The Catacombs of Talion

Tijay's remake of the TR2 Level.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

The Steps in front are a bit dangerous because of the Icicles hanging on the ceiling, so better go off the steps and into the next room, L to a wall with a crack, grab up to it and go R, climb through to get Secret #1 in the dark, Flares and the 1st Secret Golden Skull. Climb back the way you came and from the ledge there you can see the E opening opposite the slope and a ladder in the corner. First go down the ladder and stay on the steps as there is a Raptor in the lower room, shoot it and look in the window alcove for a switch to open a door above. Climb back up the ladder and from the ledge do a runjmp with a L curve to the slope, so youíll slide backwards, grab the edge and do a backflip into that E opening, go along the path next to the steps (Icicles) to the open door.

Large Cave.

Shoot the Soldier from the steps and go down a bit to shoot the 2 Raptors, running around the pool, too. Go into the SE corner where you can climb the ledge from R next to the door, follow to the NE corner, but take care, the last ledge breaks away, run and jmp/grab the ladder, go up and backflip to a higher ledge, jmp up the slope and throw the switch to open the cage behind the Snowball. Standjmp around the Ball and slide/jmp up to the ledge with the cage to get the Golden Key from it, go down to ground floor and over to the door in S wall. After you opened it an Invisible Iceman will attack you (like a Horseman) shoot him hopping back from him and go into the open door, down the slope and pick up the MP before you throw the switch to open the trapdoor in the E of the Large Cave. Go back up and climb down to a passage with a gate up the sloped floor, go into the L hand passage first, jmping the Pit and carefully (Icicles) step back into the back pit, on the R hand side, turn and jmp/grab the Jmpswitch to open the Gate in the other passage, jmp forward as soon as you land. Go out to the gate and 4 Snowballs will come down, run back and jmp over that spike pit into the side-passage, sideflip over the Balls (with your face in the wall) and go up the slope again, more Snowballs come, quickly grab up to the R hand edge and go R, hop on the block in the corner there to shoot the Raptor from it.

The Temple Complex.

The Big doors on top of the Steps are your Goal, next to the steps are closed doors and L of the steps is a cave-opening, standjmp/grab up to that opening and see a closed door to the R, first go down into the L hand cave with the frozen pool.

The Frozen Pool.

Shoot 2 Raptors to get to that pool and head N from it after you spotted the Uzis on the bottom, along with some Sharks. In the N cave 2 Raptors attack, take them out and climb the block to the R of the entrance, get the MP and Ammo and jmp over to the blocks on the other side of the entrance, jmp to the floor next to the water and shoot the Shark before you dive in, get the Golden Key and get back out. 3 Soldiers appeared in the cave, run back to the frozen pool and take them out from a safe distance. Then return to the Temple Complex and open the door in the NE Square, thereís some pickups on the ledge above, so climb a ladder to the ledge and get a MP and Flares before you enter the dark room.

The Dark Room.

Go forwards to a ledge with 2 Bowls (donít get too close), some Flares are for the taking, one single flare lies below them, pick it up and draw weapons so it drops and starts to burn (a free flare!!) pick it up again and go back to the door, R and an Iceman will attack, go to the gates in the E and hop to the centre ledge with the switch, open the gates and now you have some light. Go in to either gate to throw the switch in the back room, which will open a door at the bridge. On the lower floor of the room is nothing to do, unless you want a good fight with some Raptors. Go back out of this room and to the Big square where the hang-bridge is, shoot the Iceman coming for you and in the alcove under the hang-bridge is a block you can push in, then move it to the R, push in the block that was behind it and turn L, push that block to reveal Secret #2, the AK-47, Ammo and the 2nd Secret Golden Skull. A door opens up in the NE area (but also the one in the cave-opening to the Frozen pool).

The Upper Caves.

So go out and jmp up to that opening in the W wall again, head up the bridge behind that door and Snowballs come down, quickly run L when you reach the 2nd bridge and then go for the Desert Eagle, MP and Ammo on the ledge over the Shark pit you got the Golden Key from before, look N and spot the ladder, do a long runjmp/grab to the ladder (from the highest point of the ledge) and go up to a cave with a switch next to a hole and a Wraith will appear too, throw the switch and hop down into the hole, dodge the Shark for as long as the Wraith is chasing you and when it killed itself, you can climb up to the N side and shoot the Shark. Swim down into a hole in the bottom S to get some Ammo on one side and a pile of Goodies in the alcove opposite of it. Look W and thereís another cave with a pool, a Shark is roaming around, swim past it and around the L corner, climb up the R hand ledge, shoot the Shark and look around the corner for the Ĺ MP, jmp back and look up on that ledge to spot the ladder, grab up and go to the top, backflip and get Secret #3, the 3rd Secret Golden Skull. Go back down and swim straight S from the ledge, to the UW lever in the alcove. Pull that to open a gate in the Shark pit under the Frozen pool and now swim to the end of the cave where you can walk up to the sloped bank, shoot the Shark and climb the block opposite the Big doors, runjmp/grab the ladder and go up the R side, backflip from the top, run to the switch to open the Big doors and hop down into the water to get rid of the Wraith. Enter the Big doors and pull the switch on the block in the next room, the Big doors on the Temple Square open up and an Iceman attacks.

The Frozen Pool.

Go out onto the R hand Ledge overlooking the Frozen pool and spot a ledge below and in front, runjmp to it and slide down to the pool, go to the N cave again and up the L hand blocks, dive into the Shark pit and swim to the S section under the Frozen pool, 2 Sharks that can be avoided if youíre fast, go straight along the R hand wall and on the sloped ledge in the corner is the hard to see Old Key, now lure the Sharks away from the centre ledge so you can swim there fast to get the Uzis and some Ammo if you want. Swim back to the N side and go up to the cave, go to the Temple Square and up the steps to the open Big doors.

Up the Temple.

Runjmp over the gap on the L side, Snowballs roll down into the lower room (thereís nothing down there, except for a Raptor and a switch to get out again), run into the open door to the R fast and go out of the way of the Ball. When you step on the dark Tile L, one of the doors will open (the other doors are useless in this level), runjmp into the opening and stop, draw the Eagle and shoot the Iceman, you donít need to flip the switch, because it will drop a rope down from the ceiling in the square and that rope is quite useless, climb the wall to the R of the switch and drop onto the breakledge, roll and runjmp to the opposite ledge, go L and walk up to the edge and go L, runjmp to a ledge on the E wall and go down the ladder, throw a switch there to open a door on a red balcony in the Temple and go straight back to where you came from (Because if you approach that door, Soldiers will come out to play), climb up the ladder and drop back onto the L hand ledge, runjmp back onto the ledge on top of the room with the Spikes and go W. Slide to the lower ledge and face the rope (that is if you did pull that switch in the room with the Spikes), face the wall under the R hand Boulder on the opposite side and runjmp/grab to the wall under that 1st Boulder, go down a bit and R around the corner, drop and slide/grab, go down a bit and R into the red balcony. Go to the open door on the other side and you are on the hang-bridge. Walk over and about halfway up the other side, turn L and spot Secret #4, the 4th Secret Golden Skull on the ledge, jmp over there to get it and head for the door in the SW corner of the rocks. Open it with the Old Key and go in to throw the switch around the L hand corner, a gate opens under the Frozen pool, go to the W end of the ledge and run off to the ledge below, drop to the floor and go to the N cave, into the Shark pit and swim through the room with the 2 Sharks to the grey cave with a Jmpswitch in the S end, that switch will open the door in the Spike room. Go back and through the Frozen pool cave to the Temple Square, into the Big doors and through that timed door, go down the ladder and go to the end of the levelÖ
Well, I didnít really find this much of an improvement, no need for a high rating here, there were more things missing than added.
At least thatís my opinion.

Dutchy 3-11-2004.