The Secret of Selket

Level by Bianka Droese (Bibi Kroft) (December, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

down a long slope and stop at the bottom. Go south and crawl under the low ceiling and pick up a large medipack. Continue south and the camera view changes. Drop into a large room with two shallow pools of water with fountainheads. Go west and climb the block by the wall to enter a tunnel. Run down the tunnel and run into a left alcove to avoid a rolling spike ball. Exit the alcove and enter a tunnel going north. Be careful of another spike rolling from your right side.


You enter a room with a maze of high walls. Go west to the end and turn the corner to the right and then turn left to find a movable tower. Pull it back three times and then reverse and go around the walls to the place where the tower was located. Pick up a small medipack and push the big button on the wall. Exit and loop around to the left and follow the corridor to another movable tower. Pull the tower back four times. Now return to the entrance area. Go west again and enter the corridor just before the end. Go to the end and turn left. Follow the corridor to get behind the tower you moved. Push it to the south once. Turn around and pull back another movable tower three times. Now return to the entrance area. Go north and follow the corridor abound the corner to the west. You see a closed door and a wide corridor to your left side. Go south into the wide corridor and take the first right branch to pick up Uzi's. Exit and loop around to the right to get behind the movable block. Loop around to the right and use the floor lever. Now return back to the corridor with the door and the door is open.


Go south down the very long tunnel and jump over the spike trap at the end. You come to a T-junction. Go to the right side and pull back a pillar two times. Turn around and go around the walls to where the pillar was located. Pick up a small medipack and two grenade normal ammo. Go through the small maze and at the south end, you find two pillars to move. Start by pulling the first pillar back and into the wide area. Pull it to the east and go around the walls to get behind the pillar. The second pillar can just be pushed to the west. Go up the south ramp and be careful of the two rolling spike balls. Go to the right side and side flip to the left when you see a spike ball. Continue and side flip to the right when you see a spike ball. Continue and another spike ball drops on the left side of the ramp.


At the top of the ramp, enter a small room. Hop onto the central platform and pick up grenade normal ammo and the grenade gun. Use the grenade gun to destroy two skeletons that have appeared around the platform. Go south and enter a large room with trenches in the floor. The trench at the east wall has two closed doors. Look at the two south trenches and see movable towers and floor levers. Move the towers so that you can access the floor levers. Use the two floor levers and the two doors in the east trench open.


Enter the left door first and jump the columns over the lava pool. Pick up the Horseman's Gem and jump the columns again to exit the room. Enter the right door next and use the Horsemanís Gem to open the door in the east wall. Enter the door and slide down a small slope. Notice a closed door in the north-west corner. Go to the south-west corner and pull back a pillar. Go behind the pillar and push the big button. The door in the north-west corner opens. Go there and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the walls rising around the central platform in the room. Hop onto the platform and pick up Pharos Pillar, Pharos Knot, Music Scroll, and a Trident. Each item seems to generate a skeleton. The Pharos Knot generates two skeletons. Destroy the five skeletons.


Go to the east wall and pick up two grenade normal ammo. Enter the crawl space in the east wall. Follow the crawl space to a lava room with sloped blocks. You can use the slopes or just run and jump to the lower central block. Jump the blocks to get into the opening in the east wall. Climb the blocks to the east. Save the game before you get to the slope to the east. Run down the left side and when two spike balls pass you to your right, go to the right side. Continue down the slope and two spikes balls roll pass you to your left. Jump over the pit at the bottom of the slope.


Enter the next room and destroy two skeletons. Go north and see two fountainheads on the side walls and no water. The gate at the north end of the room is a fire trap. The brown vases are empty. Go to the north-west corner and enter the crawl space behind the broken pillar. It can be difficult but it is possible if you keep to the right side. Pick up two large medipacks and go north to destroy a mummy. Enter the tunnel in the north-west corner. Be careful of spike traps on the tunnel floor. Enter the next room and see a pool and a large waterfall. Run around the room to collect and destroy five skeletons.


Go behind the column in the north-west corner and push the big button. A door has opened in the east wall. Go there and enter another room. To the north-east is a building with a closed door. Go north to the waterfall and the pool. The nearby vases are empty. Dive into the water and enter the underwater hole in the floor. Swim to the west and swim up when spike balls start to roll down the slopes below you. Pull up to a west ledge and destroy a skeleton. There are many spike traps on the floor. Face the big button and walk, not run, towards it. Spikes will pop up and descend. Those tiles are now safe. The tile in front of the button is a spike trap so walk around it. Press the big button and return over the floor.


Swim back to the room with the building. Try to enter the door and the level ends by crashing to the desktop. Of course, every time you died, the game crashed as well. But I suspect that entering the doorway is the actual end.