The Temple Of Amarna

Level by Cris Kreg Michaels (October, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

the corners of the room for a compass, flares, small medipack and revolver ammo. Go north and approach the doors and the doors open. Continue north and the next doors open. Enter the room and jump onto the mound for a small medipack. Kill a ninja and pick up Uzi ammo. The north-west vase contains blue shotgun shells. The north-east vase contains red shotgun shells. The south-east vase contains the shotgun. Go down the east corridor and enter a large room. Jump onto the pedestal with the statues to pick up an Eye Piece. You get a cut scene showing two mummies in the room.


Enter the opening in the north wall. Be careful of two spike balls and descending spikes. Pick up the revolver from the floor at the entrance. Go up the left side of the ramp and when the spike rolls past you to your right side, side jump to that right side to avoid the spike ball rolling down on the left side. You can also pick up crossbow poison ammo and blue shotgun shells on the ramp but you loose a lot of health from the spikes. At the top of the ramp, pick up a small medipack and binoculars. Do a run and jump with a right curve to grab the east wall. Climb up and shimmy to the right. Climb higher and back flip, roll, and grab the ledge above the entrance. Pull up to the ledge and pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Monkey swing over to the north ledge and pick up the second Eye Piece. You get a flyby showing an underwater gate opening.


Dive into the water and search the bottom corners for crossbow normal ammo and a small medipack. Swim into the open gate and swim to the east. At the end, swim up and pull up into a dark cave. Go east to pick up revolver ammo. Go to the east wall and drop into a hole for flares. Go to the south-west corner and slide down a pole. Follow the south tunnel to a small cave and kill five scorpions. Pick up revolver ammo, red shotgun shells, and a large medipack. Return through the tunnel and climb the pole back to the first cave. Go to the south-east corner and use a floor lever to open a gate to the east.


Enter the room and the camera view changes. Run south-east and see two mummies coming from the east. Go to the left side of the large door at the south wall and climb the wall. Safety drop on the other side for secret #1, two Uzi ammo, grenade normal ammo, grenade gun, crossbow normal ammo, and red shotgun shells. Use the floor lever at the south wall to open the large door. Exit the room and destroy the mummies.


Go to the north-east and down some blocks to the north. Pick up a small medipack and get into a hole. Turn to the north and you face a large deadly floor. Run up the steps and kill a ninja. Pick up a small medipack and continue up the steps. Jump a gap to another ledge and then jump another gap to reach a crawl space in the north wall. On the other side, drop into some water and swim into the north tunnel. Stop to pick up the crossbow as a spike ball falls in front of you. Swim south and pull up onto some steps. Follow the steps back to the crawl space and go through.


Jump east to a large ledge. Then jump to the central structure. Drop onto a hole and climb up the other side for red shotgun shells. Jump east to the circular door. Make the Eye of Horus and open the circular door. You get stuck in a flyby loop back to the first red pool. Run forward through the open door and the flyby should stop. Kill four ninjas and pick up Uziís and Uzi ammo. Go up the steps and watch out for spike pits. Go down the east tunnel and exit into an outside area. Run to the jeep and the level ends.