Gate of Dimensions

Level by Mateusz Stawardski (Ext) (December, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start with a short flyby of the area. Pick up small medipack, two red shotgun shells, two blue shotgun shells, laser sight, revolver, revolver ammo, flares, and a shotgun. This is all you are going to find. Go west and jump into the blue wall. You enter a dark room with no return. Pull the switch on the south wall and a gate opens to the west. Go forward and the next gate opens. Enter and the gate closes. Jump to the block with the switch to the north-west and two balls roll behind you. Pull the switch and a trap door drops and a block rises behind you. Get on the block and pull up into a dark room. Kill the skeleton that awakes from the floor. Enter a tunnel in the north wall and go forward to a branch tunnel and get a flyby of the tunnels. Go to the right and pull the switch to open a gate. Kill an ahmet and enter the gate. Hop to the block in the north-east corner but be careful of two falling balls. For forward and a block rises behind you. Get into the crawl space and a ball drops behind you. On the other side, stand up and kill two knights. Stand by a wall to shoot and they do not harm you. Hop onto a block to the south near the entrance. Jump east to grab a crevice and shimmy to the left as far as possible to pull up into a crawl space.

Enter a room and approach the picture of Stalin on the east wall. The pictures flips and the bookcase at the north wall opens. Go into the tunnel and climb up a pole. Back flip to a ledge and go south to pull a switch. A trap door opens above your head. Climb up on the north and immediately back flip to avoid the rolling ball. Enter the room with four switches on the west wall. Pull the three right switches that you find on the west wall. The gate in the south-east corner opens. Kill two knights and a monkey that gets in the way. Enter the room and go into a tunnel in the south wall. Pull the switch and you hear an earthquake. Return to the room and there is a large hole in the middle of the floor. Safety drop into the hole and go north. Pull the switch and a block rises behind you. Hop on it and jump to pull a jump switch on the east wall. The gate opens so go north into the tunnel. In the room, you can shoot an empty vase. Go up the steps and the gate opens as you approach it. Inside the gate closes. Run east to an opening in the wall while three balls chase you. Jump over a pit and slide down a slope. Jump over the fire pit and immediately run to the right into a tunnel as a ball rolls at you from the east.

Go south down the stairs and kill an ahmet. Enter the room at the bottom of the stairs and you attacked by two skeletons and three knights. They can run up the stairs so seek refuge in a hole in the north-east corner or in the south-east corner. Climb up, take a few shots, and jump back to avoid them. Pull the two jump switches on the west side of the two columns to open the east door. Enter and watch out for the scissors trap at the end. You enter a room with three switches. The red-lit and blue-lit switches are fire traps. Pull the green-lit switch to the north and a block rises behind you and a trap door opens. Get on the block and stand jump up the south side of the hole. This way you should avoid the fire from the north and the rolling ball from the east. Go east and enter a room to kill an ahmet. Go to the north tunnel to pull a switch. Return to the first room and enter the south doorway. At the next room drop into the hole in the floor, slide, and jump over the fire pit. Go the south-east corner and run into the next room to avoid a falling ball. Turn east to climb a block to the next ledge. In the corner is a block to another ledge. At the top, follow the tunnel east to a doorway. On the other side you overlook a large open area. Go to a switch on the north wall and use it to open a gate in the west. Be careful for the rolling ball and go to the doorway. Just slide to a south ledge and the ball falls safely past you.

Enter the room at the end and get a cut scene of electrical arcing in a large crystal. Enter the tunnel to the south and the gate drops behind you. Keep going south and kill a knight. Pick of the Piece of Gem that he drops. Continue south to a crawl space in the west wall. In the next room step on a tile in the north-east corner and the doors opens. Enter and the room is blocked by a white wall. Find the crawl space in the west wall and follow it to the other side of the white wall. Go to the north-east tunnel and push open a door. Enter the gate opens and you back in the start room. Go to the tunnel in the south-east corner and follow it to a room. Use the Piece of Gem in the receptacle and the gate opens. Go down the tunnel and enter a room. A demigod shoots at you from high above. An ahmet and two knights attack at floor level. Run over tiles near the east and west walls to raise blocks on the center structure. Climb the blocks but be careful because the center tile is deadly. Jump up and down on a top block to kill the demigod with pistols. It takes a long time but he cannot attack you there. Pick up the Piece of Gem that the demigod drops. Get down and use it in a receptacle near the gate in the east wall. Enter the room and jump through the window at the east end. Slide down the slope and the level ends.