Another Tutorial Level

Level by Atsushi Yamakawa (Blacksheep) (July, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide into a cave and go to the south-west corner for flares. Go north to drop into a hole. Then drop into another hole to land on the roof of a building. Go to the north-west corner for a large medipack. Safety drop to the ground. Go to the west wall to pick up a small medipack. Go to the east side to enter the building. Shoot the vase in the north-west corner for grenade normal ammo. The other vases are empty. Go to the north-east corner and slide down the pole. Follow the tunnel to the end and pull up into a crawl space. Follow it to emerge into a room with two sets of large closed doors. Use the floor lever in the south-east corner and the east doors open. Enter and go up the ramps. Watch out for wall darts and a rolling spike ball.

You emerge onto a ledge overlooking a floor with spikes and a central structure with climbable walls. Get on the east block and then jump to a block in the north-west. Run and jump to the north for secret #1 and grenade normal ammo. Stand jump to a block to the east. Run and jump back to the south-west block. Jump south to pull up into an alcove. Pick up the Eye Piece and get a cut scene of an underwater gate opening. Jump to the north block and back into the entrance. You have avoided all the slopes and climbable walls. Exit and back down the stairs and still watch out for the wall darts. In the next room go west and the large doors open as you approach.

Get into the water and swim north to pick up the grenade gun from a corner. There is a ledge at the west side for later. First enter the underwater tunnel in the south-west corner. Just follow the tunnel and pull up into a cave-like room. Kill two scorpions and go north to find grenade super ammo and the revolver. Jump the pillars at either sidewall to get to a high ledge on the north wall. Use a floor lever and get a cut scene of large doors opening. Get down and pull out the statue at the east wall. Climb the ladder and near the top, back flip and roll to grab a ledge. Go north and destroy two mummies. Go through the doors and pick up the Eye Piece. Return to the ground floor and back to the water. Swim back to the first room and pull up onto the west ledge.

As you go to the back of the tunnel, fires start on the floor. Get around the fires to a ladder on the west wall. Climb the ladder and about half way up the ladder, back flip into a tunnel. You get secret #2 and pick up two revolver ammo. Exit and continue climbing the ladder to the top. Enter the next room and use the slopes to jump upwards to grab a north ledge. Pull up and go forward into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a pit with spikes. Stand jump to grab a column to the south.
Shimmy to the right and climb down to the floor for secret #3 and the shotgun. As you climb back up you can see spikes balls at the top. Climb back up the column but do not pull up. Shimmy to the right and pull up and run and jump back to the entrance as a spike ball falls onto the column.

Run and jump to the other column and then run and jump to the west to grab a rope while another spike ball falls on the column. Swing on the rope and into a tunnel in the south wall. Continue down the tunnel and enter a room. Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the circular door. Run down the tunnel and destroy the mummy. At the end, the gate opens and continue into the next tunnel. Walk onto the bridge and get a flyby of the area showing you a door at the ground floor. Cross the bridge and enter a room to destroy a mummy. The vases are empty so drop into the hole in the south-west floor. Follow the tunnel to a deep room with steps and a closed gate at the bottom. Kill the ninja on the north ledge and go there to enter an opening in the north wall. Jump up but not forward to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to the tunnel in the north wall.

Slide down a pole but just above the bottom, back flip into a tunnel to avoid the spikes. Exit to the ground floor. Go to the south-west corner and use a floor lever to hear a door open. Go east to find the open door. Enter and use the floor lever and hop back to avoid a falling spike ball. Go to the south-east corner and use a floor lever to hear a gate open. Go west to find the open door. Enter and use the floor lever and hear a door open somewhere.

Go back and climb up the pole to back flip into the tunnel. Go to the edge but do not monkey swing. Drop backwards and grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy to the left and around the corner to drop onto the ledge below. Follow the ledge to the north-east corner to use a floor lever. You get a flash of a cut scene. Go south and follow the ledge to pick up red shotgun shells. Safety drop to the floor and go north and west to the last door. The door is open so go to the end of the tunnel to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Go back up the pole and monkey swing back to the south opening. Go down the steps and the gate is open. Enter the tunnel and use the Hand of Sirius. You hear some doors open. Exit and enter the open east doors. Go to the east wall and pull up into a hole in the corner of the ceiling. Go east to kill a ninja and go west to just follow the walls. Climb some blocks and you see an open outside area. As you enter that area, the level ends.