The Secret of Lara's House - The Mystery of the Library

Level by Tony Sinatra

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level after a short flyby. Run up the stairs, pick up the flares and enter the attic. Head NW and get from the alcove shotgun ammo, then turn around and climb the box for a medipack. Climb the next box for some crossbow explosive ammo and drop down N through the hole. Fall a long way directly into a pool. Nothing interesting in this pool except a closed underwater gate, so climb out of the pool and follow the ledge with dead soldiers until you reach the W climbable wall. Climb up, move left or right and fall onto the ledge (also with dead soldiers). Follow the ledge and you'll find a closed gate. Turn W and climb up another climbable wall to a large square. Look for a S closed gate with a parking-meter, but keep proceeding to the W passage, collect revolver ammo and reach a big deadly water pool. Climb the W side to the top ledge and take flares from the NE corner, then climb the N wall and move to your right to land on another ledge. Take a monkeyswing S acroos the pool and over the faraway wall with tall a jumpswitch, drop and pull it down, you get a flyby of an opening gate. Kill the bats and go W, drop down for a Secret, pick up revolver ammo. Jump into the pool and swim E, climb the ledge, then climb the N wall, climb up the next ledges and pick up the medipack, then drop down and return to the square.

Climb down the wall you climbed here earlier, enter the E opened gate into an alcove and get the Token. Climb back to the square, head S and use the token at the parking-meter to open the gate. Drop through the hole directly into a pool and climb out. You find yourself in a big room with shallow water and several wooden cubes. Head S over the third cube at the middle and find the side you can climb up onto this cube. Start following those cubes one by one until you reach the S wall, pick up flares, then pull down the jumpswitch and get a flyby of two gates opening. Safety drop down and make your way N, jump into the water, swim through the gate you opened back to an earlier pool. Keep swimming E and climb out from the water, go through the second gate you opened and silde down the tunnel into a library maze. Notice there're some unnecessary movable walls, they only get you moving in circles. Simply follow the passage until you find a moveable wall that blocks your way,push it forward into a hidden alcove and reach the end of the pssage for clips. Now follow back the same way to the beginning and look for a movable wall at the NE alcove. Push it forward twice, pick up the flares and follow the passage until you find another movable wall that blocks your way. Push it forward twice and find another movable wall at the NE corner. Once again push it forward and keep following the next passage to get out of the maze.

You are in a small place with a pool and fountain. Head over the E wall and look for a jumpswitch, pull it down and find yourself standing on a rising block. Drop to the ground and jump into the pool, swim to the NW corner and pick up the Gate Key, then climb out from the pool and climb back to the top of the raised block. Pull up onto a ledge above Lara's head and take a running jump to the W ledge and slide down the tunnel. Follow to the end of the passage and safety drop down onto another ledge. Light a flare (it's a very dark place), pick up a small medipack and start running/jumping the next ledges until the ledge before the final ledge with a closed gate. However, turn to face S, take a safety standing jump down to land onto a ledge with flares. Pick them up and drop down another ledge, keep running/jumping the next ledges until reaching the passageway.

Follow the passageway and the gate will open for you, switch your way to the tunnel and climb a few steps, get a small medipack at the NE corner. Keep following the W tunnel and the flare bug begins. (Somehow, the flares do not work when you hold one, only if you drop it, what a pity when you really need them.) Well, the show must go on. While you're following the long tunnel, pick up the Revolver on your way and the next gate opens for you, jump over two dark gaps and finally reach a street. Kill four soldiers and notice the second soldier will drop a Disk. Then head over to the E glass door (it will open automatically) and follow he passage to the end, then climb up the stairs and reach the gate you saw earlier. Of course, it will open for you. Pick up the revolver ammo and return back to the street. Head S over to another two glass doors and use the disk at the screen to open the left door. Follow the passage but prepare yourself to deal with four more soldiers as soon as you enter the room. Once again, one of them will drop a Disk, so pick it up and use it at the W screen to open a nearby glass door.

Go through the door and run up the N ramp to the top, by doing this you open the S closed door. Run faster into the short passage and get an extra Disk, then roll and run out. Go over to the N screen and use it to open a higher glass door, climb the next wall inside the room and kill there four soldiers, as usual one of them will drop a bonus Disk. Pick it up and go to the SW corner for the Token, then proceed N over to the far screen and use the disk you have to open the second gate at the street. Make your way over there and follow the passage until you reach the parking-meter and use the token to open the glass door. Head N, then slide down into a tunnel, head forward and climb up the next tunnel, keep running forward and reach a closed gate. This is a perfect time to use the gate key you're still carrying and open this gate. Go and enter a small library, if you're lucky you might see the butler Winston get out from the E closed glass door. However, find the W opening and slide down the slope to end this level.