Green Base

Level by Gary

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: The first guard doesn't attack you first. As well as any other of this kind.

Pick up 20 HK clips. Optionally kill the guard, go around the desk and up the ramp. The next place has 4 floors. Go down the ramp on your left or right to grab some HK clips and hop into the central pit to find the gun. Go up the ramp opposite to the one you have used to descend down here, picking up the remaining ammo on your way back on the ground floor. Now get to the 1st floor and hop on the platform with a handrail around it. Pick up 10 more bullets from the corner and go through the left W portal to pass by or kill the 2 guards, pick up some more bullets from next to the cabinet and press the switch. Watch a too slow flyby you fortunately can interrupt. Enter the room at the end of the indicated corridor and kill the guard (drops some wideshot shells). Pick up some ammo from the NE corridor and press the switch. Getting into the room spawns two more guards in the last corridor - finish them and go through the middle W portal in the main area to search the cabinet in the computer room and get the key from it. Now enter the remaining W portal and pick up some more bullets from the table. Go down to the ground floor and kill a guard behind the middle W door, pick up 10 HK bullets from the SW corner and find a keyhole on the E wall. Place the key in its slot to open the remaining doors on this floor, leading out of the main area. Exit the room, kill 2 guards on your right and enter the left W. Realize all these glass cases were to be shatter objects, but they obviously don't work, and leave the room to enter the last W door. The escaping guards are harmless. In the room behind them, go around the table and draw the HK GUN.

Proceed down the ramp into the pool area and kill two guys shooting at you from the ledge above you. Swing the rope to jump on the shelf, kill one more guard standing a little bit higher than the previous two and press the switch on the W wall to open the door beneath you. Go around the shelf, kill the last guy above you and pick up 10 HK bullets from next to the E wall. Swing the rope once more to get on the S platform. This requires special skills, not known to every player. Do like this: tap Sprint and release it to swing the rope once or twice only, wait until Lara grabs the rope with her legs again and then, when she swings backwards, hold sprint. This way she should swing extremely high. In the highest point, hit Jump. That should throw you on the S platform for SECRET#1 - a grenade gun. Hop into the pool and collect 10 more ammo units from the bottom. Now exit the location through the open door.

Pick up more ammo from the passage and watch another long flyby. It's loopy, so get out of the square triggering it, or you'll start it again. If you do, don't worry - you can turn off the camera. Checkered squares are instant death zones - avoid them on your way across the room. Climb the blocks on the other side and press the switch to raise the doors to the next room. Kill 2 guards in there and go around or runjump/grab/pull the empty... space. Press the switches on the wall (each of them spawns an enemy to kill, but only the middle one opens the exit in the N wall of the previous room. Go through that door to find the UFO. Climb its E side and press the switch to open the door of the spaceship, but don't enter it yet. Pull up on the roof and then into the hole in the ceiling to find SECRET#2 in there - 20 HK bullets. Now to the starship.

THE STARSHIP Kill all 4 not-so-alien soldiers inside, one of them through the W wall at the bottom. Pick up 10 bullets, from the bottom as well. Climb the bridge and find 20 more HK ammo there. Get out of the "vehicle", go around it and find out the swipe card thrown through the UFO wall, lying on the floor on the W of the spaceship. Pick up the key. Use it to open the N door.

Pick up 10 more HK bullets from behind it. Pass the next room and find yourself on the balcony. Platform W and enter the new room. Behind it, press all 3 switches on the right wall to access the forbidden room ("Eingang verboten" - "No entry"). Of course, get in.

Sophia is immortal in this game. Sprint around her and throw two switches to open the exit. Go through it to end the level.