City of Ptah (Triad of Memphis)

Level by Dave (December, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start
in a very dark cave. Go west and get a flyby of the next cave and a pit. Go west and safety drop into the pit. Climb a block at the south wall for flares. Get down from the block and go north and shoot two bats. Continue north and go down a ramp and into a tunnel in the lower north-west corner. Shoot a dog and continue north. To the west you can see the circular door needing items that you do not have. Climb the block at the east wall and jump to the block in the north-east corner. Go through the crawl space and drop into a hole to shoot a scorpion. Pull up into the next crawl space for blue shotgun shells. Exit this area and go west towards the circular door cave.


In the west wall you can see flares inside a reach-in hole but Lara does not get them. Step on the platform near the fire in the middle of the room and the gate opens in the east wall. Jump over the fire and sprint to the timed gate. Run over the picture tile on the ledge, jump over the lava and run through the timed gate. But stop just inside the gate as there is a deep pit ahead of you. Safety drop to a column and then run and jump to the column in the north-west corner. Turn to the east and use the rope to swing onto a block at the east wall. Turn south and grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right and pull up into a tunnel.


Go east through a crawl space and stand up in front of the lava pit. Jump over the pit and onto a ledge. Turn around and jump to the west and pull up to a higher ledge. Do this turn and jump routine to a higher ledge a few more times. Finally pull up into a small room with a closed gate. Pick up the Eye Piece from the corner pedestal. Go to the north-east corner and pick up revolver ammo from the floor. Shoot the dog that runs from the open gate. You have to throw the flares to get any light. The black hole in the north wall is just an empty alcove.


Enter the tunnel in the west wall. Take the first tunnel branch to the north. Drop into a hole and get into a lower crawl space in the east wall. Follow through more tunnels and crawl spaces and reach a wide tunnel. Notice the item on the distant platform and the blades on the ceiling. Carefully sprint through the blades and hop onto the platform to pick up the Eye Piece. Search the floor for a large medipack and a grenade flash ammo.  Go back through the blades and the dark tunnels to return to the tunnel start.


Go straight west in the tunnel and ignore the side branches. At a T-junction go north and jump over a spike trap to get a large medipack. Return and go south to a closed gate. Enter the crawl space in the lower west wall. Follow it to the end and use the floor lever. Return to the tunnel and enter the open gate. Run down the ramp and turn into a south tunnel to avoid a rolling spike ball. Follow a crawl space and drop into the room with the circular door. Go west and make the Eye of Horus and open the circular door.


Enter the door and follow the corridor to shoot two bats. You will come to a T-junction. To the right is a dead-end. Go left and stop inside the entrance of a rolling spike ball room. Wait until the balls stop and continue to the north. In a gap between the stopped balls, you can pick up a large medipack.  Enter an alcove in the north wall and loop around to the left. Climb the south wall and pull up into a tunnel at the top. Follow the tunnel into a dark room. Go around the high walls to the south and see an opening with a slope in the south wall. Turn around and go north to pick up the Timeless Sands. Now slide down the slope into a dark tunnel.


Go around the high walls to the left side and see a closed gate. Loop around into the right alcove to place the Timeless Sands and the gate opens. Slide down a slope and stop in front of a high wall. If you go to the east wall and turn to the right you can see a closed gate. Go west and keep the outside wall on your right. Do not go into any side branches. You will shoot a dog and continue to follow the tunnel to a floor lever. Pick up revolver ammo and a large medipack. Use the floor lever and then exit this room. Shoot another dog and follow the outside wall back on your left side to reach the open gate. Follow the tunnel to another dark cave.


There are two tunnels in the north wall. First take the left tunnel and follow it to a lava room. Make a few easy jumps over the platforms to the south-west corner and pick up the Guardian Key. Then return to the dark cave and take the right tunnel in the north wall. Stop at the lava floor. Jump back and forth between the two slopes and use a right curve to reach the flat area to the east. Go up the ramp in the south wall and stop before a deep pit. Stand jump to lower flat area to the south-west. Then stand jump west to a flat area and pick up the Amulet of Horus. Jump to the south ledge and shoot three scorpions.


Go east to the bull statue. Face north at the edge of the pit and jump up to grab a climbable wall. Climb to the top and shimmy to the right and into a tunnel. Follow the only path up the ramps and enter a small room to shoot a dog. Take either west wall tunnel to the end and place the Guardian Key in the receptacle. Return to the room and run up the ramp in the north wall. At the top, turn to the west. Slide down the slope as the level ends.