Triad of Thebes (Demo)

Level by Dave (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

te] The installation instructions are confusing. I just built the karnak.tr4 file and use the regular script files. The supplied script files start with the tutorial level. [End note]


You side down a slope into an outside area. Go west to climb the blocks and push the button on the wall to open the door. Enter a room with a slope in the middle between two high ledges. The vase on the south ledge is empty. Shoot the vase on the higher north ledge for a crossbow. Run down the slope to shoot the empty vase. Enter a big room and shoot the ninja. Enter the west corridor and follow it to a room where you see two receptacles on the north wall. There is a closed door in the west wall.


Go down the ramp and enter the tunnel in the east wall. Go pass a closed gate and go north down a ramp. You face four closed gates. Go west and enter the tunnel in the north-west corner. Run down the tunnel and you hear a gate open. Go to the end and shoot the vase for the grenade gun. Loop around to the right and follow the tunnel back to the tunnel entrance. Go east and enter the next tunnel with the open gate. Go down the tunnel until the scissor traps start. You can run through the traps if you want. I returned to the entrance and went down the next open tunnel. You approach the scissor traps from the other side and avoid them. Pick up Canopic Jar 1 from the floor and return to the tunnel entrance. Go to the north-east corner and enter the tunnel now that the last gate is open.


Crawl under the wall darts and pick up a small medipack at the end of the tunnel. Loop around to the right and follow the tunnel again. Go up the steps and kill a ninja. The gate is open so return to the receptacle area. Go north to place Canopic Jar 1 in the left receptacle. The door in the west wall opens. Enter the west doorway and stand on a ledge over a large water pool. Wait and shoot the four crocodiles that swim in the pool. If you dive in to lure them close, swim near the east wall to pull up onto the ledge. Dive into the water and swim to the south-west. Notice the closed door in the south wall near the bottom of the pool. Swim to the west wall and then to the north end to pick up a large medipack off the floor of the pool. Swim south to pull up onto a ledge and jump to a platform in the south-west corner. Push the wall button and the underwater door opens.


Swim into the open door and turn back when you see a crocodile. Pull back up onto the ledge and shoot the crocodile. Return to the open door and swim into a large tunnel. Swim west and up into the north-west corner. Pull into a small room. Push the button on the south wall and the large gates open in the west wall. Enter the gates and face a deep pit. Use the floating platforms to go to the west ledge. The platforms are invisible from the top but you can see the edges of them from the side. Pick up a Golden Vraeus from between the statues. Jump the ledges back to the entrance. Go to the north-east and dive into the water again. Swim down back into the wide tunnel.


Go east and swim upwards and into a smaller tunnel. You are entering a maze. Swim to the right, left at the corner, left at the first branch tunnel and swim up for an air hole. If you want, you can return and swim into the last left branch and find a small medipack in the far corner of a submerged room. Dive into the water and swim to the west. Turn the corner and swim north. Ignore the west branch next to another air hole. Swim north and then swim east to an apparent dead-end. Now swim into the west branch and just follow the tunnel to a room with a checkered floor. Swim up for air and dive down to the white tile at the west wall to pick up Canopic Jar 2. When you surface for air you can actually see the top of the maze.


Swim back to the first air hole that you used. The rest of the maze is empty of items. Swim back to the maze entrance and return to the pool. Pull back up onto the ledge in the north-east. Dive back into the water and go straight south. Follow the east wall and you will find a second Canopic Jar 2 on the floor of the pool. Pull back up onto the ledge in the north-east and exit this room. Return to the room with the receptacles. Use Canopic Jar 2 to open the door. Enter the open door and the level ends.