Temple of Atawalpa

Level by Nagae Takanori (3ki3ro) (July, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

tart by going north to use a floor lever. This stops the fire on the chimney of the hut to the west. Go there and to the west wall. Jump on the slope behind the chimney. Lara does the usual dancing on an illegal slope. However, you can roll, jump, and grab the edge of the chimney. Go east to drop into a hole to pick up Uzi's. Climb out and drop back to the ground. Continue north past an opening with an obvious spike floor.  Kill two ninjas and pick up the Hand of Orion and the Hand of Sirius from their dead bodies. Continue north into an area with another hut. Go to the west side of the hut. Pull up and back flip to the wall of boxes. Go south behind a box to get two Uzi ammo.


Get down and go back to the opening that you passed earlier. Use the Hand of Sirius in the south wall and the spikes trigger. Pick up the grenade super ammo and go east to the temple. Use the Hand of Orion and the door opens. Enter a courtyard type of area. Go north to climb a wall ladder and drop onto a short wall. Jump to another short wall to the east. Then run, jump and grab the boxes in the east corner. Kill a scorpion and pick up a large medipack. Safety drop to the ground. The east route is blocked for now so go south to find an area with an outside pool and a ladder. Jump into the pool and swim through the broken grates in the south wall. You reach an area where you can surface for two Uzi ammo. There are also two scorpions on the floor but you cannot shoot underwater. Swim back and surface near the ladder. Dive again into the water and swim into the north-east tunnel. Just inside the tunnel you can pick up the crossbow. The current is too strong to go any further so just surface again near the ladder.


Climb the ladder and pull up to a second floor. Kill a ninja behind you and pick up a Hand of Orion from his dead body. You can use the ladder on the north wall and back flip to the third floor. Or you can climb the blocks beside you to get to the third floor. On the third floor, go around until you attract two ninjas. Kill them and get two Uzi ammo. Use the blocks to get into the high south-east corner to pick up Cartouche Piece 1 from a pedestal. Be careful getting back down as there is a large drop to the north. Get back down to the second floor and go to the south-east corner behind the blocks. Drop into a hole and go north down some steps. Enter a room with two statues. Pull back the right statue and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Get into the crawl space behind the left statue. Follow the crawl space and then drop and shimmy to the right. Pull up into an alcove for crossbow explosive ammo. Then safety drop to the ground near the pool.


Now go north, pass the jeep, go east and look north through a slot to see a floor lever. Watch out for a hole in the ground behind a block. If you fall in, the water current carries you back to the outside pool. Then go south to two large closed doors. Use the two hands to open the doors. You see four vases. First shoot the south-east vases and pick up the grenade gun. Then shoot the other three vases and kill two ninjas and a mummy that appear. There are two tunnels to the east. Take the right tunnel as the left tunnel has a firetrap. At the T-junction, turn to the right and follow the ramp up to a room with clear water and platforms. If you look back into this entrance tunnel, you see another firetrap.


What follows are three timed runs. Go into the west tunnel and step on a black circle. Run out and into an east tunnel to step on another black circle. Run down the entrance tunnel and the firetrap is off. Turn right and jump over the platforms over the muddy water to step on another circle. [Note below] Exit and turn right and run to a T-junction. Turn left and run pass the firetrap that is now off and go to the end. Turn left and loop to the right around the wall to jump a spike pit. Loop to the left around a wall to jump another spike trap. Use the floor lever and hear something open. Quickly jump back over the spikes before the firetraps start again. You can destroy the mummy that appears. Climb the nearby ladder and pull up onto a wall. Drop down on the other side and go west into a short tunnel. At the end, pick up Cartouche Piece 2 from a pedestal. Exit and go up the stairs to the north. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it open the large door to the south-east.


[Note] If you are slow and the firetrap starts agan at the entrance of the muddy water room, there is a way out. Go to the north-west and north-east corners for two Uzi ammo under the muddy water. Then go the south-west corner. Dive into the muddy water and swim into a tunnel. Pull up into a room and climb some blocks in the corner. Get into a crawl space and drop on the other side into the clear water room to try again. [End note]


Enter the door into a dark room. You can see a water hole at the west wall. The current there is too strong right now. Go west and get into the crawl space under the flame. Just follow the crawl space as fires block off some routes. When you can stand up, follow the tunnel to a water hole. Jump into the water and swim west you until you can surface. Pull up to a ledge and pick up flares. Go south to use a floor lever. Then go to the south-west and into a tunnel to find another floor lever. This is the floor lever that you saw from the outside wall slot. Use the floor lever and jump into the water. The main water current is now off. Swim west and ignore the side tunnel in the south wall. That will carry you back to the outside pool. Continue and you see some spike balls fall into the water. Pull up into that hole and immediately back flip to avoid another spike ball. You can climb the piles of gold in the east for flares, compass and binoculars. Be careful of the spike ball that rolls down the center of the piles of gold.


There are two ways to go. First go west into a tunnel. The gate opens as you approach and closes after you inside the room. Run around the room and four pedestals light up with electrical arcs. Go to the west wall behind the sarcophagus and center yourself on the tile. Jump up to grab a pole. Climb the pole and back flip west into an alcove. Step on the black circle and the gate opens. Jump down and exit back to the water hole. Take the north wide tunnel and you reach a room with water. Jump to the middle island and destroy the two mummies.   Jump in and swim through the broken grate in the south-west corner. Pick up flares and grenade flash ammo. Exit and there are holes in the east and west walls. The current will carry you back to an area above the room so you can try again. Jump to the north ledge and the large doors open as you approach them. Enter the doors and the level ends by restarting so just exit the game.