By Daniel Bouwmeester

This walkthrough is meant as a general guide only. It may not include every pickup or secret. There may also be alternative ways of approaching situations within the game. Pickups and Items

WALKTHROUGH by Lizard Queen

The level begins with a flyby of Lara trapped in an ancient underground cell. Climb the ladder on the west wall, shift right and drop into the upper corridor. Enter the first corridor on the left and pickup the Shotgun ammo. Exit, follow the left wall through the corridors and push the floor lever at the end. Reverse roll, arm weapons and follow the left wall around. Shoot the ninja and pickup the Shotgun ammo he leaves behind. Pickup the Shotgun in the east alcove, reverse and head west. Climb the block on the right and head forward but do not drop down just yet. Turn around and climb the ladder on the inner wall. Crawl through the crawlspace, drop into a small room and enter the second crawlspace in south/east corner. Pickup the Uzis and exit both crawlspaces. Climb down the ladder, reverse roll, drop down and crawl. Lower into the beige room, reverse roll, arm weapons and shoot the two ninjas. Pickup the flares left behind by one of them. Climb the east ledge, pickup the large medipack on the coloured block on the left and drop into the hole in the north/east corner. Follow the left wall until you reach a hole in the ceiling north. Climb up, exit south/east and head up the stairs.


Take a running jump and grab (to change trajectory) over the gap, reverse roll and shoot the ninja. Push the floor lever, drop into the gap and enter the newly opened door east. Arm weapons, shoot the ninja and pickup the Shotgun ammo he leaves behind. Climb the east block, then south and running jump west into the first alcove. Pickup the small medipack. Take a running jump and grab (to change trajectory) back to the lower block and climb the north block. Take a running jump and grab west, pull up into the alcove and use the monkey swing above to the north/east alcove. Drop, reverse roll and take a running jump and grab west. Pull up into the alcove, watch cutscene and pickup Cartouche Piece 1. Safety drop, exit the room, head through the south/west door and drop into the lower corridor. Head east, through a darkened corridor, pickup the Uzi ammo and exit. Follow the left wall around, climb the ladder and pickup the Crossbow. Climb down the ladder, follow the brown corridor and shoot the two ninjas in the next room. Drop into the water, pickup the flares and Cartouche Piece 2 and surface. Combine the two Cartouche pieces, use in the wall receptacle, watch the cutscene and shoot ninja. Pickup Crossbow ammo in south/west corner of room and exit via newly opened stone door (north/east corner). Climb the stairs, climb the west block, climb the right block and pickup the Crossbow ammo. Climb the west blocks, pickup the small medipack in the east alcove. Jump up and grab the crevice in the west wall.


Secret #1: Shimmy left, pull up into the crawlspace, push the statue and pickup the Hand of Sirius which is Secret #1. Exit back to crevice.


Shimmy right, drop down, jump left over the gap and head up the slope. Let the boulder fall into the hole. Jump over the pit, immediately backflip and let the second boulder fall into hole. Head up the slope, take a standing jump left with a curve and pickup the Crossbow ammo on the sloped column. Shoot the two scorpions on the ground. Drop into the water, swim left and pickup the Grenade Gun. Swim right, through underwater corridor in the east wall. Surface into three "unlit" torches room, enter the north door and turn left. Pickup the Grenade Gun ammo, step on the "face" trigger tile, watch a cutscene of one of the torches lighting and exit. Head east, take a running jump and grab the ledge across the room. Head right, safety drop and pickup Grenade Gun ammo. Take a standing jump across gap, crawl forward to avoid the darts, keeping to the left, jump up and grab the ledge ahead. Pull up onto another "face" trigger tile and watch a cutscene of an underwater door opening. Safety drop, crawl back under the darts, safety drop into gap and head up the slope back to the pool. Drop into the pool and pickup the Uzi ammo to the left of the underwater gate. Swim through the west opening, pickup the Crossbow ammo, turn right and surface in the next room. Climb north ledge, pickup small medipack. Drop into water, pickup Grenade Gun ammo in the south/west corner of pool. Climb the south ledge, shoot the ninja and pickup large medipack he leaves behind. Jump up and grab the monkey swing, pickup the Crossbow ammo in the north/west corner. Head back to the south ledge, through the door, climb the left block and angle to face south/west. Take a running jump to the large block and a standing jump to the north ledge. Shoot the two ninjas in the next room and pickup the Crossbow ammo. Shoot another ninja in the north/west corridor. Head up the stairs, slide into an outside courtyard, shoot two scorpions and the ninja in the north/east upper alcove. Enter the south door, climb the stairs and take a running jump and grab across the gap. Head through the corridor, take a running jump to the column outside and a running jump and grab to the ledge. Push the floor lever, safety drop to outside courtyard. Standing jump into stone door. Step onto first spike tile, face east wall, sidestep as far left as possible and sideflip right. Climb slope, push floor lever, head through the corridor in the south/east corner and drop back into pool. Swim through underwater gate again (west wall of pool), swim left, surface and shoot ninja. Head towards the gate and it opens as you approach. Pickup the Grenade Gun ammo on the right. Shoot the two ninjas and two scorpions in the room below. Pickup the Uzi ammo left behind by one of them. Head towards the gate and it opens as you approach. Slide down the slope and the level ends.


The End.