Level by Volki (Volker Dahlembaum)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a small coastal village area. Go forward and kill the wild boar, then turn to the south and see a star receptacle and a closed gate. At the east a high crawlspace leads you to another closed gate that opens from the other side. Turn to face north-west to climb the hill and drop into a hole for a medipack. Climb out and head west over the building and climb the block from the south. Keep climbing the roof and little bit further drop into a hole for the crossbow. Climb the ladder out from the hole and slide down the sloped roof.

Follow the north way and at the end get a flyby of a sandy area showing you a location for a crawlspace. Go south to a short ride around the hill sand and pick up some revolver ammo. Then head north-east and climb up the sandy ramp, turn to the south-east and a little bit further on you'll reach the crawlspace. Pull inside and run down the passage. Turn to the left passage and keep running down faster while a boulder is rolling down after you. Be ready to turn right into a slope and slide down, jump forward, grab the ladder and climb up. Slide down the next slope and come to a big pool.

Head to the south side of the pool and climb the block for the crowbar. Kill the crocodiles in the pool and jump into the water. Pick up crossbow normal ammo and swim north into the tunnel. Keep swimming forward, then let the current carry you up to exit hole. Climb into a room and follow the west passage with poisonous darts. At the next room head north and climb into a high crawlspace. Crawl forward into a secret room and get the grenade gun, grenade gun normal ammo and grenade gun super ammo. Crawl back to the first room and head south into another crawlspace.

Stand up, then run/jump over the east ledge and get a flyby of the place. Run/jump to the south ledge and climb up the ladder. At the top there are two holes from both sides. Drop into the left for clips, climb out and drop into the right for flares, then climb the ladder back to the ledge. Turn to face south-west and run/jump to the ledge above the deadly water. Simply jump west onto a block under a ledge and run/jump forward, grab the alcove. Climb into the alcove, turn around and jump to the east ledge. Take a running jump to the opposite ledge, climb up the ladder and drop into the north hole. Use the crowbar and get the Golden Star. Pull out and climb the ladder down the ledge, then run/jump back to the ledge above the block. Turn to face north-west and jump over the ledge above the deadly water. Turn around and climb the column to the top, jump forward, grab the crack and shimmy left until you reach the opening and pull inside.

Crawl a little bit forward and stand up, drop down to the room below and light a flare. Go west for crossbow explosive ammo and medipack from the alcove. Go back and follow the east passage, at the end use the crowbar to open the gate. Climb the short block, then jump/grab the opening above. Pull inside, turn around and drop back to the coastal village. Kill a wild boar, then place the golden star at the receptacle. Go through the gate you opened and follow the path to the end.