Level by Mateusz Stawarski (Ext)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Part One: SAS Base II

Most of you are much too young to remember the comic book character known as The Green Arrow, but Lara's snappy outfit brings him to mind. As you begin you're fired upon by a couple of SAS posted on the blocks ahead. Don't draw your weapons, but instead try to take cover behind one of the Three Amigos while they return fire and eventually kill the SAS. Run toward the north doors, which open upon your approach. As you enter the office area the door in front of you opens and out pops another SAS. Let your buddies deal with him, and note the keyhole to your right before you move forward into the next room.

In the office there's a small medi-pack hidden in the plant on the SE block. Throw the nearby wall switch to open the NW door in the previous room. Go there and shoot out the grate at the end of the short passage. Crawl through and lower Lara down the other side. Your amigos aren't here to help out, so draw your pistols and kill the waiting SAS. You can hear gunfire somewhere outside, which means your friends are at work disposing of another enemy. You can hear his death cry as the deed is done. Open the north door, enter the office and watch helplessly as a giant scorpion kills one of your friends. Pick up the UZIS and the uzi ammo lying on the floor and then go across the hall to open the south door. Pick up the uzi ammo to your right and throw the wall switch near the doorway to open the west door in the hallway outside.

Go inside for a flyby showing one of your friends doing battle with a giant flying bug as he endeavors to guard a key. As soon as camera control is restored, climb up to join him, but don't draw your pistols and shoot at the bug. Rather, try to draw its attention while your friend continues to shoot. Eventually the bug will die, at which time you can leisurely walk over and pick up the SECURITY KEY. The south passage is a dead end, so go into the north passage and shoot out the grate (which doesn't appear to alarm your friend). Crawl into the passage, turn right, come up to one knee (by hitting the space bar), draw your pistols and shoot out the next grate. Enter the office and look for the SHOTGUN and the uzi ammo on the floor, then open the door in the far corner.

Draw your shotgun to deal with the SAS who steps forth to engage you in the next room. When he's dead, go to the next office door in the west wall and open it. Nothing in the small office except for a closed door which is obviously for later, so climb over or run around the long planter into the next room east as you encounter a fixed camera. Pick up the shotgun ammo on the planter block in the SE corner, then hop down and throw the wall switch in the NW corner. Climb to the highest block for some flares, then get more shotgun ammo from the planter block in the NE corner.

That door in the NW office is open now, so go there, turn left just inside the doorway and throw the wall switch to open a nearby door. Shoot the darker crates on either side of the west doorway for two stashes of uzi ammo, then enter the next room. Place Lara's back against the north wall, right underneath what looks like a metallic duct system, and jump up to grab it. Monkey swing south right through a grate and past a steam blower, and release when you get to the other side. Throw the wall switch to your left and monkey swing back to the north side. (As you might imagine, the floor below is deadly.) Go back through the small room with the crates, the office and into the hallway, and you find that the door to your left is now open.

Enter a room with a small pool and shoot out the grate in the east wall. Crawl through to a passage, shoot out the grate there, and drop down through the hole at the other end into another office. Run up the east ramp into an area where an SAS opens fire from you at the top of the stairs. Two more come up to join him from behind you, accompanied by two dogs. Kill them all, then go up the stairs and pick up the large medi-pack dropped by the first SAS. Throw the wall switch on the other side of the desk, and you can hear the sound of a door opening in the south wall.

Search the block planters for two stashes of uzi ammo, then go down the south passage and a grate opens obligingly upon your approach. Drop down through the hole into a foyer overlooking a room with intermittent blue electric flashes. The floor there is deadly, so take a standing jump to the first raised platform, a running jump to the next one, and a running jump (to get past the light fixture) to the last one. Angle slightly to the right and take a running jump east to the opening leading to a passage. Follow the passage to a room where the south wall is climbable. Climb up, avoiding the steam blowers, and pull up onto a ledge. Enter the dark passage and watch out for the death pit about halfway down. Take a standing jump and grab over it, pull up and safety drop into the next room. You can hear a door opening as you do so.

Enter the south doorway and the door will slam shut behind you as eerie music plays. An ahmet crawls out from the passage to your left, so quickly draw a powerful weapon and kill it. Don't go down the south passage. It leads to a dead end, and if you walk across the delayed-action fire tile you'll be trapped with no way back. Instead, go down the west passage past the steam blower and the closed door and turn left. You'll come to a fork in the road, and you'll want to take the right fork (as the left fork leads to a flame-spraying sentry gun). When you reach the dead end, throw the wall switch to your right to open the door you passed by earlier. Go back and enter the doorway, and the door will slam shut behind you.

Step on the raised platform to your right to open the timed door in the north wall. Step inside the next room to lure the ahmet from the passage to your right, and allow it to follow you into the room with the timer platform so you won't risk being trapped while trying to deal with it. When the ahmet is dead, step on the platform again to open the north door, go inside and throw the wall switch to open the door in the west wall of the previous room, and return before the timed door slams shut again. Enter the new opening and follow the passage down the stairs. The door at the bottom opens upon your approach, so go through and find yourself in the entranceway where you began this level. Notice that the Three Amigos are patiently waiting out in the courtyard. Insert the Security Key in the nearby keyhole to open the door across the room. Reverse roll and enter the SW doorway. Follow the passage into an office. An Amigo is patrolling a caged area to the south, and an ahmet is pacing about in a separated caged area beside him. On the north side are two giant scorpions in another caged area. There's also a keyhole.

You see the wall switch to the west, but first go ahead and open the east door. Go inside and pick up the large and the small medi-pack, then shoot the two crates and pick up two stashes each of uzi ammo and shotgun ammo. Now go across the room and throw the wall switch, and be prepared for all hell to break loose. All doors open and the enemies are released to engage you and the lone Amigo. The Amigo will kill the ahmet, but unfortunately the scorpions will kill him, so concentrate your fire on the scorpions. You may even try to lure the scorpions into the passage (but not the ahmet, as its burning carcass will bar your progress) to follow you while you seek the assistance of the other Amigos outside. In any event, when all is quiet again, return to the room with the wall switch and enter the ahmet's cage for the AUTODEST KEYS (whatever they are). Insert the keys in the lock outside to open the door next to the wall switch.

Vault up onto the platform in the next room and pick up two stashes each of shotgun ammo and uzi ammo. Shoot the empty crate and step forward onto the block it was resting on, facing the west wall. You'll get a fixed camera angle, showing the trap door overhead. Jump up to pull it down, then pull up into a higher passage. Follow it to the end, turn left and stop down onto a slope that brings you to a lower room. Insert the Autodest Keys in the keyhole to set off an earthquake and open the door in the east wall. Go through the opening and turn right at the end to be warped to the next level.

Part Two: The Final Battle

Unfortunately, the earthquake is still raging in all its fury as you slide down into the second level. Step forward and the door ahead of you will open automatically. When you step into the next room you find that the scene is much more chaotic than it was earlier, with fires breaking out everywhere, sprinkler systems being triggered by the heat, dead bodies strewn about, that sort of thing. Grab the nearby corpse by the ears and drag it away from the fire. Don't jump over it or you'll land in the flames. Go where the body was lying and pick up the uzi ammo. Go east into the next area and the earthquake mercifully ceases. Hop onto the block and jump over the flames to the south wall. Pick up two stashes of shotgun ammo and jump back to the block. Hop down to the floor and turn to your right. Jump up to grab the opening in the ceiling and pull up into a crawl space.

Crawl forward over the temporarily dormant burner tile, bring yourself to a kneeling position, draw your pistols and shoot out the grate. Crawl into the next room, stand up and run through the passage into another wrecked room where an SAS is firing at you from your right. Kill him, then climb over the short barrier into a small area laced with flames. A standing jump south will get you over the fire safely. Throw the wall switch to your right to open the nearby door. Enter a very dark room as action music begins playing. Light a flare and note the closed door on your right. Don't tarry, as a bull has been alerted in the area to your left. Shoot the SW crate and quickly climb up onto the block for safety. Throw the wall switch there to open the door in the west wall.

Run into the new doorway and jump up onto the ledge ahead (to turn off the flame that had burst out in the doorway to your left). Pick up the flares to your left, then hop down and enter the south room. Quickly climb up onto the block to your left and throw the wall switch to open another door. When the bull's back is turned, hop down and enter the next room. Climb up onto the block to your left (noting the nearby closed grate), draw your pistols and face SW. Note the crate on top of the column in the far corner. Jump up while shooting to shatter it, then face due west. Hop down, shoot the crate in the far corner and run over the tile upon which it formerly sat (just in case it's a trigger tile of some kind). Return to the safety of the former block.

Face south and take a standing jump and grab to the higher crate. Pull up, step forward and take another standing jump and grab to the next crate. Pull up into the crawl space, turn around lower Lara into the dark hole in the corner, then climb out onto the west block. Take a standing jump and grab to the pillar near the corner. Pull up and shoot the grate in the wall slightly to your right. Take a standing jump and grab to the opening, pull up and run to the end of the passage to throw the wall switch. Now for the hardest part. Walk to the edge of the opening, wait until the bull's attention is distracted, hop down and run into the narrow east passage. Throw the wall switch, then immediately reverse roll and get out of there before the bull traps you.

Run into the NE passage, but stop when you reach the next room, as the floor tiles ahead are deadly (for you, but unfortunately not for the bull). Turn to your left and jump up onto the raised platform, which opens the door in the NE corner. Take a running jump toward the doorway and quickly shoot out the grate that bars your way. Throw the wall switch in the next room to your left, then jump up onto the block against the east wall for some respite from the bull. The major battle is still to come, however. When the coast is reasonably clear, hop down and step onto the trigger tile against the west wall to open the south door. You also get a cut scene in the area where you first encountered the bull, perhaps indicating a secret, but I went back later and didn't find anything there.)

Fully a half dozen SAS are waiting in line in the passage beyond to take pot shots at you. Run back and jump onto the east block so that at least the bull won't be distracting you while you pick off the SAS one by one. When you're done, run into the office and shoot out the grate in the SE corner. Crawl in to rid yourself of that bull once and for all. However, another earthquake erupts, so crawl forward into the next room. Stand up and step forward for an apparently meaningless flyby. Approach the two vehicles to the west and the level ends.