Searching Sophia

Author: Baddy


This is a 4-level adventure where we are searching for the incarcerated in a base to set him free at the end. Though there's a long way to go to that. First we cross the jungle and being attacked by boars, crocs, dinos and skeletons, and there are rolling rocks to dodge. Then we have to cope with a base where we can't pick up the one we are here for yet. Enemies are guards and gunmen here and in the next levels. In level three we find ourselves in a subway carriage to reach the other base to find the captive at last and escape using a chopper. Running up and down in a haste, pressing knobs, switches and levers gets depressing at times. But what a great idea are those knobs behind electronic panels and glasses - and I like the subway carriage too. Making a walkthrough caused a bit of a frustration for the monotony of the level because each hall was hiding a knob or lever to be pushed or pulled. We have to watch out for the ammo a medipacks in the first three levels because we won't have too much at the end with a lot of enemies after us, also robots coming in our way with crossfire from automatic weapons. Added sounds are great and the texture is diverse. I recommend this level to everyone.

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Level 1. Dschungel

Find the crawling space in the right corner, shoot the boars in the next hall, climb the tree on the right, jump over to the opposite side to that sloped area then over into the passage. Pull the lever then get through the open door. Dodge the ball, pull another lever to open the door outside. Inside on the right you can pick up the Shotgun near the skeleton but do not pull that lever, only the one opposite the entrance. See the bars open up at the trees. Through a cave with two locked bars you arrive to a waterfall. Pull the lever then go back to the cave. One of the bars is open now. Pick up the medipack on the left, crawl through the space, let go on the other side to arrive into another small cave. You will see two bars locked and find a saurus/dino. Pull the lever then slide down the slope. Monkey swing through the ceiling to the other side. See a crawling space opposite the lever you can use to return to the cave.

Pull the lever, a trap door opens over the spikes, so now you can get into that walkway. In there you are to pull levers then through the cave you get back where you have met the dino. See another bars open. Slide down into the water. Arriving on the shore pull the lever. A bar is open now in the water so swim through to the other side and pull the lever near the entrance. The other one closes the bars you have just opened. Swim back and kill the croco on the land. Jump under the waterfall and grab the ledge of the rock near the spike pit. Pull the lever and notice both trap doors and the bars opposite open up. Climb down through the nearest hole, pull both levers down there and you will arrive back to the waterfall to the open bars. Through the crawling space you can get back to the outside area to the river. See the bars open. You have two choices of direction to take after the bridge with rolling rocks and a skeleton to deal with. Up on the cliffs meet two bonies, then you arrive to a junction. Both directions demand a lever to be pulled with rocks hot in you heels. Kill the boar on that open area and dive when at the bridge.

Swim into the passage paying attention to poison darts. Pull the levers and see the way clear out in the water through the open trap door in the middle. Get into the wet passage with spikes. You can take a rest after each spike. Climbing out on the other side pull two levers. Climb up the ladder and pull another level in a dark hallway that will finally open the bars on the other side of the bridge. You will have to pull two levers again to meet dinos and crocs on a lawn. Don’t get near the skeleton so it will lie still. If you wake it up, even if you manage to push it into the water the damn thing just won't give up busting balls over there either. However, don't forget to pick up the Shotgun ammo near the thing. Swim into the passage in the water, go up on the right, climb out then squeezing through small spaces there are two more levers to be pulled for a change. Outside another lever awaits, then going up the stairs you find yourself on another lawn. Three dinos to overcame but not much of a hard job. Head straight to the bars then on the right climb a block, jump into the passage near the tree to pull a lever that will open the bars.

Another bunch of dinos and boars try to hold you up. On the shore, climb the tree on the stem of the plants. Jump over the opposite side by grabbing the ledge. Shimmy left, then jump over the river and you arrive to the base. Pull the lever near the locked bars and do the same in the hut. Go through the open bars and on the top of the slope go right to collect a bit of refill. Open the door over there; then left on a small open area there is another building to visit. Pull out a lever over there, too. Get back to the junction paying attention to the three guards attacking. Head right there, see the door open and pick up some stuff (medipack, Shotgun ammo). Get out from that room, then on the right jump into the hole to pull a lever. We slide down to a separated area. Head towards the door, meet a guard and going inside you arrive to the next level.

Level 2. Bei ben Cheats

Having eliminated those two guards (one of them is a curious piece of fellow, huh?) go down the stairs which will trigger a door. Find a knob under the monitor on the wall and a Hypostyle Key. Go up the stairs and use the key. Inside the room pick up the Shotgun, the UZI and a Laser weapon. Push the knob in the room next door and head back to the great hall filled with water now. Swim to the other side and give a kick to the door. Push both knobs at the fire breathers and shoot another gunman behind the open door. Shoot electronic panels under the monitors on the wall, also the panel on the right hiding the hallway. Climb up into the air duct. Go through the fire breathers and arrive in a hall through a door that will open up before you. Notice three hallways. Shoot the gunman and head right. On a small iron bridge go right, kill the mutant gunman and push the knob on the wall. There is a crawling space behind the crates, so go there, shoot the bars at the end of the duct and climb down into the hall.

Go up the stairs, push the button in the elevator and get out on the 2nd floor. Push another knob and see an iron gate open. Kick the right door, kill the gunman, pick up the Laser Ammo from the desk, shoot the panel on the wall and push the knob behind. See the door outside opposite the room open up. Kick in the next door and also press the knob at the other one, then kill the crocs and in the water, pick up the Sun Talisman. Go way back to the elevator and use it at the door on the left. Kill the guard and shooting the panel there is another knob to be pushed. There is an open door now on the hallway with another knob awaiting, then going through the next door kill another gunman, push the knob and do not forget to pick up the Disc in the corner, either. Get back now to the junction again. Head right again way back to where you have previously crawled through the tight spaces behind the crates and went right up the stairs. Use the other direction this time, push the knob on the wall near the plant, kill two gunmen and a guard and fit the Disc into its slot at the end of the hallway. Pick up the Canopic Jar 1. in the hall and going back through the crawling space fit it in its space in the wall.

While heading towards the iron bridge there is a knob to be pushed in a room on the right behind the crates. The door at the iron bridge is open now but before going there, see a door open left of the bridge hiding a lever to be pushed for a medipack. Save before the lever because platforms will be up for a short while only to reach the hall behind the open door. If done, push the knob over there too and now back to the junction to see the opposite door open. You arrive in a warehouse. There is a knob back in the left corner and two crates before a Desert Eagle to pick up by shooting the glass – a secret. Go through the open door and up the slope under the hanging sphere. Kick the door in, do the same to the next one, kill the mutant gunman and push the knob. The sphere will fall and will break in the door of the small building. Push the lever in there, too, and notice a rope on the crane outside. You can now move forward to the next door which is to be kicked in again, push the knob that will open the door in the hallway.

In the new hall push both knobs then do the same going down the stairs and in the wall spaces also. See a bar open, go down the stairs and push the knob behind the crate. Then go up the stairs, see a door open with another knob. In the meantime, guards, gunmen and dinos give you a hard time. Getting on notice a crawling space by shooting the bars down beside the hall with windows. Squeeze through and go left and up the stairs. Shoot the second bars on the right and push the knob to get through the fire breathers. Monkey swing on the ceiling to the opposite hallway, kill the guy and push the knob. Get way back through the crawling space to the small room with windows and shoot the panel there to push another knob that will shut down the propeller. Breathe deep to go to the bottom of the pool and force the bars open. Swimming up and through the smaller gap you arrive in a hall with a gunman and with another knob to be pushed. Another door opens up out in the pool that hides the Disc you can utilize in the previous room.

Both large bars in the pool are open now. Swim through the right one and swim upwards. Arriving in a room pick up a key lying on the table. Swim back and use the left way now. Climb out and near a bridge fit the key in its place. Swim through the previous passage again but when reaching the curve direct yourself upwards. Push the knob in the room and you get back to the beginning of this level. Climb into the crawling space again and head way ahead to the fire breathers. Go through and you reach again the triple junction. Head left again and notice a door of a room with windows open. By the push of a knob see the last door at the junction open up opposite to the way of enter. Go down the stairs and through the hall, another stairs, another hall, standing on the top of the table is the most convenient way to end up the dino. Go down on the stairs and push the knob. Go back to the first storey whilst paying attention to the Sun Talisman inherited from a guard. Shoot the panel behind the door that has opened up, push the button that will shut off the laser gate on the middle level.

Put the Talisman to its place over there and get to the bottom. Kill another reptile. Head right outside at the poisonous green water, shoot the window opposite at the small hall. Find a gunman and a knob inside that will open the trap door outside. Now you can climb up the ladder. Get onto the small platform too and from there jump over near to the crate. Beware of the flickering tracks. A knob is to be pushed back there behind the pillars. See one of the doors open. Find inside a guard and another knob that will open the door opposite. There is a guard inside and another knob that will tame wild waters. So go ahead diving. Climb out meet a guard and see a knob that yields a rope you can use to swing to the other side. Go right, kill the guard and beside the crate on the side close to the water push the button. The last door is open now and you reach the subway station. Kill the guard, run to the carriage that is the end of this level.

Level 3.Die U-Bahn

Get to the back of the carriage. Open the doors in the meanwhile and kill gunmen and guards. In most cases they leave sg. back. There is a Key in the third carriage that can be used to open the next carriage to get the Shotgun. Pay attention if you kill the opponents near the seats – in that case, you might have to be looking for under the seats any pickups. In the next carriage a crate is to be pulled from the door, then in the next carriage the door can be opened and the gunman be bumped off but you can not make a headway from there. Get back to the corridor linking up two carriages and pull the trap door. Climb up and pull up the next trap door to climb down. Go back to the already executed gunman who has another Key you are to use in the next carriage. In the next carriage pull the crate near the entrance and pull the lever behind. Pull the other crate too, and the one next to it offers the UZI underneath. There are crates for you to push in the last carriage too in order to pick up the Control Card. Now go back to the front of the carriages while getting some heavier weaponry ready to face a bunch of enemies now. In the first carriage one of them will leave the Laser Sight behind. Use you card to end up this level and arrive to the base.

Level 4. Die Basis

Head right and up the stairs to get a Key from a guard in the control room. Open the door with the guard’s key, get back to the station and head to the other direction. Kill the guard and in the room pull the switch that will shut down the laser on the hallway. There is another switch left of the door, another hall with another guard and with a robot attacking you that can only be hurt on its chest just like the knights. Pull the lever that will open a door upstairs. Kill the gunman and shoot the barrel in front of the automatic machine gun with the Desert Eagle & Laser sight combo. The door near you is open now. Kill the gunman and pull the switch that will shut off the laser gate on the hallway. Meet another gunman and going down in the room below pull both switches. Out on the hallway there is an open door on the left. Kill the gunman inside and pick up another Key from the wardrobe from a distance of a step. Downstairs at the end of the sloped hallway make use of the Key.

Pull the switch near the door and remember the ladder for you will have to return here later. Kill the gunman. Get in the elevator and go upstairs. Open the next door, bump off everyone, pull the switch near the crate and in the room upstairs pick up the Password Card from the wardrobe guarded by a gunman of course. Use the list to get back where you came from and use the card at the end of the hallway left of the elevator. Three baddies inside to end up. Back there on the right get down onto the bars to the level below. Walk around to trigger the last bars below you open. Pull the switch and climb back. Now the bars open in the opposite direction. Find a guard down there and in the room opposite pick up another Key from the wardrobe. Head back to the ladder and climbing up use your Key. Open the door on the right, kill the gunman, pick up another Password Card from the table and pull the switch that will shut the laser gate off.

Go there and kill all the enemies. If you are fast enough to kill the blue guy he will have not enough time to release the robot. Head right and use the card. Another bunch of enemies to overcome. Jump into the passage opposite beside those two propellers that have the bars to be shot. Pull the switch to open the trap door underneath. After the slide jump over and shoot once at the guard through the glass wall which will make that numbskull open the door himself from the inside. Jumping back onto the sliding part we can get inside, another lever that reveals a platform on the hallway. Monkey swing on the ceiling to the next one and shoot the air duct bars on the left. Crawl inside and progress forward by shooting all the bars getting in your way. See a locked door on the other side. Go upwards instead but beware of the rolling barrels, shoot the gunman and the barrel in front of the automatic machine gun. Open the door and pull the switch inside that will open the door just seen. There is a gunman and an automatic machine gun inside.

Shoot the barrel that will blow up the gun. Pull the lever and you will fall into an air duct. Shoot the bars at the end of the crawling space too and you arrive in a loo. Once you have bothered the gunman you kill him. Pay attention to the barrels when you leave. Run back and when there is no danger anymore go up the slope. New enemies to deal with and a lever to be pulled in the control room. Go down the slope and see the opposite door open up. Now you are in the staple room of the Base. Go through the bridge with a door opening up before you. Shoot the bars in the left corner. Be prepared to end up three of them. Get the Password Card from the wardrobe and pull the lever too. On the hallway the door is open now. Go down the stairs, kill the enemies and on the left before the small room with windows near the wall climb to the top and pull the lever. Now one of the laser gates is down. Open the door of the small room and pull the lever inside that will open the gate behind.

Shoot the bars near the laser gate on the right, do the same at the end of the hallway, and and finally you manage to rescue who you are here for. Sometimes she is a pain in the neck for being literally hot in your heels at all times. Maybe it's you who he/she trusts, strange, huh? Go back behind the laser gate, right, left, up the slope and open the large gate. Do not of course leave any enemies alive on the journey. There is a switch you have to pull on the middle platform and upstairs in the hall you can pick up another Password Card. Go back to the junction; then going left make use of your thing at the door, and you leave the base with a chopper and the captive set free.

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