Astrodelica 1/2

Richard Lawther supplies with the download of his level under readme.walkthru.txt a very helpful walkthrough. Here's the actual text:


As the giant Alien spaceship entered Earth orbit the World’s leaders began to argue about how best to react to this audacious visitation from the stars. Two weeks later and nothing had changed: the ship continued it’s silent orbit - and the world’s leaders continued their unproductive noises.
Meanwhile, one woman of action had deciphered some of the markings on the ship’s hull and persuaded a crew of Russian ‘freelance’ cosmonauts and soldiers to take her up to the ship for a closer look. Despite the obviously advanced technology, the Alien ship did not appear to react as Lara Croft and chums gained easy access to the innards of the ship.  You part company with the Russians who go on to explore a different section of the ship - maybe you’ll meet up with them later. (If you do - remember - don’t shoot the Russians!)  Initial examinations of the ship suggest to you that the Aliens may actually have departed and are now down on Earth. But the ship will know you are there and no doubt there are automated drones to deal with you if you step out of line - so be careful.


You start near the entrance to the COMMAND CENTRE; your ultimate goal is to enter this area and discover the purpose behind the aliens’ trip to Earth. But before you can do that you must first investigate the rest of the ship. Recognise the floor pads/ Alien signpost combinations - these will occur at several points throughout the ship and inform you of your location. The English caption you see when standing on the pad represents Lara interpreting the Alien language - which she recognises as derivative of an ancient text. (this is not critical to gameplay - but more fun than running about blind.)  There are 3 secrets, the locations of which are ... secret. (You don’t need them to complete the game)

OK, let’s get going.
Leave this lower area and climb in the direction of the ‘walkways leading to atrium’ sign.  Pass through a blue translucent section to reach the top. The markings on the wall are the same as one of the floor sections you passed to reach this point. The 3 green spots are the floor pads to the atrium. Return down and stand on the 3 pads (no anti-triggers here so no problems where you stand.  Return to the top and pass through to the:


At the far end, markings on the wall tell you which floor pads trigger the doors above; the 3 accessible to you open the first door. As indicated - avoid the central gangways as they reset the pads. You can reach a lever switch to make the water safe and you can do the next 3 pads to open the higher door. Proceed to the alien face - and pass through. And step on the translator pad.

This next section - ”EARTH GRAVITY TRAINING” - tests the aliens’ dexterity with various jumps etc - it’ll test your skill too!

First drop to the water, then swim to the right wall and climb out on the single block. Most of this construction is climbable so jump to the facing section and start climbing. Before you reach the top - save your game.

You have a choice now: either...
i) slide forwards and jump to reach the flat section at the bottom then run up to the upper section of this large room .... if you do this you will understand what is required of you here: there are 4 blocks to lower and 4 coloured/patterned pads to reach to do this. However, having discovered this - all you can do now is return to the water below and return to the climb.
ii) you can begin to try to reach the 4 tiles. To do this you have to reverse direction when you slide and then grab at the bottom - this is made more difficult by the gaps in the slide. Take the left-hand part of the slide and jump/reverse as you land on the middle section - then grab at the bottom / drop and grab again.

Crawl into the construction.

TO REACH GREEN: climb up on the right (the side the raising blocks are on, up above) and jump to the isolated blocks in the corner of the room. Some fairly simple jumping skills are needed here; a camera shows you the first block lowering. Return the way you came.
TO REACH YELLOW: Climb up to the flat section on the other side and jump to the blocks at this side of the room. SAVE HERE. Turn right and jump onto the slope and jump again - while holding down ctrl to get the correct shallower angle - to reach the yellow pad. Use the  steps along the wall to return to the section above.
TO REACH RED: Take a running jump/grab to the floating block to the left. Stand at the rear/right corner and angle towards the nearest sloping block; jump forwards onto attached slope and jump again to the target slope (left) /slide/grab/shimmy as far right as possible.
The next bit is tricky...
You need to pull up and then back-flip/ and reverse/ and swerve-to-the-left ... to reach the facing sloping block, BUT, the best you can do is get Lara barely to the edge... there are 2 things you can do now:

1/ either on or before reaching the collapsible tiles do another back-flip and reverse and then grab the vertical slope of the main structure - this requires good timing.
2/ slide down to the collapsible tiles then quickly jump forwards and angle left - so that when you slide down again you are central to the block and can grab hold of the edge - NOW SAVE - and pull up and back-flip/ reverse to grab the vertical slope of the main structure.
...[ Option 2 is easier]

OK, climb to the top of the tower and SAVE. Pickup the plasma tube ( there are also a few bits of plasma ammo in this room) and make your way around to the red pad.

TO REACH BLUE: Dive into the water and swim to the right. There is passage leading down from a section of lower floor that leads to a small room. Land on the two animated blocks to gain access to BLUE. The entrance to the top of the higher block is behind /above the waterhole you climbed out.

Return to the main room and climb up towards the central slide. Simply slide forwards and jump to reach the bottom. Run up to where the 4 blocks have lowered and pass through the orange wall.

Back in the Atrium - but higher up. Negotiate the collapsible tiles to reach the room at the far side.

The puzzle here is pretty simple; the alien cats give the clue with their animating ears and coloured eyes: ... The coloured floor pads each make a particular sound - a corresponding colour has a corresponding sound. Climb up to the platforms above to discover which sounds are needed for each of the 4 groupings. For example: from the entrance, the near-right platform sounds “metal” ... so step on the tile that also sounds “metal”
(orange/brown concentric squares). You can go figure the rest. NB. Naturally this puzzle would not work if you could just step on all the tiles, so the wrong coloured tiles are anti-triggers that reset the whole thing. (plain black tiles are safe (neutral) - as is the black and white floor.)
Best to note down on some paper what each platform and coloured tile sounds like.

When you’ve done all this the central block will raise up and you can push the globe to its obvious destination. When you’ve done this the face will open its crimson maw and a spider will emerge.  [Not a live spider - but an automated drone. The spider drones are general utility and they
can occur in any location. Other drones, more specialised, are restricted to certain systems.]

Do what you have to do and then jump into the water. Swim through to the next section. This is a hub from which you have a choice of destinations. Your ultimate goal here is to find the 3 keys for the section marked ”Techno Whiz-Bang”.

Starting with the section: ”HYDROPONICS”. Kill the spider drone below and make it through to the back rooms; find the climbing pole and make it back to the upper sections of the first room. Kill spider drone and pick up the key. To exit Hydroponics use the bridge to reach the front platforms - jump to lever switch.

”AUTO REPAIR”: Red dots on a dark blue background - and then the red dots begin to move!! Find the climbing pole (same pattern) and climb / back flip to the next key item. More auto repair drones are triggered, but picking up the key opened the door. Lead the pesky red dots into the water and be sure they all drop to the central pit down below - otherwise they can climb out.

”ASTROMETRICS”: Reconfigure the planets to the pattern indicated on the ceiling. Because the planets are all marked the same it’s best to do one at a time otherwise you could get confused. When a planet is positioned correctly a spinning sphere appears above. When all three are positioned, the block to the next section lowers. Crawl to next section and do battle with the Astrometrics drones - one will drop the last key item when defeated (that drone is triggered when you pickup the medipack).

OK - time to move on. Place the 3 “Captain’s Head Keys” and return to the Atrium (highest section). Negotiate the remaining collapsible floating blocks and proceed through to the gold area above the highest alien head.

Beyond is a ‘roadway’ with no obvious exits on foot - that is until you fall through the brown false floor. You don’t really want to fall into the water below and then repeat all that jumping you did earlier so SAVE and lower yourself down to the white platform just below. Climb up through
the next brown false ceiling. Another roadway -but narrower; proceed around to the entrance marked “Techno Whiz-Bang”. It’s blocked - so move

Take the narrow passage up to the right and pull lever switch to open blue door.


This is a straightforward logic puzzle which literally just needs a logical approach to solve. Otherwise, if you try pads at random, you’ll never get anywhere. Each pad in the joined set  performs an action or actionS - either brown-up-to-blue or blue-down-to-brown. Use the reset pad (single brown square nearby) to help you discover which blocks are raised by each pad. Then try to discover which blocks are lowered by each pad. When you think you’ve figured out the actions of each pad - figure out the correct combination to turn them all BLUE .... OR .... you can read the solution at the bottom of this walkthru. (but try and have a go first - take a caffeine break - or if you’re too young for caffeine - take a
port-and-lemon break)
Hint: 4 pads lower AND raise different blocks, 1 pad only raises - that pad obviously has to be the last one you step on to keep everything blue.

Up on the balcony, locate the entrance to the next room between red lined textures.  The floor pads here just serve to let you know what’s going on. The yellow shows you the identical section in the room below (did you notice the yellow markings on your first pass through?) and the purple shows you the blocked entrance to the whiz-bang. Push the globes to the correct squares (no animated planet effect when the correct position is reached) and check the purple pad to see that the passage way is now unblocked; if it’s still blocked the pushable globes are not positioned correctly so check again with the yellow pad to see exactly where they go.

Passage unblocked - make your way through to The Techno Whiz-Bang. Now the fun really kicks in as you ride this Alien gizmo to places you never imagined you could reach. Take the Whiz-bang back to the brown/blue puzzle room and up the slope to the roadway. Ride along this to the wider section and remember to avoid the brown section of floor. Continue until you get the load screen for the second level. (you will return to this first level later).

NOTE: Vehicle controls:
If you read the bugs section you’ll know that the vehicle is not a perfect match for the TR4 engine. You can only access from the right side of the vehicle, you can pass through it, and there is no reverse. Gameplay has been adjusted for the lack of reverse but it is still possible to get stuck in a corner occasionally. These shortcomings are more than compensated for by the great ride this thing gives))

Level 2

As the Legend states: your goal in this section is to rendezvous with the Russians (and then enter the Command centre - but that's later) you could be bumping into another old friend along the way.

Drive along through corridors and past the suspended diamond structures. You arrive at a room in which hangs a massive multi-coloured diamond and a door. The block nearby to the door indicates the floor tile type needed to activate the door - yellow square. The only other yellow-square textures are up on that diamond - 4 of them, 1 on each face.  Take the whiz-bang through the corridor on the right and up to the higher section; drive carefully over the upper route until you can gain access to the diamond itself. Your vehicle can handle the slopes without problem so drive over to the nearest yellow square and note the camera shot. Proceed on to the other 3 and when all 4 have been reached the camera
shows the door opening. Exit the diamond and return the way you came until you can square back and jump onto the next section and then back down to the lower section. Exit this area via open door.

Later on you find the corridor to be blocked. Drive on over the linked diamonds and disembark to pull 2 lever switches to remove block. [tip - driving over the diamonds requires the correct technique - which is to drive very slowly and keep to as central a path as possible. With practice this manoeuvre becomes second nature - just as well, as you have to do it all again when returning to the unblocked corridor.

You have now arrived at the local ‘hub’. There are 3 marked routes you can take but 2 require keys, so start off with:


You could be driving around in circles - or is that squares? There are in fact 2 paths here: as you drive over the blue line you set the route for the closed square, and as you pass over the red line (before the short drop) you set another path at the far side [where the red wall squares are], but before you see it you reset back as you pass over blue. So, you need to drive over the red line and reverse direction before the drop comes, then
you can leave and move on.

You arrive at the Human Abductions Research Centre. As indicated on the original sign there is currently 1 ‘guest’ ... Look familiar?
Yes, it’s that other meddler-in-tombs - Von Croy. Maybe he stumbled on some ancient site which was, in fact, Alien - whatever. It looks like ET has been doing some work on VC - judging by the head gear.

Kill the spider below and collect pickups, then set the prisoner free using the lever switch above and drop down to his open cage to pickup the Captain’s Head Key. Follow VC and watch as he works to remove the blue barrier. Once he’s unblocked the corridor - drive on and return to the hub over familiar ground (no need to do any diamonds this time)

You can now access:


There are a number of coloured floor pads here and you need to stand on the correct 3 to activate the raising block to allow you to push the globe to its position. (stand on the wrong pad and the puzzle resets). Ignore these pads for now. Use the zip line above to explore the area beyond.
i) turn left at the end of the zip to enter a small room to see the first pad. ii) over the sloping white bridge and back through that orange translucent wall to note the second coloured pattern that is in a pit. iii) return to the start via a partially hidden corridor on the RIGHT (opposite side to Temple) to see the third floor pad. [solution at bottom of walkthru] Now you can activate the pads and push the globe; this reconfigures the floor, closing the abyss, allowing the whiz-bang to drive through and onwards to the Temple.

Travel on foot and arrive before the idols. Do as the cats say and bathe in the fires and wait. After several seconds your prayers will be answered and you will be released with the Auxiliary Room Key at your feet.

Return to the whiz-bang and drive through to the:


Rendezvous with your Russian chums and see what they have to say. Visit each and then leave this area. Drive past diamonds until the load screen.

Back to level 1 to traverse down the Atrium using bridge and corridors on the far side. As one of the troops in the Auxiliary Room said: the Command Centre blocks have been removed ... so it’s time to get to the bottom of this mystery. Drive back to your starting position and then into the Command Centre 

Wait for load screen and you’re back to Level 2 again.

This is the end of the road for the whiz-bang - so disembark and proceed up the white walkways on foot; then through a short corridor and into the Command Centre proper.

It’s a complex area at first glance - basically the main Command Centre is on three levels (linked via climbing poles), and adjoining is a Teleport Room - which needs a key to activate. Head up to the higher sections (note Earth and Moon through separate viewing ports) to
arrive at the Mission Statements Room. The block lowers on its own as you stand in front, or on the translator pad.

Find out why the aliens are here ;)

Grab the Captain’s Head Key and return to the Teleport Room. Activate the teleport - and head for Scarborough - I’ll see you there!


Brown/blue block puzzle - Solution:
In this order only : yellow/ blue/ white (avoid the other two)

Leading to Temple puzzle - Solution:
yellow Square Red Square, Other Yellow Pattern




Astrodelica 1 and 2


Levels by Richard Lawther (September, 2002)


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Astrodelica 1


The note at the start states "Alien Mystery". Turn around and go west. Pick up a small medipack from the north-west platform. You get a picture showing "COMMAND CENTRE" that is a translation of the wall sign.  That is the closed gate to the north. Go south onto the other platform. You get a picture showing "WALKWAYS LEADING TO ATRIUM". Continue south and go west to the first ramp. At the top, hop onto the ramp to the west. Just follow the ramps to the top and walk through the blue curtain to the west. Go to the middle of the room and look back to the south-east. You see a design on the wall with a yellow tile and three green dots on it. The green dots mark tiles that have to be stepped on a similar design on the ramps. Note the positions and go back down the ramp to the first flat section from the top. Notice the yellow tile. Step on the tiles that would have had the green dots and go back up the ramp. Go through the blue curtain and see the large opening in the south wall. Go to the south-east corner and step on the tile. You get a picture showing "ATRIUM".


Hop into the south opening and face south. You see ledges over deadly water and some raised platforms. Go south and follow the black ledges to the south end. Jump forward to grab the south wall and pull in to the space under the ramp. Pick up Plasma shells and jump back to the black ledge. Jump onto the raised platform with the orange square that is to the west. Then jump west to a white ledge. Notice the pictures on the south wall. If you step on the black ledges now, the triggers of the orange square platforms are reset, and you have to start again. Follow the white ledges to the north, east, and south to a wall. Jump south-west onto the second raised orange square platform. Jump to the south-east onto the white ledges. Go south and jump onto the third raised orange square platform. You hear a gate open. Go to the south wall and pull up onto a ledge.  Go up the ramp and follow the middle bridge to the open gate. Jump forward to grab a climbable wall. Pull up and go north to the end. Jump to a platform to the east. Go to the end and safety drop to a ramp. Go down the ramp to a ledge. Use the floor lever and watch the deadly water change to a safe green color.


Safety drop to the white ledge. Run into the water and step on the three submerged orange square platforms. Go to the south wall and pull up again. Climb the wall and go to the end of the ledge. You may want to go to the west ledge to drop and jump to a lower ledge for a large medipack. The area to the west is a slope but is hard to see because it is black. Then return to back to the upper ledge and go east again toward the floor lever. This time, do not drop, but jump to another ledge to the south. Jump south to another ledge and pull up through the gate opened by the second set of orange square platforms. Continue and walk through the alien face on the wall. You see a large structure over water. Go to the west to step on a platform. You get a picture showing "EARTH GRAVITY TRAINING".


Jump into the water and swim to the west wall. Pull up onto a platform in the water. Jump to the east to grab a long climbable white mesh wall. Stay to the left of the center and climb to the top. Pull up, slide down, and jump over a gap to a slope. Slide and jump with a right curve to a slope. Slide and jump forward to slide down a slope to a flat ledge. Go south and grab the south edge. Shimmy to the right to pull up into a crawl space for Plasma shells. Crawl back to the ledge and climb the east block. Follow the colorful path to the end. Jump to the west and follow another colorful path to the end. Climb the white wall and see four blocks with four colored symbols above them. The colors are, from left to right, yellow, blue, red, and green. You have to step on similar colored tiles to lower the blocks.


Dive into the water and go back to the west wall. Note that you can save the game while you pull up onto a slope. Climb the white mesh wall again and slide down. Jump the first gap and jump forward with a roll but no curve. You should land on the third slope but sliding down backwards. Grab the edge and release to grab a crawl space. Crawl into the space and stand up on the other side. Go north and crouch into an opening for Plasma shells. Exit and climb the north white wall to the top ledge. Run to the west end and turn to face north. Run and jump to the east and onto the right slope. Slide down backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and pull up, back flip to the other slope, jump forward with a left curve to land on the green symbol. You get a cut scene of the block dropping under the green symbol. Run and jump back to the structure and grab a white mesh wall. Climb to the ledge and return to the crawl space ledge.


Run and jump to a south-west ledge. Climb the south wall for Plasma shells. Climb down a little and shimmy to the far left. Pull up and pick up Splatter Plasma shells. You can climb the gold colored wire blocks as well as the white mesh blocks. Climb up to the top ledge and look to the south-west to see the yellow symbol. Go west and climb onto a block. Run and jump to the double blocks platform to the south-west. Stand in the middle of the north block and face west. Hop back and fall a little and use grab. You should not grab the double block but glide underneath it to land on the yellow symbol. You get a cut scene of the block dropping under the yellow symbol.


Jump east to the steps and go to the top. Turn north and jump up and grab the small piece of white mesh wall. Climb up to the platform. Run and jump to the floating platform to the east. Stand at the south-east corner of the platform. Stand jump to the north-west and over the slope. Then jump forward to the north and grab the white breakable tile next to a slope. Shimmy to the right as far as possible. Pull up and run with a left curve. Jump and grab the white mesh wall to the west. Climb to the top and pick up the Plasma Tube. Jump to the floating platforms to the west and north. Pick up a small medipack. Then jump the floating platforms to the east to land on the red symbol. You get a cut scene of the block dropping under the red symbol.


Dive into the water and swim to the south-west. You should find a hole in the floor. Swim down a shaft, across, and swim up another shaft. You pull up into room with two columns. Go west and pick up flares from the floor. Hop onto the short column with the flashing symbols. Go back to the water hole and look to the east. Jump over the water hole and into the opening. Run up the steps and climb the west wall. Go to the end and drop down onto the tall column with the flashing symbols. Drop to the floor and go west. Enter the open wall section and land on the blue symbol. You get a cut scene of the block dropping under the blue symbol. Swim back to the first room.


Return to the platform at the west wall. Climb the white mesh wall and slide down to jump the slopes back to the flat ledge. Go south and climb the block. Follow the colored path back to the ladder and climb up to the ledge with the colored symbols. Go east over the dropped blocks and walk, not run, north through the alien face. You are on a high ledge over the earlier room. Go to the east side and see breakable tiles. You can also see a tunnel in the lower south-east corner. Run and jump to the first tile, stand jump and turn to the second tile. Run and jump to the third tile, run and turn left to jump to the fourth tile. Run and turn left to jump to a stable ledge. Follow the ledge to the west and see a tunnel to the lower south-west wall. Just follow the ledges and at the end, jump to the north into a large room.


There is a blue globe in a track and four platforms with colored symbols. Above each platform is a second platform. Notice the pictures on the side walls with the blinking eyes and ears. This will be a visual and sound puzzle. I had to set my sound volume to maximum in order to hear the sounds differently. At low volume they all sound the same. Go to the east wall and climb the ladder. Then back flip onto the high platform. Run around and note the metallic sound. Grab the white mesh ceiling and monkey swing to the west platform. Pick up Splatter Plasma shells and note the buzzing sound of the floor. Safety drop to the floor and go to the west wall. Back flip to the high platform and note the drum sound. Jump to the last platform and note the dry sand sound. Safety drop to the floor again. Step on all the colored symbols and note the sounds. My descriptions (or guesses) for the sounds are as follows:


Green = buzzing

Orange = metallic

Yellow = dry sand

Red = drum

Blue = wet sand


The black tiles are neutral, but step on the wrong tile and you reset the sequence and have to start again. Step on the appropriate colored symbols on the lower platforms.


south-west platform = buzzing  = green

south-east platform = metallic   = orange

north-west platform = drum      = red

north-east platform = dry sand = yellow


When done, a block will rise in the trench. Move the blue globe from its current position to the other end of the trench and onto a white tile. A large opening appears in the north wall and a large spider runs out towards you. I jumped back to the south ledges to shoot the spider from a safe place. Now go into the opening and go north to find a pool of water.


Dive into the water and swim east to a four-way intersection. Swim south and then east again. You need a flare to see a thin crawl space near the middle of the south wall. Swim inside for secret #1 and pick up the Ionian Bot Worms item. Then swim back to the intersection and swim back to the east and pull up to get air. You are in a pool in a room with fountains. Pull up to the south ledge and notice that there are four tunnels on the higher ledges. If you enter the south tunnel you will see a place for three receptacles.


Climb up the higher ledges and enter the west tunnel. Step on the tile and get a picture showing "HYPROPONICS". Continue west and the door opens for you. Enter a garden area and the door closes. Go west and kill a large spider. You can stand in the water pools to shoot it and the spider cannot get you. Go west and into a corridor. To the south are two water pools. Go north for a water pool and a dry pool. Use the pole in the dry pool to climb up and back flip to an upper platform. Go south and jump into an opening and then onto another upper platform. Kill the large spider on the south platform and go there to pick up Captain's Head Key #1. Return to the north platform and go to the north-east corner and pull up onto a thin walkway. Run to the east platform and then jump to the north platform. Use the floor lever to open the door. Jump down and exit back to the fountains.


Climb up the higher ledges and enter the north tunnel. Step on the tile and get a picture showing "AUTO REPAIR". Continue north and the door opens for you. Enter a room and the door closes. The room is dark blue with red dots everywhere. Go east and the some of the red dots (beetles) start to move. Turn north and look for a pole with the same colors. Climb up until your head is at the top of a west alcove. Then back flip into the alcove and pick up Captain's Head Key #2. Drop down and run to the now open door and into the water. Dive into the water and the red dots follow. Swim west to lure the red dots to the very bottom of the water tunnel where they drop into a pit. Otherwise they can climb back out to annoy you. Return to the fountains.


Climb up the higher ledges and enter the east tunnel. Step on the tile and get a picture showing "ASTROMETRICS". Continue east and the door opens for you. Enter a room and the door closes. The room is dark blue with yellow dots everywhere. Hop into an east wall alcove for Plasma shells. Get down and go north around the wall to a section with blue globes. Hop into a west wall alcove for Plasma shells. Look at the ceiling and move a globe under each ceiling symbol that matches the pattern under the globe. When moved correctly a white sphere should appear above the globe. Stand behind the globes and face north. The right globe should go to the center position. The left globe should go to the right wall. The middle globe should go to the left wall. When all three are moved, the block drops in the east wall. Go there and into the crawl space. Go straight, right, and left to drop into a room of white walls with blue dots. Go north and turn the corner to see a shadow on the floor. Kill the invisible warrior and go to the east side of a central column. Pick up a hard to see small medipack. Run around to find and kill another invisible warrior. Pick up Captain's Head Key #3 that is dropped. Exit the room and return back to the fountains.


Climb to the south ledges and enter the south tunnel. Step on the tile to get a picture showing "TECHNO WHIZ-BANG". Use the three keys to open the gate to the south. Enter and follow the tunnels to a ledge overlooking the room that you have been before. Run and jump to land on the nearest edge of the breakable tile. Then run and jump to the south and onto a safe ledge. Notice the whiz-bang (motorcycle) on the high west opening. Run and jump over the two breakable tiles to finally jump into the yellow opening in the south wall. Go south and enter another tunnel. Go to the west and save in front of the yellow floor section. The yellow section is a hole. Drop and grab the edge. Shimmy around to the right until you can pull up into the next white section. You cannot be seen as you shimmy around the edges. Then drop back through the yellow floor onto a ledge high above the gravity test room. If you fall into the water you are stuck. You cannot return because the breakable tiles are gone.


Go north on the ledge to the end. Pull up to the west through the yellow ceiling and into a tunnel. Just follow the tunnel and step on a white platform. You get a picture showing "TECHNO WHIZ-BANG". Get down and see a closed tunnel to the east. Go north to an intersection. There is a closed door to the west. Go east and up the ramp. At the top, use the floor lever and then return west and go through the open door. Enter a large room with different height columns. Go to the south side and see a platform with colored tiles. You have to stand on the colored tiles to raise and lower the columns. The columns will also change color from brown to blue. The single orange tile platform to the east will reset the puzzle. The combination of effects on the columns seem to be:


yellow  = no change, no change, blue, brown

white   = no change, blue, no change, no change

purple = blue, no change, brown, no change

red      = brown, blue, no change, no change

blue    = blue, brown, no change, blue


Step on the platforms in the order of yellow, blue, and white and all four blue columns are raised. Use the columns to get up to the upper ledge at the east wall. Go to the north ledge and look for red lines on the wall. The lines mark the opening to a crawl space. Crawl to the other side and enter a room with two blue globes in trenches. Go to the west platform and step on the yellow symbol tile. You get a cut scene showing you where to move the globes. Move the globes and step on the purple symbol tile on the east platform. You get a cut scene showing the whiz-bang tunnel is open.


Go back through the crawl space to the blue/brown column room. Go back to the tunnel and go east to get the whiz-bang. The authors noted some things about the whiz-bang.


1. You can walk through the whiz-bang.

2. You can only mount from the right side.

3. There is no reverse so you can get stuck in corners. Drive and save a lot.

4. CTRL is drive. ALT is the brake.


Drive down the tunnels and return to the blue/brown column room. Drive to the south wall and drive up a narrow tunnel into a wider tunnel. Drive east and up the ramp. Go down the other side and avoid the yellow hole in the floor. Continue east and up the next ramp. Drive down the other side and the level changes.


Astrodelica 2


The note at the start states "Rendezvous with the Russians/Enter Command Centre". Drive down the tunnels and go around the ledges of three rooms with pits and a diamond structure in the middle. You eventually come to room with a closed gate next to a block with a yellow symbol. Look to the west and see a huge diamond structure with the same four yellow symbols on the top section. Drive up the walkways to the south-west and enter a tunnel. Drive down into another tunnel to go to the north end. Drive up a narrow slope in the east wall to reach the upper walkways. Very carefully drive over the upper walkways to reach a place on the south walkway where you can drive onto the diamond structure. Each time you drive over a yellow symbol you get a cut scene of the gate. That makes it very hard to see what you are doing. After the fourth yellow symbol, you get a cut scene of the gate opening. Drive down the side of the structure and back onto the walkway where you entered. Go west and use the loop to changed directions and go west. This time, jump the gap to another walkway. Follow the walkway to another narrow tunnel. Drive down to get into the larger tunnel and drive over the lower walkways to get back to the open gate.


Drive through the open gate and follow the tunnel to see another closed tunnel to the east. To the north is a room with many diamond structures in a row. Drive straight over the diamond structures and stop on the far side. The author stated to drive slow and straight. I drove faster and did a lot of jumping with the whiz-bang to get over the diamond structures. Get off the whiz-bang and pick up Plasma shells and a small medipack. Go to the two south ledges and use the floor levers. After the second floor lever you get a cut scene of the open tunnel. Get back on the whiz-bang and drive over the diamond structures again. At the last diamond, drive to the right side, as the left side does not have a ledge to the tunnel. Go to the open tunnel and drive east.


You drive up a long ramp and reach a junction and see three tunnels. Straight ahead is blocked so drive to the west and up a ramp into the west tunnel. Get off the whiz-bang near the white tile. Go to the ledge to the south where you see an alien face. Walk through the face and enter a room with a platform in the middle. Go to the south-west corner and stand jump onto the platform. You get secret #2 and pick up an Aldebran Mind Skink. Exit this room and return to the whiz-bang.


Step on the white tile and get a picture showing "HUMAN ABDUCTEES #1". Drive the whiz-bang forward and the door opens. Follow the tunnel to the left and drive over blue lines in the floor. Continue and see red lines in the left wall. Continue and drive over red lines in the floor. Do not go straight but turn around and go back the way you came. The tunnel has changed and you see blue lines on the wall and a new tunnel. If you had continued you would have the crossed the blue lines again and closed this new section of tunnel. Continue down the new section of tunnel and stop in front of a closed blue door. Get off the whiz-bang and go west to enter a large room. You see Von Croy in a cage. Kill the large spider that is running around the floor area. Search the blocks on the floor for two Plasma shells and a small medipack.  Go to the north-west corner of the entrance ledge and jump to the south to the grab the cage. Pull up and use the floor lever to open the cage. Get into the cage and pick up the Captain's Head Key. Follow Von Croy back to the tunnel and watch while he opens the blue door for you. Get on the whiz-bang and continue south. Near the top of the ramp, turn towards the south-west as you enter the opening. You are back in the big diamond structure room. This time just drive down a small tunnel and return back to the open gate on the lower ledges.


Go through the gate and drive back to the junction with the three tunnels. This time go to the east tunnel and get off the whiz-bang. Step on the while tile and get a picture showing "LEADING TO TEMPLE". Use the Captain's Head Key to open the east door. Drive the whiz-bang through the open door and stop in front of a deep pit. There are a set of platforms to the west side of you. Go there and see a sign that says "SELECT THE 2". There is a blue globe and a block that needs raising.  There are a set of platforms to the east side of you. Go there and see a sign that says "SELECT THE 1". Turn into the corner alcove and climb the white mesh wall to the top. Go west and use the zip-line to cross the pit. Drop on the other side and onto a blue ledge.


Go west into a crawl space and enter a room. Kill the large spider and pick up Plasma shells and a large medipack. Notice the yellow square symbol above the entrance door. Exit back to the blue ledge and go east. Run up the white mesh ramp and jump down to the south ledge. Go to the east wall and step on the tile. You see a sign saying "TEMPLE". This has to be for later because you cannot go up the slope yet. There is a second opening in the south wall, but that goes back to the zip-line start. Go west and go through the orange curtain. Carefully go south and look into a pit to see a red square symbol. Return through the curtain and go west. Pull up into a tunnel in the south wall. Follow the tunnel up the steps and kill a large spider. Notice the yellow symbol on the back wall. Enter the tunnel under the symbol and follow it to jump to the ledge for the zip-line start. Climb down the mesh wall to get back to the platforms.


Go to the east platforms and only step on the yellow symbol. Go to the west platforms and only step on the red and yellow symbols. The block behind you rises. Push the globe onto the white square at the back wall. The pit is now crossed by a bridge. Get on the whiz-bang and drive over the bridge and through the orange curtain. Go to the right and drive up the slope to the temple. You are stopped by a block. Get off the whiz-bang and run south to the statues. Drop into the fire pit in front of the statues. The fire is safe and does not harm you. Wait about thirty seconds and the floor rises with you on it. At you feet is the Auxiliary Control Key. Pick it up and go back to the whiz-bang. The block has dropped so drive through and up into the open gate in the first alcove to the west. The gate is open so drive out of this tunnel.


Drive up the north ramp and get off the whiz-bang. Step on the white tile and see "AUXILIARY CONTROL ROOM". Use the Auxiliary Control Key to open the north gate. Drive through the gate and enter the control room. Get off the whiz-bang and walk up to the two Russians on the east ledge. You see signs for "GREETINGS, LARA, AVOID THE ELECTRIC ARCS" and "I'VE REMOVED THE BLOCK TO THE COMMAND CENTRE". Go to the north wall and climb the white mesh wall to back flip to the higher ledge. The Russian to the south has the sign "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS". The two Russians on the west ledge have signs for "YOU VEHICLE CAN EXIT NOW" and "A SPIDER GOT PAVEL".


Safety drop to the ground floor. Get on the whiz-bang and drive north. Drive down the tunnels and around the ledges of a pit. Drive through the west tunnel and enter another room with a pit. Drive into the north wall opening and see another tunnel. Drive in and the camera view changes to confuse you. Just keep turning to the left and you should get into a small tunnel and a downward ramp. Drive down the ramp and the level changes.


Astrodelica 1


You start in a narrow tunnel. Drive to the end and notice that you over the area that you have visited early in the game. Turn to the right and drive over the slopes to the north end. Drive over a wire mesh walkway to the west side. Drive over the slope to the north and enter a tunnel. These are the tunnels that you saw from the ledges earlier. Drive down the tunnel to the bottom and be careful of the water pool. Go north and up the ramp and into the room with the blue curtain. Drive through the blue curtain and down all the ramps to the starting position. Stop between the two white platforms and get off the whiz-bang. Go east to where you started and get secret #3 and pick up the Orion Liver Fluke. Go back to the whiz-bang and drive north. Go up the ramp and the level changes.


Astrodelica 2


You have the whiz-bang but can no longer use it. Get off and go south. Just follow the corridor and go up the ramps to a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the command center. Look up and you can see two higher floors. Go south and see a pole and two identical signs. Step on the signs to see "TELEPORT ROOM". Climb the pole and back flip to the second floor. Go to the north wall and you can see Earth out of the window. Climb the pole and back flip to the third floor. Go to the east window and you can see the Moon. There are holes in the center of the floor so avoid the center section. Go to the south wall and step on the white tile. You see "MISSION STATEMENTS" and a block drops in the doorway. Enter the doorway and follow the corridor to read the signs. "WE COME IN FLEECE", "WE HAVE COME TO EARTH TO HELP OUR PAL DICK DESIGN A GAME", and "AND YOU'VE JUST PLAYED IT". The block drops so you can pick up the Captain’s Head Key. Exit and slide down the poles to the ground floor. Go south and into the teleport room. Step on a white tile and see "TELEPORTS SET TO: SCARBOROUGH ENDLAND". Place the Captain's Head Key and get really interesting graphics in the teleports. Go to the south wall. Jump into either teleport and the level ends with a cut scene of the Moon and the Earth.