Mona Lisa
by Miguel
Unauthorised Walkthrough: CC

OK, this is a rough walkthrough, the way I did it. It also assumes the player is skilled enough not to need a step by step statement like pick up ammo etc. As it's not a definitive guide, feel free to tell people a better way; or, if you found something I missed, or for that matter something I've done completely wrong, which wouldn't surprise me in the least.

All right, here we go, starting with a slide down into a huge room. Shoot any bats you come across. Look ahead at the broken gap into another room beyond. If you cross that darker green line, to get the pickup, you'll be killed with spikes. Go ahead, try it, and come back here when you're done. So it's obvious you need to do something to get rid of those spikes. Look around the walls, do you see metal pull-rings? There are three of them. Pull the blocks out underneath them.

The one beside the slope you slid down gives a crossbow. One on the left side and one on the right. Behind one of these two is a reach-in hole. Now you can cross the spikes, so go get that pickup. When I finally finished pushing and shoving those blocks around the white squares, it dawned on me I was wasting my time. What needs to be done is push two of those blocks through that gap and onto the brown squares in the room beyond. The blocks disappear into the ground, the squares turn white, and the barred gates on each side rise up.

At this point I was going to say 'now go look for the torch', but I'm sure you want to finish the level this year, so look on the floor where the stone seats are and there's the little devil. You can use it now or wait 'til later.

In this same room you see two barred gates ahead with two star receptacles on either side. So facing these let's call the raised gates the left side and the right side. Go to the left side. Ahead are steps down to two closed doors, up a bit on the right you come to another closed door, a floor switch that needs a crowbar [remember], a torch [remember] on the wall, and gates on the left that you can see a pool through.

Climb up on the right side of these gates, being careful at the top to go over the spikes, and come down the other side beside the pool. What a surprise, three crocodiles in the pool. Shoot them and jump into the pool for the crowbar, and look for an opening to find a blue gem (1). Climb back over the gate the way you came.

Now get the torch if you haven't brought it with you and light it on that wall torch beside the floor switch and door. Go back to those two doors down the stairs and light the torches on the wall and the doors open. Inside the left room is another gem (2). And inside the right room are pickups, but be careful of the spike floor. I jumped onto the whiter squares.

Back up again to that floor switch. Now you have the crowbar, use it to open this door. You see what looks like glass ahead of you in the room. What you don't see are two bulls in there too. Yeah, I know, just what you wanted. So prepare yourself before you go in. There are three entrances in there, one on the right, a door straight ahead, and one on the left.

Run into the opening on the left, a bull runs out, but if you keep running you should make it past the bull. Have weapons ready to shoot the glass ahead of you, run to the wall, turn around and do a jump up to the glass floor above. Now you're safe from the bull. Climb the ladder ahead of you and keep going until you reach a drop. Climb down and you're now inside the glass case. Take the revolver from the top of the block and the Star from the side of it. That door that was straight ahead of you is now open, but I couldn't find anything to do in here, so if anyone knows you can tell us all.

Even though the bulls (yes, there are two now) can't come inside this glass centre structure, you can run out of the glass. Aim for the entrance on the right this time. Be careful, at the end of this corridor is a climb up step and I got gored a lot at this point. Once up on this step the bulls can't get you. Now keep going up until you see a pole. Slide down it, and make your way along a corridor with glass where you see a lovely fountain room through. At the end shoot out the window and drop down into a room where you see a fire behind glass and a boulder in the centre. This is another place I got stuck. I never saw that ladder above the boulder. So now that you know about it, climb up it.

At the top you see a corridor with entrances on both sides. Watch out, there are two dead knights here. You could search the rooms but as far as I know there's only one pickup in a room on the left. Further on there's a switch on the wall beside a gate where a third knight is trying to get out at you. This is not as difficult as it looks. Pull the switch and run back to the ladder you climbed up. Wait, YAWN, until the knights get near to you, now jump over them and run into that newly opened gate. On the right side of the room there's a moveable block, pull it out. Behind it is another room.

As you enter you'll get the XFiles music playing, cool. Hop up onto the platform where you see a vase and furniture. You'll have to jump in beside the vase to shoot it, and you get another gem (3). The knights can't get to you here so you can take a breather for a moment. Now run out and continue along the corridor and hop down at the entrance to what looks like a pillar room.

This is great. It took a few goes to figure this out, but it really is quite simple, like everything is when you know how to do it. Run to the first pillar in front of you. Now, instead of jumping straight to the next sloped pillar, do a backflip over the top, slide down the slope and catch the ladder on the other side. Climb down near to the bottom (the floor will burn you), and backflip/twist/grab the ladder behind you. Shimmy around the pillar and backflip/twist/grab the next pillar behind you. Shimmy around to the right and climb the ladder to the top.

You can take a breather here, too. Jump up to the next pillar, and jump across to another one. Jump up and grab the monkeyswing and go to the end of it. Jump forward to the ladder ahead. Climb down to the bottom, let go slide and grab the slopes below, and you can see water below. Let go and drop into the water, and you are in a sink to help you swim fast to an air hole.

Now swim on further and you come into a swimming pool, move quickly as there are two crocodiles in the pool. Get out. You can shoot the crocs but I don't think you need to come back here so you could ignore them and run to the ladder and climb up. I'm recommending you save your game at the top before you pull yourself up because there are two more bulls up there. Here again I couldn't find anything in the side entrances so if I've missed something let us know.

Pull up and run to the far side of the room and drop into a hole, which is a corridor. Run forward and slide down a slope, you'll fall out back at the starting area and when you hit the ground run into the now open timed door. It's not that hard but don't delay too long. Obviously now the door is closed behind you and you can't get back out.

You're in a sort of cave with water ahead. There are crocodiles about so swim quickly to the ledge ahead. Run forward and climb up the ladder to the top. You're in a room with four holes in the corner. Note the hole on the right as you go in. You can drop down this one if you like. Below is a room with water and sloped in the centre. Swim down to pick up a medpack. Now don't ask why this action opens things up above but it does.

Go back to that square you dropped onto when you came down the hole on the right. It looks like it has closed up but you can climb up through it, you can't climb up the other holes so it may seem like you're trapped. Back down again to the water and there are three crocodiles swimming around. Get rid of them. The blue doors underwater are now open. Swim in a get another gem (4). Go back out the way you came in. The timed door is still closed, but another blue door has opened to let you climb out.

Keep going and you'll find the second Star. Take it and continue to the other side, up a corridor and a door opens at the end as you approach. Now you're back near the two star receptacles. Place them both and these barred gates rise.

As you enter this new room look at the pillar on the right. There is a high pulldown switch on the back of this pillar, so go do that now. This opens a blue door on the left further on. Climb into this new room. It looks like bars above a fire floor and a breakable floor to another room. I recommend that you try to jump at an angle over this breakable floor into the next room. That way you have something to run on when you come back. You're in a room with two waterfalls, a pool, what looks like a trapdoor in the water and a closed door ahead.

This is another place I was stuck for ages. Swim across to the closed door ahead. You're on a ledge, right, so run along the ledge to the left until you hear the door opening. Now wouldn't that make you scream! I believe all this is timed but it's very slow so it's not that bad. Go through the door and pull the switch. When you come back out again the pool is dry and that trapdoor has opened to reveal a ladder. Go down and find a floor switch that needs the crowbar. When you use it you see that deep pit outside filling up with water.

Now you can dive into the pit and get that gem (5). Swim to the tile and press action against it to open it. Swim in and up until you come to a reach-in hole in the wall. This drains the area and that brown door opens as you approach it. Climb up a high ladder, but keep a look out for an opening behind you as you climb where there is a switch to open that door at the top of the ladder.

At the top you enter an enclosed glass corridor. You'll see four sharks, two on either side. Look to the sharks on the right. In there you see the next gem. And look up to the ceiling on either side to see water holes. Run forward and you're in a corridor with different coloured blocks. Some are moveable. The first moveable block on the right when pushed in reveals a small room, push another block and you get a shotgun. The second block on the right reveals a room with ammo. Push this block again to reveal a corridor.

This takes you up steps, but be careful because when you see a higher block [remember] ahead there's one of the water holes. Jump into this water hole and swim as fast as you can to get that gem (6) you saw earlier all the time being chased by the sharks, and climb back out the same waterhole.

Jump up and over that block to the next water hole. I couldn't jump over the waterhole, I had to drop into the water again with the sharks and try to get back out again. By the way, when I did this first I thought I had to go back down the steps to the enclosed glass area with sharks again, and when I did I encountered the sharks swimming in the corridor. What a sight. If you want to see this go back and have a look.

You come to a room with large windows and you see a lovely fountain room through them. Shoot the windows, well one of them, and go through. Note the door thats closed, and what looks like a trapdoor in the centre of the pool. There is a crocodile in the pool but it doesn't appear until you trigger it. The safest way to trigger it is to jump across a corner of the pool over the water. When you've got rid of it, dive in and look for an underwater pulldown switch. This opens the 'trapdoor' in the centre of the pool. Off you go down and get the next gem (7). When you come back up the door is open. And you find you'll come back out to the deep pit.

Jump across to the door with two gem receptacles on the other side of the room. Place two gems here to open the door. In the room are four pillars with gem receptacles and a cage in the centre of the room. Place all four gems and the cage rises to reveal what looks like a trapdoor and a short ladder. Now don't ask me why this is but if you jump down and stand on the trapdoor and climb up the ladder and stand up the trapdoor lowers itself. Perhaps it's a bug, or perhaps the author thought he'd play a little trick at this stage of the game.

Climb down the ladder and go along a corridor. At the end you use you're last gem to open a door. Now you get a very interesting view of the Mona Lisa. Run towards the picture and that brown square becomes an open trapdoor. Drop down into the trapdoor and you see a jeep below! Go for it.

Now the only secret, according to the readme, is the revolver, but in my game it didn't register. So I wonder if there is another revolver somewhere that is the secret. There's a little quest you could go on.