Underground Labyrinth

Level by Damian Knurowa

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin in a very dark place. Light a flare and run a few steps forward, climb up into the room above. Head to left side over the grave, climb into the nook and get the Revolver Ammo. Proceed forward and climb into the next nook, get Uzi clips. Now head to other side of the room past near the closed trapdoor, then look on the column, you can see a high white jumpswitch. Climb into the nook nearby, get the Shotgun Ammo, turn and face to the column, then take running and jump, grab the jumpswitch, it will open the trapdoor.

Get down through the open trapdoor and follow the short passage to next room, kill the acrobatic ninja. Look to right side, there's a closed door, then head further and look for another door that's blocked with wooden boards. Climb up the ladder nearby and then backflip, you land onto the column, get the Torch and jump down. Right now you do not need the torch, in any event you can light the torch from the wall torch left of the closed door and throw it while in the corner. Okay, back halfway to the middle room, at the right side threre're two columns with slope in the top. Jump grab the edge of the right column, pull up and loop/backflip, grab the edge of the second column, pull and stand onto it.
Now jump and grab the ceiling and a monkeyswing will bring you to a high crawlspace opening, drop/grab the edge and pull inside into short passage.

Crawl and stand, go a few steps and get down to the room below, you'll see closed trapdoor. Climb up but now take running and jump forward to cross the gap, grab the opposite wall, pull up and slide down into the canal water. Take a swim to left and get the Shotgun Ammo, then proceed forward and get the Uzi clips, turn left and swim up, get out of the water and climb into the room. Go and push the lever floor, it opens the door you came from, back into the water and swim to left canal, the trapdoor is open when you nearby and climb out from the water. Climb back to the short passage and from there, drop near the door you just opened but don't pass to next room yet.

First go and pick up the burning turch, now pass to next room and look for closed trapdoor in the middle room. Light the the wall torch from both sides, then drop through the opening into the tomb below, go and get the Golden Vraeus. Climb up to the room above and kill the ninja, turn to the right and drop down to next room, kill the ninjas who are attacking from the back. Proceed forward and place the Golden Vrraeus at the receptacle in the right wall, it will open the door.

Pass to next room and short flyby will show the Shotgun is from left side, climb onto the block and get it. Look in the half shallow water canal, there's closed trapdoor at the right side, then climb onto the block nearby and get the Shotgun Ammo. Head over the passageway, there's a door that's blocked with wooden boards. Note: This door will stay closed forever. Turn left through the broken double door and push the lever, the trapdoor at the shallow water canal is open now.

Get in the water and swim along he canal, then up and get out of the water, climb into the room and take care of three acrobat ninjas, notice two of them will drop two Guardian Keys. Go between the column in the middle room and place the first Guardian key, you get flyby showing you that there's deep pit right near Lara feet. Go around the pit and climb down ladder to the bottom, kill the ninja there. Drop down to the passage and climb up to next room, kill another ninja. In the front of you is a closed door, light flare, you can see from left climbable column, climb up and place the second Guardian key, then drop down. Notice, as soon as you try to go through the open door, long backward flyby
along the way you passed till you come here, will get the level to the END.