The Castle of Vimercate

Level by Tony Sinatra

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: This level is huge. So every time there are two instructions, one following another, insert a long pause between them.

Follow the passage. When you see the stairs, the wraith starts to chase you. Escape right and around the stairs. Run through the new corridor and hop into the next location. Go left and around the stairs, killing a SAS, then sprint through the automatic portal and pull the lever in the room. It opens a wrongfully oriented door halfway upstairs, so you have to dozy up to the place they lead to. Fall into the pool and swim through the NE passage, then down and N. Resurface in the room with its walls made of bricks. Get out of the pool and Kill a SAS. Pull the levers in the alcoves. The left one opens the door above the first stairs, the second one opens the exit. Return to the water and swim back till you can resurface and get out through the indicated trapdoor. Go back to the first hall and upstairs. Smash the two barricades in front of you and get to the place behind them. Don't fall from the cornice! Kill a SAS walking on it and proceed to its end to find the checkered room on your left. Enter it and throw the jumpswitch in the middle of the far wall. It opens another door in the first chamber. Before you go through it, safety drop into the hole behind the open door in the corridor you visited before the cornice. Slide down the slope and safety drop into the next pit. Slide down the next slope to find yourself on the cornice. Go along it and fall on the following block. Drop down on the next (small) part of the cornice and enter the passage. At the end, climb the stairs, optionally go across the bridge and jump into the pool. Find the NW passage. Swim through it, exit the water where you can, pull the lever, swim back and get out of the pool. Go across the bottom of the pit to enter the door on the NE and pick up the SECRET#1 from behind it - the revolver. Pull the lever and go back to the bottom of the pit to pass the newly open portal. Climb the stairs, pull up on the blocks on the top, pass the green corridor and go upstairs to get back to the 2nd hall. Now return to the first one again, go upstairs and then right. On the other end of the shelf, pull up to the next floor. Kill a SAS walking on the cornice and go around the hall to jump on the orange bridge. Go across it to get to the checkered chamber. Pull up on the top of the central block. Kill a bat, drop to the next passage and go through the automatic door. Slide the slope, jump over the gap and pull up on the next blocks. Slide down and jump over the next gap. Enter the mirror room and pull the jumpswitch on the central pillar to open the gate in the NW corner. Pick up the crossbow from the NE one and go through the exit to find the bike. Before you hop on it, enter the N passage and swim across the pool at the end to pull the switch on the other side. Jump into the water and swim through the opening door. Follow the underwater corridor to find the SECRET#2 at the end - the uzis. Get back to the bike and get on it. Go left, L, L, ahead, L, A. Drive down the slope, keeping to the left side to avoid the falling stone. Exit the vehicle and hop into the glass maze. Go right, R, L, L, A, L and watch out for the spikes behind the exit. Jump over 7 pits filled with them and proceed upstairs. Outside, go around the castle, avoiding the skeleton, and find the jumpswitch on the building behind the castle. Pull it to open the underwater door in the N wall of the surrounding pool. Swim into the revealed passage and resurface at its end. Exit the water and climb all the steps but the last. Turn around, runjump and grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and climb the next set of steps. Get on the roof, pick up the grenade launcher and throw the two switches. Now backtrack all the way down, through the water and around the castle to find out the door once blocking the way to the next bike are open. Get on the vehicle, drive through the courtyard and into the dark to hear the "puzzle solved" sound. Turn right and get out of this level.

Thank You Gerty for the crossbow hint. I didn't see the weapon through the similarly colored glass.