Level by Uwe Froehlich

Walkthrough written by Cher of Lara's Home

Start by going for a swim, pick up a Small Medi and surface in a water covered room, kill the crocodile and then pick up Grenade Gun Ammo, the Crowbar, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medi. Swim back to the courtyard and climb onto a ledge and open the door with your crowbar.

Ignore the ladder leading down for now and in the next opening on the left, hop down to grab the Uzis and Uzi Clips. Continue to a pool of water, you may want to get this crocodile right away, jump into the water and collect the goodies, a Large Medi and Shotgun Normal Ammo. Swim into the hole, grab some more Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, swim up and down again to find a Small Medi, continue until you can surface in a room. Light a flare and use your crowbar to take the Golden Star. The camera shows you a room with many doors and one opening. Climb up, jump down to grab the Shotgun and be ready to kill a wild boar, climb up a ladder, shimmy around the corner and find yourself where you started. Go back to the pool, the water has disappeared, hang/drop down and find a set of Gate Keys (no, they weren’t there before the pool drained), jump across the ledges, there are some Uzi Clips on one of them, you awaken a skeleton, use your shotgun. On the other side go into the doorway and down the path ahead, where the ground slopes up, stand and grab the edge of the roof, backflip forwards and backwards, moving to the side to stand on a flat bit. Go along the roofs and pick up Uzi Clips and some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, if you wish, go to the back side, across from the shimmy crack and on the ground, pick up some Explosive Crossbow Ammo, return to the roof and slide down the other side of the roof to grab the edge opposite and into an opening. Turn Left towards a red glowing door, and carefully jump down to pick up some Revolver Ammo. Then go back and jump down to the ground, shoot another boar. Climb up into the opening next to the one you came out of and at the back in the dark, climb up once more to grab the Revolver.

Back down to the ground again, you find yourself where the camera showed you many doors. Place the golden star in its receptacle, the skeleton awakens, turn and grab the Token off the ground and return to the room and the rooftops. At the far end of the roofs, where they are flat, there’s a door, open it with your gate key. As you enter the new area, a skeleton comes toward you, knock him off the ledge. Go left and pick up some Shotgun Normal Ammo and find some Uzi Clips. Head back towards the entrance and go around the other side, jump to the brownish ledge ahead to pick up some Flares by the palm tree, turn, on your way back, see the blue gem left of the partition?

Go to the ladder and climb down, have a look around. There’s a wild boar running around and in the 2 far corners from the ladder are some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and some Shotgun Normal Ammo. If you climb the tall stairs, there’s no where to go, instead, place the token, different parts of the room take on different colors. 2 more wild boars attack, kill them and climb the stairs, another step has appeared at the top, then grab the top most ledge and climb up, shimmy over to the right and grab the Horseman’s Gem, the camera once again shows you the many doors area, go back to the left. As you are shimmying back, you hear the familiar sound of a skeleton’s sword clanking, so be ready. Follow this ledge around to an opening to climb into and then a slope. Slide down, at the last minute jump to grab the ledge opposite before plunging into the water. Here is a Secret some Crossbow Normal Ammo.

Now into the water and when you come to a “T” swim left and then up to surface in a small room. Pick up a Small Medi, Grenade Gun Ammo, the Grenade Gun and Pharoh’s Knot. Notice through the glass, the crossbow? Swim back in the water and head to the West back into the cave, past the entrance on the Right, at the first passage on the Left turn down and go up into the glass enclosed pool and grab the Secret the Crossbow, don’t waste any time as there’s a crocodile in here with you. Swim back down and go Left, around the corner and at the end of that passage, swim up and surface.

You are now in a village, hop down and around to the left is some Explosive Crossbow Ammo, kill a wild boar. There’s also a skeleton running around, use your weapon of choice, now you have them all. In some shallow water, there’s a Small Medi, blow up another skeleton. On a brown wall, there’s a ledge, climb up and go through the crawlspace, drop down, crawl again and grab another Crossbow, return to the village, go to the Left through the open door, you are back in the many doors area. Place the gem and knot, the final door opens, and another skeleton emerges. Go in the door, hop up and shoot another skeleton, cross into the dark blue shimmer to end the level.

[Third Secret found by Andzia9: Near the end of the level, jump to the right side of the slope and jump over it. Pick up grenade flash ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, crossbow poison ammo and grenade super ammo]