Level: Tijay.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

NOTE: I’ve noticed that several switches don’t really work well, if you leave the Tile under them too quick. Sometimes you have to step back on to trigger the event.

Swipe Card, Desert Eagle, Lasersight.

Go forward to the Hall and shoot the resistance, some Dobermans and 4 guards, get some Ammo around R corner and go into area 2 and in the L automatic door, stay in the entrance to shoot the Guard without him firing at you and go in to shoot the Doberman, check the File cabinet for the Swipe Card and go out again, L and past the Toilets to a door with the Card Lock, open and shoot the Guard, get all the Goodies and Lasersight, check the shelf for the Desert Eagle.

Restricted Area Access Disk.

Return to the corridor where you started the level and look for the last grating in the bottom of the duct R, the orange arrow points to it, shoot it out and go in facing the Hall, get Secret #1 and go L, drop down into the Laser Control room and shoot the Guards and the Doberman. Push away the yellow crate and get the Ammo, MP and Access Disk. Go back through the duct and to the Toilets, open the door.

Inside, shoot the 2 Guards and push the button next to the entrance, to open a gate in a Laserpit we’ll get to later.

Test Site, Yellow Fuse, Main Fuse.

Go out of the toilets and R/R down the passage over the stairs, to the Test site, shoot the 2 Guards on the stairs and 2 Soldiers down in the room with the Sam Launchers. Up in the control room are 2 more Guards, go up to take care of those too and find the switch in the corner. It will open a gate somewhere, go back down to the test floor and pull the L yellow crate on N wall away to get the Main Fuse from behind it, check the L shelf in the NW corner for the Yellow Fuse and climb the yellow and grey crates next to it, jmp/grab the chain of the crane and go up through a grating, (get Secret #2) pull a switch in the upper room (a door opens) and follow to another switch in the corridor, (drops ropes in the Laser pit) go to the Laserpit.

Poison Pits, Timed rope swing.

Runjmp/grab the rope (if the camera view bothers you, go back into the passage and walk up again), swing/grab the L one and swing to the L gate you opened before. Run over the walkway, shooting the Soldier below (don’t use the switch yet) and go down to the poison pit floor, use the buttons at the 2 machines to stop a big Propeller and shoot another Soldier. Go up to the switch on the walkway and save, push/roll/sprint to the Laser pit, jmp/grab the rope (be sure to go down to the bottom of it), swing to jmp the next, swing once to jmp into the small gate that opened across the room.

Burner Tiles.

Swim into the tunnel (the switch is to open the exit later), over the propeller and up into a room with Burner tiles on the floor, don’t get out at the MP, but on the lighter coloured tile next to it, jmp over the lighter tiles to the button in the other corner (some of the runjmps you have to do diagonal over the Safe tile) The button will start up Machines under the Laser pit. Never mind those pickups, just jmp back into the tunnel and swim back, use the switch in the room where you climb out to open the exit. (It works a bit strange, sometimes it will close immediately after you pulled the switch, but the switch turns back later, go off the tile under the switch and step back on, most of the times the gate will be open now (Timed) so be quick.

Spike Slope.

Runjmp/grab the rope and swing to the R hand one, into the double gate and use the switch here, drop/hang from the edge near the switch and hang over the Spike slope on the R side. Drop, slide backwards and backflip twice just in front of the Spikes, slide to a ledge below, turn around and look up to spot the Jmpswitch. From the centre of the sloped ledge in front of the flat one in the lava, do a backflip/jmp/grab to the switch and while in cutscene, jmp forward to avoid being burnt. Climb the ledge in front and go L. Up the corridor L and shoot the Guards, into the open door and up the ladder into the Poison Pit room, seems you drained 2 of the pits, go down into the one in front and into the door to the “Gerätetest” Area.

The Lasers, Main Fuse.

Open the UW lock and go into 1st passage R, R at the Lasers and get a MP, runjmp to the R hand slope next to the Laser floor and start jmping L to the other side flat floor, shoot the Guard and the Doberman behind you and go up to the room with a missile hanging from a crane, get the Ammo, throw the switch next to the hanging crate and place the Main Fuse in the Machine, a door opens in the Hall where the level started. Go back over the laser floor and into the passage, R/R and crawl along the wall under the Lasers, check the health first. After the second, you van use the yellow fuse to open the door to a sloped corridor, shoot all Resistance and grab the Goodies, go up to the hall and into the open door in front, only the 1st R hand shelf seems to hold something, the Blue fuse, which you can use in the other side of the Hall. So go out, R/R/R and (past a door I couldn’t open) to the last L door, open it and leave for level 2, which doesn’t seem to load automatically.