Sophia’s Bunker


walkthrough included with the Level download

Walk around the corner and kill the guard
Pickup medi pack
Take first door and pickup magnum behind boxes
Go in next door. Kill dog
Crawl into the small passage. Pickup secret
Come out kill dog. Look back to see fire.
Climb ladder and kill SAS round the corner
Jump both pools. Turn around to look at whats happend.
Go into room ahead to switch to put out fire
Jump back across the pools
Run into the door ahead. Pickup Uzi
Run back across and jump over pools again
Go right. Climb and go into the water
Swim then come up when you see the flame
Climb to the left
Shoot SAS and go to where the SAS was to pickup secret
If on flames the jump in pool
When ok jump to the other side of the pool
Kill SAS and go into the room.
Go to the left of the room to get Secret.
Come out and kill guard
Jump across the water then jump to the left
Climb up and use monkey bars across
Shoot SAS
Go across the area and into the tunel
Go left into the Secret Lab and around to collect ammo
Come out and kill SAS's
Climb down and kill SAS
Clim on box and jump up to get some ammo
Go into the tunnel and take a left
Climb up then use crouch
Walk foward to End the level