Temple of Time V2
By Tomo

Walkthrough written by Cher, originally posted at the forum in Lara's Home and posted here with her permission. This is believed to be the first available walkthrough for a level by Tomo. Many thanks to Cher for taking the first step toward filling this long-felt void, since the work product of this author has been so warmly received for such a long time by the raider community.


Start by stepping on a tile that drops you down to a closed gate. Push a block in to find a golden rose, left of the gate, look up for a crawlspace. Drop into the pit but before climbing the pole, crawl into the opposite side to push a switch. Climb up the pole, pick up some revolver ammo and pick up the Temple Key in the next room, return to the beginning and use your key.

As the gate opens and you enter, stop or you'll be annihilated by rolling boulders. Well actually just one, since once the first one gets you, you won't have to worry about the second one. Go into the crawlspace to find another Temple Key and use it and then go up the ramp and into the door, you'll be attacked by a tiger. In the area left of the closed gate, find a pushy block and push it all the way in. Directly behind Lara is another block, pull it out and into the indentation on the left, next to the differently textured block. Push a switch and open the gate. Now run like hell for the ladder at the end of the passage.

Pick up the torch, light it and light the 2 unlit ones, the gate slides up. Jump in and slide down, pick up the crowbar and take the golden star. Immediately roll/run/jump to land on a block behind, as an earthquake happens and the floor is dropping out. Run and jump back over to the side where the star was, turn left and see the shimmy cracks in the wall. Jump/grab the crack, shimmy left and about half way over drop/grab another crack, shimmy left until you can pull into a crawlspace. Pick up some revolver ammo, rats attack, pull up into another room, the gate slides up as you get near. Take the Stone of Time and you get a cut scene of a door opening.

Enter the room to place the star. Go in and the first thing you should do is make your way to an opening on the EAST wall and jump in. Stand on the first step of each staircase to trigger some boulders, go back to the other room center structure. Make your way down to the lowest level, find a door on the NORTH wall, go there and take care of a couple of tigers. Climb up the pole to the next level and find the room on the WEST wall. There's a pushy block in there but it's also a spike trap. As soon as you've pushed the block all the way in, turn left and DASH into an opening on the left, push a button and then time your run back through the spike trap to get out. Head for a door on the lower level, EAST wall that has opened. Climb up the ladder on the side of the pillar and jump across for some ammo and the revolver. Go to a room on the WEST wall and take the laser sight. You'll be attacked by a sprite, run to the room with the pole, climb up and stand by the cross.

Back down on the lower lever, stand next to the pool of water with Lara's back to the wall and look up. Target the lion's mouth and shoot. Go back to the bear's cave, back up the ladder and jump across. Then back over onto the other pillar where there is now a button to push. A block rises up next to the lever in the center of the main room, go and push the lever now.

After pushing the lever go into the room you are facing and pull the object out of its little room, go behind it and push it out of the room onto the different colored tile between the hammers. Pick up the trident, now go do the same thing in the room on the opposite side and pick up a Temple Key.

Go to the pole room and climb down the pole. Climb up on the ledge and grab the ceiling and monkeyswing over to the crawlspace. This is why you triggered the boulders first. Up the stairs, back through the star door and jump over to use the key. The door across the way opens. Jump across the gap, pick up the gemstone piece. A sprite is released, jump back over, make your way back to the golden star door and stand in front of the cross.

The gate to the right of where you took the Stone of Time is now open. In a small room shoot gems in 3 lion's mouths, doors lower.

In the right opening, pick up a waterskin. There's some revolver ammo in a corner. Go back towards the entrance and find a block to push and push a button. The gate over the water area in the center opening rises. Jump over the water (use the right side) and pick up an orangish piece of pottery which is the oil can. Jump into the area to the right and take the 2nd Trident, while there, fill your waterskin in the shallow pool. Go back to the center room and to the right. Pull the object out, get behind and push it and out of the room, pick up the torch and go back to the water room. Standing against the right hand wall, run/jump across the water. Jump back into the room where you took the trident and light the torch. Stand in the doorway and throw the torch onto the left side ledge, go and pick it up and stand along the same wall, jump back over. Go to the doorway of the room you got the torch from and throw the torch into the corner with the big plant. After it all burns, you pick up a piece of black ash.

Now find your torch again, this was kind of tricky, my torch needed to be lit again, so I had to do that whole jumping over process once again. Back in the 3 lion's room, put your torch someplace safe. Go out into the big room with the 2 Neptune statues and place the Tridents. In the 3 lion's room, another room has opened where you picked up the waterskin. Push that object that you moved to get your torch over a grated tile in that room, a wall lowers to the left revealing a button and a scale. Push the button and place the black ash on the scale. Back to the water room and shoot the lion that is spewing the water. The water drains out of the pool, go in and empty your waterskin onto the scale. Now go into the burnt room and use the oilcan to pour oil on that scale, pick up your torch and light the oil. A door in the floor of the lion's room has opened.

Climb down the ladder, jump the two lava squares, up another ladder. Pick up the 2nd gemstone piece, a sprite attacks, get back to the Neptune's statue room and stand in front of the cross.

Go into the room behind the wall where you took the Stone of Time, combine the two gemstone pieces and place them in the receptacle. A door opens, climb up, continue to the double doors which open as you approach, enter the starry room to end the level.