St. Trevelyan's Folly
Level by Richard Lawther

Walkthrough by Robin Burgess [rjb]

[Abbrevs: CPS = crawlspace; MG = guard with m/c gun; pfm = platform; bec = because;
psg = passage; CL = chinese lantern (container); J&C = ‘jump & cling’ (eg ‘J&C lever’);
RJ&C = ‘run, jump & cling’; R&J = ‘run & jump’; PP = pressure pad/plate; GB = gun battery;
HS = ‘hot stones’ or ‘hot squares’ (as in ‘burning’!!); MB = motor-bike; :. = therefore;
bflp = backflip; CDS= cul de sac; smslt = somersault (so: ‘bflp-smslt’ also). ]

{Note re. .wav sounds: In order to have all the author's intended sounds for St.Trevelyan's Folly, it seems that need to find the following named .wav files from the orig. TRChronicles disk (not the LE CD) & copy these 5 sounds across, replacing the orig. file names/numbers, as necy:
xa10_echoir01 .... rename003
xa2_SPOOKY2A.... rename015 (can rename orig. .wav files as 003c etc.
xa2_UWATER2B.... rename011 if they are extant)
xa6_Solo01.... rename010
xa9_chopin01.... rename004(End of note) }

Stop press: usg the ‘newcity.wad’ as per ‘Building of Russia’ (q.v), cures the problems with both the blue door AND the item(s) in the bottom of the pool, it sms. (Rem.: replace the city.wad in the graphics/wads folder with the newcity.wad [renamed it as city.wad], then use Level Converter.) In addn, the strangeness about Lara’s demise is rectified. Now what hapns in these sitns is that they are still ‘impassble’, but Lara is effectivly steppg on traps that ‘explode’/ spring up, with same kind of explosv noise & sitn that was seen as descended the slide @ the start. Lara is thrown up into the air, with an ‘explosion’/sprung trap noise & we see a little smoke. (nb. Any save posns kept from the prev. ‘version’ of the game become ‘errors’, & game crashes to the desktop.) [nb2. Can reach further up ‘blue & grey steps’ slope if crawl, but still cannot reach top.]

Start: 3 SMPs, 1 LMP, 3 flares to begin. Bizarre colour scheme - this is author of the ‘Astrodelica’ trilogy. Can see levers @ 4 levels (a’ la ‘St.Francis’ Folly’ in TR1) in centre of ‘main room’, that cannot reach bec.of barriers & ‘burning stones’. E a brown door @ left & what might be a trapdoor @ end. Can see ‘breastplate’ in opng @ rt & dbl iron gates @ left - both at present lvl near top of chamber. Can see E another dbl iron gate on floor below 1st - phaps E something like it @ each level. Wide, long slide down @ left seems to be only option. Looks like startg sq may also be a trapdoor (no, just ord.block). Down long slide, & to rt, where E is an explosion as approach bottom - why?! - & see many CLs & then 2 MGs approach @ far end - if stay by ramp can shoot w/o damage. Neither drops anything & E nothg in any CL. E opngs left, fwd & rt, to rooms or psgs.

Left is to psg, to larger rm, then to larger room (large blue & grey checks) still seen on loading scrn, with many more CLs - all ‘decoratn’. Seems that if step on a black/grey sq, then Lara deaded - or the blue sqs, it seems?! It seems that phaps the steps below the blue covering are in fact not safe at all. It seems as tho’ the whole picture is merely ‘show’ & that it is all dangerous, tho’ the way of Lara dying is v.strange. The picture seems to rest ‘above’ the steps, but cannot touch either it or them safely. Also, any jumping up or fwd on the row of sqs nearest to the ‘picture’ results in the catastrophic collapse that have experienced when trying to approach steps. Most odd.

Leaving the above, in the central section, E a GB that fires as soon as Lara is in sight. Need to use blocks as cover to move into LH channel. E an opng @ left & some steps up to another pair of closed iron gates ahead. Can also see E a psg/room past the GB to the rt. E a SMP in an alcove @ the left, where have to crawl to reach it, but GB can ‘see’ SMP - nothg else there. As get anywhere near GB flame/smoke is emitted from lower section, & cannot :. get past it safely to the rt. If do brave the gunfire, & sprint past the SJ then can reach corner, still being shot at! But then when go fwd have exactly the same problem as on the ‘blue-covered steps’.

The RH psg: comes out to a med.sized courtyard, where E a pool @ the rt & exits further fwd. Can open the blue door to the rt of the pool, but another glitch is that Lara ‘disappears’ (reminisc.of sitn in ‘Stolen Artefacts’ when picking up an item from bottom of a pool - this didn’t happen with ‘Bldg of Russia’. If go fwd, v.soon after thro’ door, hear sound of dr closg or opng, then come to turng psg, where E HS as go further. As reach HS, hear a door closg/opng - could be same door as earlier, & have crossed a timed PP just inside door. Beynd HS is a grey psg, & just see brown door clsg beynd psg, when reach it - when door is closed E invis.block in front of door. THRO’ door (2 well-timed succssv R&Js OVER HS) is secret area 1, with the left gauntlet, & a lever that seems to open the side brown door @ the start of the level - checked that precise surroundg ‘decor’ is the same. E a 2nd closed brown door inside, a grille above, just inside entrance & an opng to the rt - don’t know way back to that yet, of course. Secret area overlooks 1st CL flat area.
[Author’s order findg secrets: L.Gauntlet, L.Greave, Rt Greave, Rt Gauntlet, Breastplate, Car-Jack. Nb. breastplate was seen @ orig.level.]

E just flares @ btm of small pool & nothg else, & problem just mentioned occurs here too as pick them up. If go to RH opng @ far side of this plaza, then E steps down @ rt, and a closed door @ left. Going further left, another GB has to be ‘braved’ to reach a posn behind a blue block, where can operate lever to open the door. (Dbl iron gates here too.)
If brave this gunfire also, when go further fwd to see if can do so, then as soon as reach large pfm with more of the CLs on it, E same strange ‘collapse-sound’ & Lara deaded.

(The following note appears at the beginning of this walkthrough. It is left here to show where the problem discussed becomes significant.)

Stop press: usg the ‘newcity.wad’ as per ‘Building of Russia’ (q.v), cures the problems with both the blue door AND the item(s) in the bottom of the pool, it sms. (Rem.: replace the city.wad in the graphics/wads folder with the newcity.wad [renamed it as city.wad], then use Level Converter.) In addn, the strangeness about Lara’s demise is rectified. Now what hapns in these sitns is that they are still ‘impassble’, but Lara is effectivly steppg on traps that ‘explode’/ spring up, with same kind of explosv noise & sitn that was seen as descended the slide @ the start. Lara is thrown up into the air, with an ‘explosion’/sprung trap noise & we see a little smoke. (nb. Any save posns kept from the prev. ‘version’ of the game become ‘errors’, & game crashes to the desktop.) [nb2. Can reach further up ‘blue & grey steps’ slope if crawl, but still cannot reach top.]

Thro’ door opnd by lever behind blue block, thro’ CSP, come to ‘barren courtyd’. This is to rt of where 2nd GB located. Might even be able to see past bldgs to shallow steps up to iron gates beyond 1st GB. When come @ CLs from side, E same probm with the ‘traps’. E a lever @ the far side of the area. It sms that have to work out a way of ‘setting off’ the traps by way of an explosn of a similar kind to that seen when travelled down the 1st slide. When eventually did so for these CLs + traps, found that the whole area is now safe (apart from the GBs!!) & that lever opens the LH-most of the 2 sets of iron gates (NOT the nearest, in other words). 1st test of this ended up with NO medipacks left of any kind! Note that sometms the radar for a partic. GB doesn’t pick Lara up straight away - might even be facing away - so takes a little time to ‘focus’ & shoot. In fact, a GB can be facing directly away from Lara, & not fire @ all until it ‘picks her up’ peripherally.

Thro’ LH gates is an open area where @ left is the top of the ‘blue & grey’ covered steps - if that area could be ‘de-mined’ too, then everything would be much safer! Unfort. didn’t take & Lara was zapped by what was prob.more HS in a darker spot. Might be safer to go rt down the steps into the WH-type area 1st, in the hope of picking up more medipacks. At btm of stairs, can see E a GB in high opng @ left. At far left btm end E what looks like a ‘raiseable’ block posn (flat @ moment) so that can reach a CSP just out of reach @ moment. E an MG in the opng @ the LH side also. In fact, NOT a GB, just an MG - who lobs grenades also. Come up to an invis.block @ far side (from stairs down) on surrounds of central bldg. At the far rt corner is what looks a trapdoor in the ground. As have explored ground in dark, another MG has appeared in LH opng. He DOES fire his m/c gun, detrimentally as far as Lara is concerned. In one place by far wall, just below slope E a small hole in the ground not visible from above. Dark, & for no appar.purpose. Surrounds of central bldg seem to be just ‘decor’, but rem.invisible block at far side - so no medpks & cannot see any levers or anything as yet. Wide ‘gun opng’ has a slope down from it.

Aha! A J&C lever just by the btm of the stairs that missed. Lever has caused block beneath CSP to rise, as surmised it might. Long, well-lit brick crawl psg. At end, turn left to cont.or E a grey shaft directly ahead. Cont.crawl, can soon stand @ LH corner to another psg. Comes out to a slate grey psg going left & a blue door fwd & rt. Lara kicks open this door to find a laser sight, rev.rnds, a LMP with flares. Contin, come to area a rt-curving street. Come to where 2 gunmen were standg, so can see that they dropped nothing. Returng along psg to grey vert.shaft, drop down, losing some energy, to a grey brick-lined psg. This goes fwd to another slate grey psg, where can go left or rt. If go rt, come to an MG (again, drops nthg). Come then to red-brick alcove where can jump up & pull down trapdoor that is one in corner of large, upper dark WH-like room. Going left @ junction, come to flares @ the rt & a blue door @ left. Lara kicks this open also, to find 2 boxes of rev.rnds together plus loaded Revolver @ left & SMP @ rt. So we DID find what looking for.

Can now return up stairs to earlier area - still E query about invis.block, though. It sms as though E a need to trigger a partic.area to start the flames/smoke that leads to the explosion that sets off the ‘minefield’ or whatever in question. For the area of CLs by the 2nd GB, it seems that need to climb the ladder beyond the 1st GB. (Much harder than might seem: reached by sprintg rt, across in front of it - but go too close & the smoke/flame is emitted & Lara catches alight - turng left & going down into the pit, then racing up & across to behind the blue triang.pillar, where E ‘cover’ from the 1st GB - whole journey in eg 3 goes/sections, starting phaps in LH ‘pit’, from near where picked up SMP in CSP.) Have to decide where to climb ladder, & hoist up - shootg starts when NEAR top, & still have to hoist up to top of slope & turn to rt ready to slide down. (CAN reach this pt such that only use 1st SMP as hoistg up, but v.diffct.)
Next aim is to slide partly down the slope, & try to reach the slopg topped pillar to the rt - jumpg to the rt from the slope. It would appear that the brown top of the pillar might be the ‘trigger’ to defuse this minefield. Having done so, have to jump back - phaps pause & save when ‘in cover’ once more, then wait for ‘de-fusing explosion’ to occur, & then it seems that rather than climbg ladder to slope again, it is jump thro’ angle @ btm of slope, so can reach minefield & lever there. Unfort., this lever is in sight of the 1st GB - tho’ E a benefit soon, later. Need to take some ‘damage’ while opertg lever, then go back behind the back of the 2nd GB - it’s pointg the ‘wrong’ way, so it ‘only just notices’ Lara as she’s disapprg behind the bldg, onto the ‘barren’ section of yard. Going next thro’ the CSP - reason door needed to be opend - can then reach area betw 1st CL-strewn ex-minefld & 1st GB. When approach, can reach open gates w/o GB ‘noticg’ bec.its radar is coverg the directn Lara was last being shot at - viz.lever near 2nd GB. Can just make it into area abv steps by 1st GB w/o needg a 2nd SMP, but Lara’s health bar will flashg ‘dangersly low’. When go to far RH end, can hoist up to triang.pillar top, then jump to a higher pillar.

See that E a lever on a similar pillar near steps up to this area - not yet clear how to reach. E sev.other pillara, + the HS & some steps up @ end, near present pillar. Not found ‘blue-grey’ steps de-fusg pt yet. Roof os this area continues the ‘bizarre decor’ theme. If go up steps, find 2 blue doors to open & psgs, ldg to an opng overlookg the plaza below, with a slope immed.outside. Presum.if slide down slope, can jump to lower slope oppos. (need to jump rt a bit in air) & then bounce back (no, not so str.fwd - need to slide down & cling to btm edge, then shimmy to rt, hoist, back-somersault, AND press left cursor arrow to land succssflly on relevant pillar!) to lower, flat-topped pillar - too high from ground to reach. Good thing that can, in fact, jump @ correct angle rt out of opng to land directly on same pillar. Then hoist up to adjac.higher pillar. If RJ&C along wall to next high pillar, find when hoist that it is a slide down that incl. 2 brown ‘defuse’ sqs, so that the ‘blue & grey’ steps area becomes safe after the appropr.explosion.

When look closely @ btm of ‘blue & grey’ steps area, from the top, can see that @ the LH side E an opng that wasn’t there before. Can go thro’ & up steps inside part of wall that only could go around earlier. Reach psg above, with hole down to top of tall central pillar of plaza just left. Still cannot reach lever pfm, but see that E now a rope hanging down. Can RJ&C to rope, turn then swing & jump to the lever pillar. Lever opens the 2nd set of iron gates, above the steps behind the 2nd GB. Ah, openg in wall @ btm WAS there earlier, but of course cldn’t reach it - tho’ rope wasn’t present.


Suddenly realise that a difft strategy is poss. We can shoot, now we have the laser sight & revolvr, the gas canisters (or whatever) behind each of the 2 GBs, if we can find a spot where we are not ‘shot at’, & the GB will explode! - no need for all the agro with the GB, or careful, incremental movement to have ‘least poss.damage’ AT ALL!! Ideal spot seems to be by going through the CSP @ the rt to the back of the 2nd GB. Avoidg the minefield, we can then shoot that GB, then using the zoom, we can also shoot the back of the 1st GB. Once done, it is no all to operate the (3rd) minefield lever, to open the 1st set of iron gates. From there, can enter area above blue & grey 2nd minefield, go to the steps @ the far side, up to the blue doors & the jump to the columns by the top of the slope that de-activates the 2nd minefield. Can then go via the ‘blue & grey opng’ to above the central pillar & thence via the rope to the lever that opens the 2nd set of iron gates.

We can now go to these gates w/o any problem from GBs at all, either. Up some steps to a turng psg that leads to a short ladder up to an opng where can see another GB @ far end of psg with several stepped blocks. E ladder down @ far side of opng, but cannot immed.see way past GB, bec. cannot reach/see its ‘gas canister’ in the narrow (only dbl width) psg. Then the penny drops: If it is not get past here, is there a way via an EARLIER side route not yet noticed - to by-pass the GB, phaps? Searchg for high CSPs reveals none, but when go all the way back to the large area above the the b-g minefield, & up the red stairs @ the back, sudd.find that dark RH side door can ALSO be opnd (as well as LH one that led to steps above central pillar). Aha! (Comment: The author’s aim would seem to be that we find an insoluble problem & then backtrack to find a soln. He didn’t want us to find this door earlier, so he made it look just like one of the other ‘decorative’ non-openable doors - ‘legitimate’, it seems, where a painstaking search for eg a moveable block that is completely camouflaged would only appeal to a certain kind of TR player, methinks.)

Inside is dark psg that leads to a curiously dark room that is lit by several burning flames,many of which are entirely in mid-air - an interestg phenomenon in keepg with the general bizarre colour scheme! Looking round, behold, we see high up some dark pillars/high ledges & also the back (& so the gas canister) of a GB - could it be the one we’ve been having trouble with? Shootg it, this GB also explodes, so we can make our way back up the psg to where the 3rd GB sits/sat?! Yes, ‘sat’ is correct: we have @ last dealt with the 3rd GB. We can now go up to where the GB was & go left thro’ the opng we now know is there. We can let ourselves (ie Lara) down a ladder to one of the high ledges. E 2 boxes of flares, together, then a R&J across to the 2nd high pillar means we can also collect a LMP with a SMP. Rather than climbg back up the ladder immed.we return to the 1st pillar/block, we can then climb up into the CSP slightly to the left. We come to the 2nd secret area, with the 2nd piece of armour to pick up, the left greave and another lever, along a crawl tunnl. The lever opens the brown door that we saw past the 1st one up on the orig.startg level. Behold, E a 3rd brown door behind the 2nd - it sms that the RH opng we saw (if really did) has now been blocked off. Looking again, when have returned up to top psg, looks as tho’ a gate has opnd.
Phaps not able to shoot this GB until appreciate it is there, so have to ‘come back’ for it. No, this surmise is incorr. - if had discvrd ‘dark door’ then could have destroyed GB in advance. (Comment: A ‘perfect’/‘ideal’ ‘back door’, where the diligent seeker will have found it.

The more ‘cavalier’ player will find themselves thinkg, “Oh, why didn’t I think to try that?”) Psg frm here leads off to rt - tried to use up medipacks while Lara was aflame several times, in hope of findg some water along the psg, but in fact no. At end of psg is v.diffct leap. E a great void betw end of psg & beg.of next. Seems have to ‘step-jump’ back more than once, so that on top of slight step, to give a little extra the actual jump, start from the extreme LH side of the opng, but not close that Lara hits it & so is diverted to the rt , then R&J to reach the extreme RH edge of the far psg, ‘clinging’ @ the last momnt - prob. ALL this not necy, but it took a good half an hour to get it right!

A small blue room leads to a psg along to a cross psg - nothg @ left. Rt leads to large room with some almost invis.pillars, some HS, an MG beyond the farthest pillar, waiting(!) & another brown door @ the far side. Can see thro’ large that E a rising psg beyond the door. Can just jump thro’ gap, but not back, so prob.not intended. E HS just to the rt of the entrance of the room in dark & also @ RH side. At top of block @ rt can see E opng down. Can shoot MG from distance before he reacts - anywhere @ initial RH side of room he stays ‘dormant’, ‘waiting’ - no reaction save to ‘watch’ Lara. It looked like a hole, but no, there is none. Also discover that one section of ‘almost invis. blocks joins up all into one, as a barrier (can easily go round) betw 2 parts of room.

Looks as tho’ aim may be to travel from one block to another. Have to beware HS in strategic places. Noteworthy that lowest blocks are the one surrounded by HS. Another imaginative puzzle! Eventually twig that the one solid block in room is prob.significant & find that can reach mky-swg above! Go ‘back’ along initial RH wall, then turn rt & drop & can cling to edge of ‘almost invis.’block by HS & nearest entrance, then hoist up. Can see now that objective is prob.a CSP fairly near the pillar furthest from the present one. 1st move (E a barrier directly ahead rt up to the ceiling) would appear to be to cling from RH side of block (as seen from when 1st hoistd up to block) then shimmy rt, turng RH corner once, until can hoist up to a section of a block next beynd the barrier.

The large no.of flares v.recently acquired would seem to be in order to help in seeing these blocks, rather than to see in a dark place - another imaginative idea. Need to then jump fwd - cannot contin to shimmy & E a slight ‘bug’ here if don’t jump far enough - slide & cling to btm edge of slopg topped block. Next, hoist up & bflp-smslt to catch hold of another slopg topped block behind this one. Hoist up & slide down fwds, then jump over HS below to land safely on top of low, slightly patterned block that was one HS. Can R&J or RJ&C to ‘destinatn’ pillar. Discover then that E no CSP, but instead E another mky-swg just above, that runs all the way across the room to a J&C lever that hadn’t noticed at all in the dark far LH corner, near the closed door. Drop & catch hold of lever, which then opens the door to the rising psg beyond. At top of psg, with triang.HS sections to beware, come to large room with blocks @ various heights, some w/o any support at all. Strfwd to reach upper level, using various blocks. Only obv.opng @ one side has v.high walls in alcove. Can see an opng v.high up & E a pillar ‘halfway’, but cannot reach either as yet. Aha. Discover an upper CSP @ one side of room - camouflaged, so easily missed. CSP psg to a drop down to another alcove, with a low CSP leadg off. This becomes a maze of CSP psgs: need to turn, in order: left (long psg), rt (immed.junctn), continue rt, left (long psg, towards dark opng).
At LH junctn (see ahead is now ‘normal’ - long psg to CDS) go left, RL chicane, left again almost immed, then rt towards ‘patterned’ opng. This is end of CSPs.

Come out to long psg to rt, v.similar to a prev.psg. Going fwd, come out (at last?!) to the floor of the large room 1st saw @ the beg.of the game, with the multi-colored blocks, levers etc. Not clear what that high opng saw in alcove off the room @ the top of the rising psg - the beg.of the CSP maze - leads to or from. As step off ledge at entrance to large room, given a fly-by of the whole area, showg how E v.many areas to investigate, ledges, levers, pillars, opngs ETC. Final view is of one of the sets of iron gates - these being just beyond a section of HS. Can see 2 levers & from initial posn seemed as tho’ could see 2 from there - so seems likely E 4 central levers @ difft levels.

The fly-by seems to confirm various theories about the levers, the breastplate location, the pillars, the dbl iron gates, the ledges, the orig.side psg where began level, not to mention the ‘unusual’(!) colour scheme. On ground floor level E another pair of dbl iron gates in one corner - near rt from entrance, by one of the massive corner pillars. E numerous blocks/ledges easily climbable on grnd & one slope/slide that cannot climb - also several HS dotted about for the unwary. Generally light enough to see easily. Also one centrally placed lever. Cannot see any place high enough to reach 1st floor level (& so 2nd lever) & can see no concealed CSPs, ladders etc. Lever opens dbl gates.

Within gates, down slope & along psg is a MB! When drive it back up to room, realise need to drive around black & yllw raised causeway, so that event.can jump across gap near dbl gates onto ramp/ slope/slide that goes up to 1st floor level - again, an imaginative idea, made more so bec. E has been no hint of a MB up to this pt. None of mini-ramps help find a short-cut, but they will enable a re-start if/when? slide off @ some pt. Need to go clockwise @ 1st, then anti-clockws around rim of room, to lower ramp, to make jump. (HS don’t affect MB.) Fly-by also shows that E another iron dbl gate @ the 1st floor level, & the fly-by finishes with a pan across the central lever pfm before it reaches the gates in front of the HS @ the 3rd floor level. So phaps each centrally placed lever will open the gates on that level - with somethg DIFFT behind each gate. When go back to start of game & compare, can see that ‘HS gates’ are those seen @ beg, on TOP floor, @ same level as start of game. Easiest on MB @ edge of room, next to wall. Seems poss. need to drive up ramp before jump @ angle, so as to get a good run up, but then straighten MB up slope itself.

If ride MB up slope, cannot really turn rt for v.far. Clearly meant to turn left & follow edge of room @ 1st floor level round anti-clockws. E a ramp @ one pt & E an MG on ramp down beyond jump, that can ‘despatch’ with MB itself. Past ramp & jump need to be careful or will drive into one of shallow pits that cannot get out of. End up back near 1st floor gates. To reach lever, need to jump to sky-blue-topped pillar & then R&J to triang.pfm @ near left of lever pfm. Lever DOES open these gates. To return to rim of room, need to reverse R&J from triang.pfm - tricky to get ‘diag’ run up rt. Need to then ride MB round (again if necy, anti-clockws still - can use MB for ride round to ‘blue’ pillar & back again) & go through the gates, as in a psg beyond & left, only MB can go up slope within - and in fact this is way up to 2nd floor level. At this level E many more juttg out pfms. In an alcove @ the left, after havg come up internal ramp, E 3rd secret area, the right greave & another lever. Lever opens 3rd brown door on the orig.level, to reveal a 4th brown door. Can reach central lever pfm in a similar way to 1st floor, using near RH triang.pfm this time. Again the lever opens the gates that can be seen ahead as operate lever. Trickier to drive MB here round to gates bec.of several small pits, sharp turns that are necy and gaps in route that lead to floors below!

Thro’ gates come to psg with many oil drums that are empty & ‘road block’ barriers. Can easily drivbe thro’ these with MB (or shoot them, but unnecy), & then come to another MB-only ramp up (with ‘road’ markings). Ramp leads up to the highest level. Looks as tho’ cannot take MB any further. At left E an extensive HS area, around the LH massive pillar - cannot pass that way. E also the extensive HS by the (‘RH’, from entrance pt to 3rd/top floor) closed iron dbl gates. See high CSP opng behind RH massive pillar, & discover that HS sq beneath it is NOT dangerous! Also, the ceiling directly above the dark-blue topped (short) pillar is a mky-swg. Go by CPS first. It seems that this is an alternative, in fact. The mky-swg leads, by ‘plain’ ceiling design & then a RL chicane on ‘brown’ ceiling design (where everywhere else this ceiling pattern is NOT mky-swg) to next to the CSP - could then drop & cling to edge of opng. CSP becomes another grey CSP tunnel, that leads fairly soon to an open, largely grey room, with a closed door @ the rt & some tall ‘light’ pillars, similar to those seen in the ‘almost invis.pillars’ room.
To left of ‘light’ pyramid see J&C lever, & to rt is HS psg to another area - cannot cross yet. Can see what looks like 4th part of armour - before breastplate, which cannot reach yet - enclosed within the nearer ‘light’ pillar.

J&C lever opens the brown door - seen 4th armour piece so that don’t forget it’s there. E a 2nd closd door within the short psg behind the 1st door. Not clear if this is a closed door (yes) or whthr it is a door that has been opened somehow to permit access to the ‘blue’ section. 4 ‘safe’ blue sqs have also apprd in the HS barrier, so can cross it if careful. Nb. These only appear when go INTO the room with the opnd door and step on the blue part of the room/psg. E another large room to the left past the HS psg. Can see another J&C lever v.high up @ left, but no way to reach it.
E some v.high ledges also. When go to RH-most crnr, behind slopg blue-topped pillar, find a ladder up. When climb this, not too far, & bflp off onto blue slide, find it is a kind of PP, & when drop to ground see that several blue blocks have risen up in main room area - as a route, presum.

They are just like giant steps, in fact. Can see, when RJ&C to ledge from top blue pillar that E anthr closed brown door @ near end of hall/chamber, & other opngs & ledges & a pillar @ the far end. Go across a sq that might be a ‘raiseable block’, & phaps there is a mky-swg (same ceiling design as earlier) still far above, to reach far end of chamber. J&C lever raises block not as high as expected, but also 2 offset ropes have been dropped down. Can also see that E a large opng @ what is now LH side of chmbr. Find that can safely wlk & jmp along HS triang.sections betw blue triang. ‘spikes’.

Cannot seem to be able to use ropes to either reach any mky-swg there may be on ceiling, or to reach the LH side opng. When go along past ‘blue spikes’ (using ropes is poss, but much longer & causes an energy loss @ far end), come to wide psg with some HS triangs. & then to an area with a lever & a drop down beyond to the central pfm in the ‘main’ room. The lever drops a rope so can slide down to the latter safely. We now have the ‘light’ pillar, the LH side opng in the ‘blue steps’ chamber just left & the brown door in that room, @ the orig. ‘near’ end, plus the remaing items to find. As use rope to go down, E loud ‘tension’ music. Drop to lever pfm - cannot return this way - & notice that E an almost invis.pfm just above - phaps a means to leave the pfm. E also a more extended side pfm betw triang.pillars on 2 sides of the pfm. Discover this is a mky-swg, that event.leads to the surroundg ledge of the room near to the iron gates that the lever opens.

We are @ side of room oppos.breastplate alcove - know that we must retrieve rt gauntlet that we’ve seen before that - so if we reach breastplate, have missed something near “gauntlet in ‘light’ pillar”. E also some steps here leadg to left, to v.close to where we started this game. Can go ‘over’ steps & into that initial psg to discover that: firstly, E nothing in any of alcoves now covered by the 3 opned doors & secondly, that E one of those invis.blocks in front of the 4th, still closed, door. Nb. Mky-swg was there rt @ beg.of game, but neither the rope nor the block @ the end of the orig. psgway, such that could return to the steps from the now opened gates, were there. Reachg the ‘red’ psg beyond the opened gates, find just inside entrance, yet another closed brown door. Come to gap in floor ahead where have to RJ&C to reach far side successfully bec of low ceilg. Hear kind of ‘achievement’ music beyond gap. Below is area we saw some time earlier from below - this is the high ‘reddish’ CSP (as thought then) v.high up - Can go down to pillar/ledge that also saw with a ladder @ this pt. This is the ‘CSP’ above the alcove off the ‘blocks’ room beyond the psg from the ‘invis.blocks’ room (see p.4). Phaps its purpose is to return to ‘lower’ areas if have missed some of items aiming to find? - except that cannot find another MB to ascend levels in ‘main’ room.

Beyond gap come to ‘rainbow pillars’ of the ‘quest’, then a blue door & an iron-cage room with a ramp up as an exit - which is the end of the game! So have missed finding a way of retrieving the last 2 pieces of armour, plus passing the doors on the orig. Level - can reach these but haven’t opened last? brown door. Discover belatedly that E now a mnk-swg above the startg posn that leads towards the breastplate alcove. Can drop from this, pick up the breastplate & operate the lever there to the final door in the psg with the several brown doors, off the orig.psg/path - but cannot see the door being opened as this is presum.the 5th door being opened, not the 4th one that is in the way - opened by a lever near the 4th piece of armour, that we cannot yet reach. Invis. block is still in place also in front of the 4th door. At the beg.of the game, what took to be a poss. trapdoor was in fact a raiseable block, to access the mky-swg just used. In fact, ‘trapdoor’ @ end of this orig.psg is also a raiseable block - see para. 2 above. At moment now have 3 brown doors still to try to open, plus the 4th piece of armour to try to access. Key must surely be either in the lowest psg where found 4th armour piece or in high chamber where E now the 2 ropes.
At long last, a result of sorts: turng 90 left, CAN, with many attempts, launch for LH openg & grab edge & hoist up. Small room, with slope down on blue surface (so a PP?) to a lower level. In fact, only small part of slope is a slide. Door @ btm & J&C lever that opens it. Door exits to same upper chamber that just left - but blue slide must have activated something?! Yes. Both ‘light’ structures have gone & reach 4th secret area on top of pillar that is left where can pick up right gauntlet. As hoist up (PP), so other brown door in small room opens. Lever in small room opens 4th door in psg off orig. level. So now can proceed 4 paras.above. When 5th secret area lever, by breastplate, opens 5th door, see purple screen @ far end of corridor. This leads to a room with translucent blocks, on the highest of which is the car-jack, as part of the 6th secret. There is another red psg beyond, that leads to the ‘inside’ of the final unopnd door, so this is a quick route to the final red psg, that leads to the exit, as per middle of page above.