The Crypt of Tohokan


Taken from the author's readme, which is included in this level's zip file. Includes minor changes by Bex for clarity.

You start at the entrance to the crypt. Take the medikit on the floor and push/pull the statue on the different textured floor to open the doors in a bizzare way! As you approach the crossbow ammo a gun man appears from behind kill him and take the crossbow ammo. Pickup the eye piece on the floor and pull another statue for a medikit.

Looking up you will notice some ladders. Stand on the raised floor, jump up on the ladder and shimmy all the way around and get some grenades. Return to the floor and head up to the door, it opens as you approach and is on a 5 second timer, so hurry in! Head right around the corner and pickup the second eye piece and a door will open up above. Follow all way around the corner and up the ramp, and take a left fork. Follow the corridor, watching out for the gunman. When you pull up go down the ramp, push the lever and head through the door.

Looking left you will notice another ladder. Look carefully and aim where you have to jump and turn to reach the ledge. First, climb up on the block and jump to the next. Pick up the uzis and clips and use them to take care of the snipers up above. Drop back down to the floor and climb up the hedge in the right corner and climb the wall to reach SECRET 1: crossbow ammo x3.

Climb back down to the floor and climb back up the block and do a running jump to the higher block and another to the ladder, shimmy left and jump back. Turn in mid air to land on the higher block then climb up the other ladder textured with yellow bricks to the snipers' ledge. If you didn't kill them, kill them here - one of them has another eye piece.

Take a running jump to the other ledge and crawl through the opening, then pick up bundles of revolver ammo and the revolver itself as well as the other eye piece. You should now have three in total - if not the snipers may have dropped one on the floor when you killed them from below.

Return back to the fork taking the other way up to the top of the previous room pick up the cross bow ammo. If you are using cheats, use the crossbow with explosive ammo to kill the mummies. There are bundles of medikits on the floor.

When you have everything, jump through the door you opened earlier and insert all three eyes of Horus and continue through the hallway. You will emerge in the Crypt of Tohokan (and that of his wife Tohoka). Kill the gunman and shoot the vases for some goddies.

Walk up to the door - it will open as you approach - and a gunman will follow you in. Push the statue once to open the double doors and watch out because as you proceed, two boulders come down. Push another statue to get through the door and drop down to the room below. There are many guards here so watch out. There is a secret ladder leading to SECRET 2: Flares. The second set of flares is a hoax, so don't try and get them.

Go down the slope to get down. By the door are six medikits; get these and walk up to the lever. The door will open. Follow the coridor all the way to the end, staying clear of the gunman who follows Lara out. Slide out to the open and go right. Five gunmen try to stop you from taking their medikits and grenade ammo. Kill the other gunman who is behind the car on the left side, pick up the items and head to the other side of the canyon.

You will find a crashed car with a gunman nearby. As you approach the door kill him and head over to the door and it will open. Use the wall to climb up and get SECRET 3. Head back down to the floor and climb up the wall by the car. Slide down to the hole to end the level.