Tomb of the Twin Pharaohs

Level by Cap A. (July, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start by falling into a hole. Pick up flares and safety drop into the pit. You cannot make the jump to the other side. Kill a scorpion and enter the south doorway. There are a lot of deep drops in this area so be careful. Go to the south wall and enter a doorway. Jump into the door on the west wall. Enter and the camera view changes. Go to the top of the sand pile and pull up to the higher ledge. Go west to pick up the Hand of Orion from a pedestal and get a cut scene of ninjas back at your starting area. Drop down to the floor and go out an east doorway. Jump to the north doorway to get back to the starting area. Kill a ninja and pick up Uzi's. If you look west you can see a double door that needs two items. Go north and find some stairs. Go up the stairs and go to the north wall and jump ledges. You will start an earthquake on one of the ledges. Go to the north-west ledge and enter the room. You see an empty pedestal. Drop down into the room below and kill a scorpion. Pick up another Hand of Orion from the floor and climb back up.

Go east and jump the ledges to get to the east wall. Go west in the central section to a broken pillar. Jump to the pillar and pull up. Slide and jump to another broken pillar Shimmy to the right and drop onto a ledge above the double doors. Go north and safety drop to a lower ledge. Use the two Hands of Orion and the double doors open. There are other rooms in this area but there is nothing in them. Go through the open doors and go down some steps. At the bottom go west and a door opens. In the next room go north and the double doors open. Push the statue into the alcove and get a cut scene of double doors opening at the top of the slope. Go up the slope, and then turn around and run back to avoid two rolling spike balls. Go up to the top of the slope and the doors close. Go behind the coffin but be careful of spikes on the floor. The double doors open so go back down the slope. Pull out the statue in the east wall. Get behind it and follow the crawl space to pick up the Hand of Sirius. You get a cut scene of the door in the west opening.

Exit his room and get back to the west door. Go west and see two closed double doors high on a north slope. Continue west and enter an area that looks like the one you just left, complete with spike balls. There is crawl space in the west wall but it only leads to an empty pedestal. You can go up the north ramp and use a floor lever to close and open the double doors but it accomplishes nothing. Go west through the open door and pull up into a crawl space in the south wall. Drop down the other side and get on the block at the south wall. Side flip to the right onto a slope. Jump forward and grab a ledge. Pull up into the short tunnel. At the end pull up into an outside area.

Kill a ninja and pick up Uzi's. Go south for Uzi's and a large medipack. Go east to kill another ninja and pick up Uzi ammo. Go east and safety drop to a ledge. Kill a ninja that drops beside you. Jump to the east ledge and safety drop to another ledge and then to the ground. There is a tunnel in the east wall. Kill the ninja that emerges from it. Enter and kill a scorpion. Continue and enter an area with a slope. Notice the purple and green statues at the bottom of the slope. Go down through the open doors to kill a ninja and pick up a laser sight. Go to the bottom of the steps to kill a ninja and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Then go west and see a closed door and a closed gate. Go north into a small maze area. Kill a ninja and continue north to find a blue tile. Step on it and hear a gate open. Look for another blue tile and hear another gate open. Kill a ninja and look for the open gate. Step on a blue square to hear a gate open. Exit and kill a ninja and pick up the crossbow.  Find the last open gate and use the floor lever to open the door. Go though the open door and follow the corridor. You get a flyby of the area with climbing walls.

The big central column is climbable so you can use to back flip to a sidewall. Go north and climb the wall to get into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and overlook a deadly floor with vases on it. Shoot only the one vase that is closet to the west wall. All other vases are spike traps. The gate will open so jump to a column and then to the open gate. Go into the room there and pick up two Hands of Orion. Exit back to room with the big central column.

Climb and shimmy into the west tunnel. Use a Hand of Orion to open the gate. Go up the ramp a little and then turn around and run and jump to grab the big central column as a spike ball falls behind you. Back flip into the tunnel and go to the end as the gate closes behind you. Step on the blue tile and the door opens before you. Use the floor lever and exit. Go north into the next room and use the floor lever. Exit and go south into the last room and use the floor lever to get a cut scene of a door opening. Exit and go back to the north room. Run through the west wall and into the open door. Pick up the Ba Cartouche and get a cut scene of a closed door. Exit this room and now that the gate is open, exit this area and go back to grab the big central column.

Climb and shimmy into the south tunnel. Use a Hand of Orion to open the gate. Go up the ramp and kill a scorpion in the room. Most of the floor tiles are deadly. Just follow the diagram and pick up a Ba Cartouche to get a cut scene of double doors opening. Exit the room back to the central column.

Climb and shimmy to the east wall and pull up in front of the doors. Go east and use the two Hands of Sirius to open the double doors. Enter and get a flyby of more closed double doors and places for six Cartouches. Run towards some open doors and they closed and you fall into a deep pit and land in water. Dive to the bottom and swim into a tunnel in the south wall. Swim south, up, west, south, up, west, south, and up into a water filled room for air. Carefully swim to the east side and avoid many falling spike balls. Swim into the east tunnel and when you reach a T-junction turn right. Swim a little and then swim back to safety as a spike ball rolls towards you. Return and continue in the underwater tunnel to pull up into a room. Climb the blocks in the east wall. You come to a section with columns and spikes traps. The first spike trap will go up and then down. Next stand jump east, side flip left, stand jump forward, stand jump forward, and jump up to grab a monkey swing. Follow the monkey swing and drop onto a safe column. A few jumps over sloped columns and you land in an east opening.

Drop down into another hole and follow a crawl space. On the other side you see two slopes and a pit. Start up the north slope, turn around and jump over the pit to avoid a rolling spike ball.  Do this three more times to avoid three more spike balls. When done, run up the south slope and step on a blue tile. Then exit and run up the north slope into an open gate. Slide down into a room and go west into a tunnel. Reach a junction and go west. Spikes pop up on the floor. You can reverse to avoid them but you can sprint through with very little damage. Approach a gate and it opens. Go south and down some steps to overlook the water pit. Continue up the steps and the screen starts to shake. Drop and hang onto a side opening until about eight spike balls roll past you. Pull and continue up the steps and watch out for spike traps and scorpions. At the top climb the wall ladder on the east side. At the top, shimmy left and push a statue out of you way.

Go east to the closed door. Go north and use the receptacle on the east wall. Then go south and use the receptacle on the south wall. These are the purple and green statues that you may have noticed at other places in this level. The other receptacles are deadly traps. The door opens so enter and run east. Hop the platform and attempt to pick up the Eye Pieces as the level ends.