Atlantean Deamon Caves

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper) (December, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Get off the rock and the earthquake stops. Ignore the two knights and jump the rocks in the north-west corner to pick up two M16 normal ammo and the M16. Get down and run east and wait for the mummy to move out of the way and the spike balls to drop. Pick up the Scarab Talisman from the pedestal. Go to the north wall and use it. The door in the north-east opens. Enter and go to the back of the room. Press the pushbutton on the wall and jump back to avoid the spike balls. Turn and kill the two dogs. The floor looks deadly but it is harmless. Exit and go to the open door in the south-east. Kill two bats and jump over a deadly pit. Continue in the tunnel and jump more pits. At the end you see two sharks in water. Watch out because they can fly out of the water and come after you. After they are dead, dive into the water to pick up the Daemon Star. Go back to the corridor and use it in a receptacle in the east doorway. A door opens in the east. Go into the tunnel and pick up the Golden Gate Key. Kill a dog that sneaks up behind your back. Exit and use the key to open the gate in the west wall.

Follow the tunnel to a closed gate. Hop into an alcove in the south wall. Use the floor lever and the closed gate opens. Get into that tunnel and follow to a room with sloped columns and a lava floor. Jump to the first column and just keep the jump key depressed. At the end you land on a tile that opens the gate. Go up the small slope and into the open gate. Turn around and drop backwards into a hole to pull a jump switch. Pull up and go east through the open coffin-like door. At the end of the tunnel, slide down into a room. Kill two ninjas and pick up two M16 normal ammo. Wait for the knights to get close and then jump over their heads and run down the tunnel to the next room. Turn left and go into the north-west coffin for the Golden Serpent. Go to the east wall and use it. Enter the south-east coffin and press the pushbutton. Avoid the two knights and four mummies that chase you. Exit and go into the south-west coffin to pick up the Scarab Talisman. Go to the east wall to use it and then enter the middle coffin tunnel. Enter an empty room and continue east into the next tunnel. Inside, turn left and pull up to a ledge. You can either avoid or kill the ahmet.

Climb up to a ledge. Shoot the vases and pick up six M16 normal ammo. Press the pushbuttons on the north and south walls. The two coffins open in the room below. If you wait a while, the knights and mummies leave that room. Drop and run into the south coffin. A spike ball drops at the top of a slope. Exit and run into the north coffin. Stop and hop back when you see a spike ball. It will drop into a pit in front of you. Then hop over the pit. Follow the slope up to a room with deadly water. Use a flare to see where you are going. Jump west over the lava and then go north to get into a crawl space. You drop into a room with deadly water and a pedestal guarded by fires. Go to the north wall and use the floor lever. The deadly water disappears so get into the dry pit. Go to the east side of the central structure and press a pushbutton. I thought that this would have stopped the fires but it did not. Pull up to use the floor lever again to restore the water. Hop to the pedestal and catch fire. Pick up the Star of Light and drop into the water. Then pull back up to a ledge. I used all my medipacks doing this. Go north to use the Star of Light and the door opens in the north wall.

Enter the tunnel and in the next room, go to the north-west corner. Use the floor lever and hop back as the sand rises. Go north and kill two dogs. Pick up the Amulet of Horus off the big chair. Go east and enter a tunnel. At the end jump into the middle of the room to avoid the flames at the back wall. Kill the soldier and pick up the Dagger of Xian. Use either floor lever but not both and the east gates open. The fires also stop on one side. Go past the fire and enter the east tunnel. Start running up the slope and the level ends.