Tyron Palace

Level by TombRaiderFan (Chris Radford) (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

by sliding down a slope into a room. Go into the north alcove for a shotgun. Then go through the east doorway and follow the corridor. Pick up red shotgun shells and jump over the mummy. Go to the end of the corridor to use the floor lever. Return to the starting room and go south into the open door. You slide over a hole and land to pick up Uzi ammo. Then stand jump north to fall into that hole. You fall a long distance and land in a water hole. Pull up and shoot the brown vase for a laser sight. Shoot the white vase for a small medipack. Pick up the shotgun from the south pedestal. There is Uzi ammo in the rubble on the floor.


Dive into the large pool and swim to the south. Pick up Uzi ammo from the pool floor and pull up into a room. Shoot the three skeletons into the water hole. The four vases contain nothing. Go up the west stairs to pick up blue shotgun shells from a pedestal. Continue up the stairs to press a big button in the north corner. Return to the room and go up the north stairs. Follow the stairs to the end and pick up crossbow normal ammo. Press the big button on the wall and return to the room. Go up the east stairs and enter the open door. Climb the pole and back flip into a north corridor. The pole is invisible at the top. Go north and the door opens for you.


Enter the room and get a flyby of the area. Go to the south-east corner and go up the stairs. The wall shuts behind you and you hear water. Press the big button on the wall. Push the tower into the east alcove and run down the south tunnel. At the end, pick up Uzi ammo and the door opens for you. Enter and pick up crossbow normal ammo. Climb the wall and avoid the mummy. Use the floor lever to get a cut scene of a door opening. Climb down and go back through the tunnel to find the open door.


Enter the new south tunnel and climb a block. Pick up the crossbow and climb the ladder. At the top, back flip, roll, and grab a ledge. Pull up into a tunnel and run north. Near the middle of the tunnel, beetles start to appear. Run to the end and fall into the water below with the beetles right behind you. Swim to the west wall and pull up into the blue opening. Use the floor lever and go back into the water. Swim to the red opening and pull up.


Slide west down the slope and land in a room. Go north and press a big button to open the west door. Run, jump, and grab the far ledge and pull up. Follow the north tunnel to get the Pharos Pillar. Return and go to the south-west alcove to use the Pharos Pillar. Dive into the water and swim through the open door. Follow the tunnel to pick up a grenade gun. Swim up a shaft and pull up to the north side. The south side is a spike trap. Go north and use the floor lever. Go back a little and go west to the open door. You see a room with wall darts and a red-lit corridor and a green-lit corridor at the west end.


Go to the red-lit corridor and climb the ladder on the north wall. Pull up into a room with seven floor levers and seven closed doors. Use all seven floor levers. Pick up the Ornate Handle and a large medipack from two rooms. The rest of the rooms are empty or a fire trap. Climb back down and enter the green-lit corridor. Grab the monkey swing to go north and get over the spike traps. Enter a room with a pool. Kill the skeleton and get into the pool. Swim into the north tunnel and pull up into a room. Pick up the Hathor Effigy and swim back. Monkey swing back to the green-lit corridor. Go west and make the Portal Guardian. Use it and get a cut scene of a wall opening back in the wall dart room.


Go there and slide down the slope into a room. Pick up a Pharos Knot in the north-west corner. Use it in the receptacle on the east wall. Go to the south wall and pull up into an east tunnel. Safety drop into a hole and slide down into a room. The white vases are empty. Run down the east tunnel as the level ends.