By Tomo

Walkthrough written by Cher and posted here with her permission.

As the level starts, a giant bird attacks you. Head all the way back and overlook the water from extreme left side. Look down and across, thereís a plant at the bottom of the pool. Jump in and swim towards that plant, thereís a partially hidden underwater lever to pull, opening a gate at the other end of the pool, go there.

Go to the edge and monkeyswing over the water, note a door to the right. When you get to the other side, a fire sprite will attack. Turn right, pull the switch and jump back into the water and swim through the door again, monkeyswing over to the ledge with the now open door.

As you enter, there is a small medipack on the right and you get a flyby of the volcano erupting and a huge fiery boulder rolling. The door closes behind you and as you step into the orange room, a raptor attacks. Directly behind the center pillar is a pushy block, push it all the way in. Find another block on the right and push it in. Go left and pull a block back, go around the other way to pull a switch youíve uncovered and some spikes in a water area are deactivated. Leave this room and emerge in a new outdoor area.

You may as well get a good look around, there are some natives running around as you might expect. In the center, there are 2 huts (each containing natives) and across from them a small temple with a fire burning in it. In one temple, push a block in to reveal a switch, you get a cut scene of a wooden ledge. In the other, thereís button on the side of a cage; when you push it, a fire sprite attacks, run out to the right and left for the water. Return to the small temple and in a crawlspace find the revolver and a large medipack.

In the NE corner thereís a climbable wall to find a small medipack; this triggers another raptor, take him out. Now head for the gorge.

Thereís a place to jump up near a large banana tree and a lionís statue. Continue towards the wall and hugging the wall against Laraís left side thereís a triangle you can slide down to overlooking the gorge. SAVE your game. Side-step right and facing the back wall, step off. Lara should slide backwards down the slope, grab/drop/grab and shimmy left. At the edge of the lava, hop back once, run/jump the gap, on the left push a button. The floor comes up to cover the spike pit in the hut/temple area. Go up into the opening opposite, shoot an urn for a large medi, and jump into the water. As you are swimming through the passage, keep a lookout for an opening on the right before the current takes you past it; in there is an underwater lever which opens a door.

As you emerge back into the hut/temple area, another native attacks; take him out and head for the cave where the floor has come up, in the NE area. As you pick up the Key of the Guardian,, you hear more raptors. Leave the cave and fight it out with 2 of them. Return to the gorge once again.

Repeat the way down the gorge but this time at the edge of the lava pit, turn right, grab a shimmy crack and shimmy around left in to the opening you created with the underwater lever pulling. Take the second Key of the Guardian, return to the surface once again.

Go to the temple and place the Keys of the Guardian, a wooden gate opens where you came into this area, head over there, through the mouth of the idol and take out the raptor waiting for you.

As you enter the orange painted hall, 2 slicing floor blades will release and thereís a spike pit further down you need to get over. Push a block for a golden rose, and enter the new area. The earth is starting to tremble from the volcano and two more raptors attack. Find an opening in a wall to pull up into. As you stand at the top, you are overlooking the gorge from the other side now. Carefully step forward and go down one step. Turn back and look the way you came from and right; thatís where you are heading but to get there you have to go down, past and back up and across this way again.

From the front left corner of where you are standing, overlooking the gorge and facing WESTish (lol) youíll see another block you must jump to (at the bottom of a dark-orangish slope). From there, walk to the front left corner of that block and see the ledge below sticking out, you need to jump there. Jump up and right three times. Then one up and a little left. Then directly across (going back the way you came from), and a long run/jump across a slope (still back again). Then up, left one and a huge fiery meteorite comes crashing from the sky. Turn right a bit and look up to a place to jump into.

Enter the new area, go around the column left; where the dead raptor is laying triggers a spike trap. In the room, shoot two large urns and take a look around. Note 2 closed wooden doors, places to put some gems, etc. Back towards the entrance, thereís a crawlspace on the right, go through, drop down and take a look around here. Opposite the crawlspace is another one, crawl through that one. As you enter this area, notice alcoves for objects. As you come further, a raptor attacks, kill it. Find a small medi, in an alcove and behind the pillar in the center, push a lever; the small lava area in the previous room has turned to water and a crawlspace has opened up across the water, to the right. Dive into the water and pick up the Stone of the Flames, and go into the crawlspace. As you drop down, turn around; on the left is a closed wooden door, ahead an opening. Drop Lara to her knees and start crawling across the room; spikes come down from the ceiling, go into the opening and through.

In here you have one torch lit and three unlit. In the next room is the torch but the block is a spike trap, go around to the back and push a block, revealing another closed wooden door and a button. The button disengages the spikes. Push the other ones for another golden rose. Pick up the torch, light it and light the 3 unlit torches. The door opens; pick up the Stone of the Death, and back through the crawlspaces, under the spikes and to the room with the alcoves.

Find the 2 alcoves for your stones and return to the room with the spikes; the wooden door has opened. If you stay along the wall, you can get through the door with very little loss of life.

This is a real fun little water maze/button-pushing puzzle with a big nasty prehistoric fish thrown in which you canít kill. Facing to the SOUTH jump in and swim ahead, down, left, down, right, straight, left, straight ahead and up into a room. (God, I hope thatís right.)

You pull up into an orange room; pick up some flares, and push a button. Now according to Tomo, the colors are the key here, pushing a button in the orange room should open a door in an orange area????? Letís see. Sod that! Facing EAST, jump into the water and go down, down again, turn right, straight and up, part way up, turn left into the colored hallway, straight ahead and up into the next switch area, pick up a medi. Pull the switch, in the water, down, head SOUTH, turn left and up into the first available area (puke green).

Jump in the water, down and head WEST, turn right and up to the orange opening on the right, swim to the first available upwards passage and following around left and straight to the grassy passage and left to the new open door. Pick up a medi, and when you flip the switch, this starts a timed swim. SAVE, flip the switch, roll and press the look button to gain some time, in the water and right, and left, staying somewhat towards the top and continue up and up. This one may take some practice. Take the Stone of the Faith; the door to the spike room opens and a fire sprite attacks, jump into the water and swim down, and continue to the wall and up to exit the area.

Return to the alcove room and find the alcove to place this stone. A wooden door in the wall of the room between the 2 crawl spaces opens. This door leads back to the entrance to the area. As you head that way, you hear . . . . . the ominous sound of MR. HAMMER!!!!

There are 2 ways now back to the starting room, through the newly opened door or back through the crawlspace. Since we are heading for the door on the left (when you first entered the area), I found it best to go through the crawlspace, drop down and immediately side jump to the right. Run ahead and at the slight incline before the lava, jump and grab the monkeyswing, Mr. Hammer follows you of course.

As you enter this new area, not only do you have Mr. Hammer to contend with but also a giant bird attacks, so you need to get him first. Now youíll notice a slew of buttons on the wall, best thing to do is start at one side and just go around and get them all pushed. Of course the hammer guy is following you the whole time and thereís a medi to pick up also. When all the buttons have been pushed, a trapdoor in the center drops open to pick up the last stone, Stone of the Friendship. High tail it out of there, back over the lava and across the room, where the other door has opened. Pick up the crowbar, and take out the Stone of Time.

Back to the alcove room to place the Stone of the Friendship and the gate in this room opens. Shoot the urn in the corner and slide down a slope; you see the red gem across the way but thereís no way to get it just now. Jump into the water and as the current brings you out, pull an underwater lever; you emerge from the water in the room where you shot the urn. Thereís nothing more you can do here just now, so return to the room between the 2 crawlspaces and enter through the now open gate.

To the right, crawl under to get a golden rose, then slide down the slope. Immediately go left and in the bushes, pick up a Skull Key. As you advance into the area, youíll notice a closed wooden door on the left; continue on to the right, towards the water. Notice the crawlspace up in the wall. Go through the water and as you get to a small island in the center, a giant bird comes at you; kill it and continue to walk up onto the edge of the crater created by the falling meteor. Run and jump onto the meteor and pick up the meteorite shard; the ground starts to shake. As you turn around, the T-Rex makes an appearance. Light a flare and run for the crawlspace that is now ahead and a little on the right. Use the skull key that opens the door near the entrance, run and jump in.

As you enter, note the closed door to your left; go ahead and push a button and an ice sprite is released, this one is your friend. Turn and go back to the door that is now open and the pool of water is now frozen. Slide down and as you head for the red gem, the door shuts; jump up there anyway, another door in the right wall opens. As you go in, those twirling, descending blades start and you need to push 4 buttons and pick up the Snake Eye. Iíve never been able to get the medipack, too. The door opens and you are back in the hallway leading to the slide to the frozen water again. Jump back up and take the 2nd Snake Eye, and a large medipack also.

Back to the room with Mr. Hammer, place your Snake Eyes in the receptacles on the far wall, enter, place the Stone of Time, it turns and you get a really cool ending.