The Old Catacombs

Level by Harly Wuson (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Run north into the darkness and a door opens. Go inside and pick up Uzi's. You hear the secret sound but no actual secret is registered. Then go west into a room with a water pool. There is a closed gate to the south so go north and enter the next room. Shoot the vases and get Uzi ammo and crossbow explosive ammo. Go west to kill a blue ninja. Go north and a door opens. Enter and monkey swing over the fire to pick up the Hand of Orion.  Exit and go south to another door that opens. Enter to kill two blue ninjas and pick up Uzi ammo and a small medipack.  Move the statue to the obvious tile in the south-west corner and the gate opens. Dive into the water and swim through the underwater tunnel and pull up into a room. Pick up crossbow normal ammo, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, crossbow, and the laser sight. Go east to enter a tunnel and follow to a gate that opens for you. Destroy the mummy and continue back to where you started. Continue south and go past a closed door in the west wall. Continue and enter a room to destroy three mummies. Go south to get flares and use the Hand of Orion to open the gate.

Enter the tunnel and the gates closes behind you. Follow the tunnel to the end to use the floor lever to open a door. Enter the door and destroy a mummy. Continue down the tunnel and another door opens for you. Go east and shoot vases for blue shotgun shells, red shotgun shells, small medipack, two Uzi ammo, and flares. Then go south and enter a room with a fire pit. Monkey swing over the pit to the other side and go up steps. Jump over two fire pits and pick up a large medipack. Follow the tunnel and hear a door opening. Go over the block and drop to the other side. Go south and collect four mummies to destroy. Pick up blue shotgun shells, Uzi ammo, and grenade super ammo. Approach the gate and it opens for you. Go through the hole in the upper west wall. Go north to pick Cartouche Piece 1 from the floor. Pull back the statue to the marked tile and a gate opens in the west wall. Enter to pick up a small medipack and revolver ammo. Exit into the tunnel in the north-west. Kill a blue ninja and go east into an alcove. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Go west and turn left into a room with a pole.

Go to the south-east corner and pick up the revolver from a pit. Then climb the pole into the room above. Kill four scorpions and notice the closed double doors in the east wall. Go north into an open doorway and then turn to the right. Go forward enough to lure a scorpion. Kill the scorpion and pick up a large medipack. Do not go further as there is a falling spike ball trap. Turn and go west into a very easy maze. Just follow the wall torches as they light up. Kill and blue ninja and pick up a small medipack. Use a floor lever and exit back to the starting room. Kill two mummies on the way and then enter the open double doors. Go east and the double doors close behind you.

There is a split in the corridor. If you go into the left branch you have to kill a mummy and two blue ninjas. Instead, enter the right branch and the gate opens. Go up a ramp and jump into a hole in the left wall to avoid a falling spike ball. Pick up the grenade gun and continue up the ramp. At the top, drop into a room and hear a gate opening. Pick up red shotgun shells and grenade super ammo. Go north to enter the gate that closes behind you. Go west to use the floor lever and hop back as a spike ball drops. Go east to use the floor lever and the door opens in the north wall. Enter and go east to kill a blue ninja. Pick up Cartouche Piece 2 that he drops. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it in the receptacle to open the gate in the west wall.

Enter the shallow water to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Go north and the gate opens for you. Go forward and to the east. Use the Hand of Sirius and get a flash for a cut scene.  Return west through the now open gate. Drop into the hole in the floor and drop back to the pool at the level start. Pull up and go north and then west. The door in the west wall is now open. Enter the room to pick up a large medipack, Hand of Orion and crossbow normal ammo. Return to the pool room and notice that the gate in the south-east corner is now open. Enter and first go to the south. You can climb the ladder and enter a large long room. At the back are receptacles for two Hands of Orion. If you use the south-west receptacle, a door opens the in north-west. Enter the gate there and it is a falling spike ball death trap with no escape.  If you use the south-east receptacle, a door opens the in north-east. Enter the door to kill six ninjas and four scorpions. You can pick up grenade gun, crossbow, Uzi's, shotgun, two large medipacks, small medipack, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow normal ammo, and Uzi ammo from the floor. On the next raised floor, pick up a small medipack, blue shotgun shells, red shotguns shells and a laser sight. On the back raised floor, pick up crossbow explosive ammo, revolver ammo, grenade normal ammo, grenade super ammo, and grenade flash ammo. Kill another four blue ninjas that charge though the open door. Pick up the small medipack and two Uzi ammo that they drop. Exit and go back down the ladder to kill two blue ninjas and pick up Uzi ammo. Go to the north-east and slide down the slope into a tunnel. Kill three blue ninjas and pick up a large medipack and revolver ammo.

Follow down the tunnel and go north up some stairs to a closed gate. Pick up flares and then go south up some stairs. Use the floor lever and the gate opens. Enter the gate and pick up revolver ammo and pull up into a crawl space in the west wall. Drop into a cave and go west to pick up a large medipack and a small medipack. Then go north and face a large cavern with a lava pit. Jump north and pull up onto a column. Turn around and kill the blue ninja shooting you in the back. Jump a few columns to the north-east and then turn east to pull up into an opening. Kill a blue ninja and continue climbing the blocks. At the top jump and grab a climbing wall on a south column. At the top, monkey swing to the west. When you start to take hits, turn and monkey swing back to the column. Kill a blue ninja shooting at you from a north lower column. Monkey swing back to the west wall. Drop and grab a crevice and shimmy to the right as far as possible before dropping onto a column. Turn east and kill another blue ninja in the upper east opening. Use the rope to swing over to where he was and then slide down into a north opening. At the bottom run down a north tunnel and the level ends.