine the two Gemstone Pieces to make up a Gemstone. Place this in the receptacle ahead and the door above it will open. Climb into the new room. The blue double doors ahead open automatically and you will see a sparkling darkness beyond. Go through the doors to end this short, but very enjoyable adventure.