The Eye Of Horus

a custom level made by Kerstin Schlott(Codo)

Unofficial walkthrough written by Selene

This walkthrough is unofficial and is not written by the maker of this level. For the official walkthrough or any questions or concerns related to the level please contact the person who has created it. If I have missed out anything at all, such as pick-ups etc. I would be pleased if you could let me know.

Thank you for reading my walkthrough, I hope it will be of some help. ;)

In this level there are 4 secrets to find, all of them are included in the walkthrough.

The Pyramid Area- Finding Secrets 1 and 2:

Lara starts the level sliding. Immediately draw guns and kill a scorpion coming to interfere. These arenít poisonous luckily, but still quite annoying. Pick up the small medipack laying on the ground. Go through the elevated opening with the palm trees on the left side to the N/E. Follow the passage around, wade through the water ahead and continue until you reach an area with a doorway on top of a hill and a bedouin standing in front of it on the left. Go up there and teach him a lesson for his bad manners. Enter the building and slide down the ramp to a cave with a shallow pool. First take out the croc swimming in to greet you and then pick up the flares in the water. Swim through where the croc came from and down through the opening to the S/E. Swim through the underwater cave and up to the S/E, there's another opening where Lara can surface. As she does so a fly-by shows you a beautiful area with a pyramid surrounded by a river.

Go straight forward and pick up the flares under water. Climb onto the ledge going around the pyramid to the left, turn around and do a running jump to the dry area on the right side. Here there's an opening to the S/W, drop down there and pick up Secret 1: revolver ammo, shotgun shells and uzi clips. Jump back to the ledge around the pyramid and go right and around the first small obelisk. Continue until you reach a green area with a skeleton laying on the ground. Go over there and to the right of the skeleton you can pick up the Hand Of Orion. There's also a box of shotgun ammo under the skeleton. Go back and continue along the ledge until you reach some stairs on the right hand side (to the E). On top of the stairs you can see a receptacle for the hand you just found.

Jump over there and stop for a moment. On top of the stairs is a spiked boulder which will be triggered if you run far enough up the stairs. What I found easiest was to run up the stairs keeping to the right side and running Lara into the pool below as the boulder drops. As the boulder continues rolling down to the pool immediately turn and jump to grab and pull up on the stairs. From here you can turn and take out the croc that has appeared. Once that's done you can go back up the stairs and place the Hand Of Orion in the receptacle to open the gate back at the S side of the pyramid.

Straight across you'll see some goodies on the third ledge around the pyramid. Go back to the gate you just opened and climb the ledge above it. Jump onto the small, triangular ledge above it and turn left. Stand on the rightmost side of the triangular ledge facing E and jump to grab the monkey bars above. Traverse to the right, straight ahead and the right again before you reach the end of the monkey bars. Drop down on the small triangular ledge with the goodies you saw earlier...this is Secret 2: a large medipack and the revolver. Slide back down to the ground.

Main Room & Element Chambers:

Enter the room behind the gate you just opened. Be careful as there is a gap in the floor right beyond the entrance. You will see a block in the middle of the room with light swirling out of the top and four receptacles at the S and N side. You will also spot a bluish-grey trapdoor in the floor to the E, a doorway leading to a red and fiery room to the S and a ramp leading down to the W.

Water Chamber- 1st Guardian Key:

First let's start with the Water Chamber. Go left towards the grey trapdoor on the floor. This opens automatically as you approach. Now jump into the water and the trapdoor will close behind you so you need to be quick about your business. Swim to the left and as you reach the tunnel with the greeneries along the bottom go down the tunnel on the right side. In the passage to the left is some ammo, but you can also wait with getting the pick-ups until you can find some room where Lara can draw her breath. I barely managed to do it in one go, so if you want to play safe you can get the pick-ups when leaving the Water Chamber instead. Continue swimming down the hallway and in the middle of the next room you will see a lever in the ceiling.

The shotgun is laying at the bottom of the pool right below the lever, but as said before: only pick it up now if you're really fast, if not it can wait until later. Pull the lever to open a doorway back up in the room where you jumped into the pool. Swim back up the tunnel you came from, go left at the junction and immediately left again through the newly opened door. Be careful not to get hit by the poisonous darts shooting out from the black circular tiles along the walls. Swim straight forward and continue until Lara can surface at a flight of flooded stairs. Immediately draw weapons and shoot the croc sneaking up on our heroine.

Go over to the pedestal straight ahead and pick up your first Guardian Key. As you do so you will see the trapdoor leading out to the main room with the receptacles open. Now that this is done you can go back and pick up the goodies if you haven't already. Go back down the stairs, swim straight ahead and then right and down the long tunnel from before. Go on until you reach the underwater room with the first lever and pick up the shotgun from the bottom. Go back up the same way you came and when you reach the end of the tunnel go right and to the end to pick up some shotgun ammo in the alcove there. Swim back out and climb out of the water into the main room. You can either keep the Guardian Key you found for now or place it in one of the receptacles.....only three to go!!!

Fire Chamber- 2nd Guardian Key:

And now for the Fire Chamber. Go into the red room to the S and climb the pole straight ahead. Backflip onto the W ledge and pull the lever. This lowers a swinging rope above the lava pool below. Either drop down or slide the pole back to the ground. Do a running jump across the lava pool to grab the rope. Slide Lara down to the bottom of the rope and swing over to the ledge opposite. Ahead you will see a grated floor with lava below it. Look up at the ceiling and you'll see that some of the ceiling tiles are marked with ankhs. IF Lara steps onto the floor tiles below these she will catch fire. When you reach the other side you will see the 2nd Guardian Key on a burning pedestal among a set of lit burners. In the alcove opposite of the pedestal(to the W) is a torch. Pick this up and light it on one of the burners. Go to the right(S) and light the standing torch there. This will cause the fire on the pedestal to go out. Go to the opposite side(N), pick up a small medipack and light the unlit torch there. The burners will now be switched off and you can safely pick up the 2nd Guardian Key. Go back out across the safe tiles(those that do not have an ankh on the ceiling tile above) and leave your torch here as you can't hold onto it while doing the rope swing over to the other side. Like before, either place the 2nd Guardian Key in the receptacle or keep it with you.

Air Chamber- 3rd Guardian Key:

Let's take the Air Chamber next. Go down the ramp to the W and stop. Ahead is a long walkway which will have spikes popping out of it so be careful. Run/jump along the walkway with spikes popping out behind you and jump at the last moment to have Lara clear the gap and land on the block ahead. Turn right and do a running jump while hold Action and she will land in a small alcove where she can pick up Secret 3: Uzi clips. Do a running jump back to the ledge below the block you stood on earlier. Turn left and do a running jump towards the ladder on the wall below the steam coming out of the circular black tiles and press Action IN THE LAST MOMENT to make Lara grab the ladder. If you press Action too early she will not reach the ladder, but slide down into the spikes below instead.

Climb up until you can climb around the corner and into an alcove on the right side. Climb the ledge on the right and do a running jump to grab the edge of the tallest block. From there do another running jump to the ledge with the lever. Pull this to raise a flat ledge for later and also open a door on top of the stairs behind you. Go up these stairs and enter a room where you can pick up the 3rd Guardian Key from the pedestal. Go back downstairs and take out the harpy bird that attacks Lara. Jump onto the flat ledge and from there do another running jump to the first block. Do a running jump back to the spiked walkway and run back across and up to the main room where you can, if you like, place the 3rd Guardian Key in its receptacle.

Earth Chamber- Final Guardian Key:

Now you only have one Guardian Key left to find and only one more chamber to explore so let's go to the Earth Chamber. Go back to where you first entered this room and stand with your back to the gap in the floor. Drop off and grab the ledge and climb the ladder to the bottom where you can take out a scorpion objecting to the unwanted visit. The darker tiles in the floor are trapdoors which will send Lara to a sudden and unexpected death if she steps on them. I found it to be a good idea to stand with Laraís back to the trapdoors, hopping backwards once and immediately press Action. That way the trapdoors will open and Lara will be hanging from the edge of them. This to make them easier to avoid later.

Go to the right and crawl into the crawlspace to pick up some flares. Crawl back out and jump over to the right side. Take out the scorpion here and another one around the corner to the right. Go back towards where you came from and over to the N/W. You will find an opening in the floor here below the N wall. Climb the ladder down to a very dark room and you'll hear the secret chime. Light a flare and pick up Secret 4: three batches of revolver ammo. Climb back up where you came from, but before pulling up into the room from earlier, backflip onto the ledge behind. Kill the bothersome little scorpion here and pull the switch. Go around to the right here and you will see that the room below has started filling up with sand. In the ceiling opposite of the doorway leading into the sandy room is an opening. Pull up here to pick up some flares. Go back down and drop into the sandy room below. Go ahead and pull up on the opposite ledge. Pick up the revolver in the alcove to the E and then go into the room to the S to pick up the 4th and final Guardian Key. You will be ambushed by a scorpion while doing so, so take it out before leaving this room. Drop back into the sandy room from before and go over to the opposite side. Jump up and grab the crevice in the W corner and shimmy left. Pull up into the room from before and jump across the trapdoors ahead and then turn right to jump over the second set of trapdoors. Go back to the ladder you where you climbed down to the Earth Chamber and climb back up to the main room.

The Eye Of Horus:

Place the 4th Guardian Key(or all four if you've saved them all for this moment) in the receptacle/s. This opens the gate opposite of the room you are in. Enter the room, go up the stairs and draw weapons of your own choice. Two demigods come alive once you enter, luckily not at the same time though. The one on the right side of the doorway awakens first and once you've killed it the second one to the left will awaken. Once they're both dead pick up a small medipack in the alcove to the right of the doorway. Go into the third alcove to the right and turn right to face the ankh floor tile. Pull the block there out once so that it's on top of the tile. Go to the opposite side and into the second alcove and pull the block to the right there onto the ankh tile as well. Go back down and through the doorway ahead. Shoot the two chests on the left side and pick up the shotgun again and a box of shotgun ammo plus one large and one small medipack.

Continue on and go to the right. Pull the switch to open the gate on top of the stairs and in here are some baddies for you to take out. Pick up the large medipack, revolver and revolver ammo in the right corner of the room, ignore the bad guy laying on the floor who appears to be either wounded or asleep, he will not cause any harm to Lara. Leave this room and go through the doorway to the N. Here is a large, golden statue and two doorways to the left and right plus a closed door straight ahead. Go through the doorway to the left and pick up the first piece of the Eye Of Horus. Go to the opposite side of the room and pick up the second Eye Piece from the pedestal here.

Exiting The Level:

Now the doors ahead are open so go through there and kill the scorpion. Go to the golden trapdoor in the ceiling and pull it down. Pull up and see that you are now outside again. Take out the scorpion and go through the passage and to the right towards the pool where you started the level. Here the loading screen comes up and the game crashes to the desktop so I presume it's the end of the level.