Catacombs of the Lost

Level by Verios (December, 2000)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

After a short flyby, run east to pick up crossbow explosive ammo and the crossbow. Jump to a platform at the north wall for revolver ammo. Climb the wall and pull up into a short tunnel to use a floor lever. Get back down and dive into the south water channel for a large medipack. Go to the south-east and use binoculars to look above the platform in the water. You should see an opening and the wall is climbable. Climb the wall and pull up through the open door. Use the floor lever and get back down. Go and enter the open east door. Jump to the platform and then slide down the pole. At the bottom, destroy the mummy and go south to enter a room. Pick up a crowbar in front of you. Pick up a Horseman's Gem on a block to the west. Go into the south-east corner for a large medipack. Exit and go into the south corridor. The doors open for you and you face a pit with many columns. There are four skeletons jumping over the columns.

Jump to the north columns and go east for Uzi ammo. The north-east column is a spike trap. Jump the column at the far east wall. Go south to use the floor lever and then west back to the entrance doorway. Go north again, then east and continue north to the wall. The large medipack at the east wall is a spike trap. Use the rope to swing to the column with the open doorway. Do not angle the swing into the doorway or you can swing into the wall and be stuck there. Climb the north ladder and enter the room with a walkway over some water. Dive into the west water channel and swim to the north end to pick up the laser sight. Enter the next room with a bird statue, a closed door, four water pools and two side rooms. The water pools are empty so go west. Climb into the west corridor and follow it to pick up crossbow explosive ammo.

You face a room with columns and swinging ropes. The blue water in the depression  to the west is deadly. Jump to the first column and use the rope to swing to a block at the south wall. Continue west along the blocks to pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Turn back and use the columns going north to get to the north wall ledge for a crossbow. Use the west columns to get onto the far west opening. Climb down the ladder on the east side and use the south column to climb down to the ground floor. Go to the south-east towards the purple light. Press a big pushbutton on the column that is there. Then go to the north-east towards a yellow light to pick up the Pharos Knot from a block. Then climb the columns back to the ledge. Pick up revolver ammo and go to the south-west opening for Uzi ammo. Turn and start to go up the ramp in the north-west corner. Immediately exit and go to the left to avoid the rolling spike ball. Return and go up the ramp. At the top, enter the junction and back out for another rolling spike ball. Then enter and go up the east ramp.

You emerge on a ledge over a deep room with deadly red water. Follow the side ledges to get to the open doors at the east side. Kill the two skeletons that attack you. You can ignore the other three skeletons on the other ledges. Enter the door and go left down the stairs. Follow down the stairs and cross a bridge over the red water. Continue east to a pit and drop to grab and shimmy to the right all around the room. Pull up to climb a long ladder. Near the top, back flip to a corridor. Go west and swim through some water to pull up into a south corridor. Run down the corridor to pick up a large medipack. Stop just before the hole to turn around and kill four skeletons. Just drop into the hole and do a long fall into water. Climb the west wall, and then climb the south and east walls to shimmy to a south-east ledge. Monkey swing over to the east wall opening. Slide into the hole and have another long fall into water. Pull up to the east to pick up flares. Run around the area to the collect four skeletons so they can be killed with one explosive arrow to save ammo.

Go east and use the Pharos Knot to open the big door. Enter and climb the structure to find the gate key on the top level. Work you way over the tree branches to enter the opening in the east wall. There is nothing in the water. Follow the path south and enter a building. Go to the west end and turn left to find a ladder. Climb the ladder to destroy a mummy and pick up a Horseman's Gem. Loop to the right around the corner and run down the west corridor. When the corridor branches, take the right branch. The left branch just leads to deadly spike traps. Follow the right branch to a wall ladder. Although I heard a few skeletons in the corridor, I never saw any. Climb the wall ladder into a corridor. The door at the end opens as you approach it and you are back in the room with the bird statue. Go east and climb up into the east room. Use the two Horseman's Gems to open the door. Enter the door and start running down the tunnel to the outside world as the level ends.