Mystic Caverns



Walkthrough by Moonpooka for

Note: This level really shouldn't have been released as the author has placed Lara at the end of the level. So, when you begin the adventure, you are in fact at the end of it. However, you can work your way back through the level and get about five minutes game-play out of it; although there will be a few traps, pick-ups and enemies missing. You will then reach a closed gate and will be unable to proceed. Also note, that because you are playing this backwards, the enemies in each room will appear from behind. Well, we do need to have all the walkthroughs available, so even if this is a tad backwards so to speak, here we go!

You begin the level facing into an empty room (which is in fact the final room, so don't run ahead or the game will end). Turn around and head south into the next room. An electrical spark will activate in the previous room because that was supposed to be the finishing trigger.

Inside the new room, ignore the central pool (where I think there is supposed to be a shark) and head to the SE corner. Turn around, spot the large scorpion and flying bug and gun them down. Enter the south passage, avoid the hidden floor-blades and run to the end of the passage. Quickly turn around, take out the dog and small scorpion that are creeping up behind you and then head into the west room.

Make your way over the bridge and enter a room with a central pit and two lava pools. You will hear the familiar sound of harpies and they will be firing at you from the bridge room - so quickly turn around and gun the two pests down. Now head past the lava pools (don't drop into the central pit - you won't be able to get out again) and make your way into the west passage. Immediately turn around and take out the two harpies, two small scorpions and the dog that have arrived in the lava pool room. Now head down the west passage and make your way to the end. As you reach the final area, two spike-balls will fall from the top of the passage. Quickly jump the trench and arrive in a new room with a stone bridge spanning a pool.

Drop into the pool, collect some Uzi Ammo from the NW corner and a SMP from the SE corner, and then pull out of the pool and head to the black gates at the end of the stone bridge. The area beyond the gates is connected to the start of the level - but as we have played the game backwards, these gates can not be opened and we can not proceed with the level. So, sadly it must come to an end.

[edit by Mulf in 2017]: at long last made playable the way the builder intended—presumably, you never know.

The completists among you, and people who are more generally being bothered by things being wrong (like myself), can now play the game from the proper starting position before hitting the finish trigger, and without having to go through the final part in reverse only to end up at a gate that wouldn't open.

Place the attached savegame in the level's folder, then load it to start the game. (Do not select "New Game" from the title screen—the .TR4 file remains the same it ever was, and since Lara is technically still where the author placed her, this would only take you right to the finish trigger again.)

Amended walkthrough:

Serena: Mystic Caverns (mildly enhanced version)

Run forward, shoot two bats;
At intersection, turn left to pick up flares and, in the corner behind a plant, Uzi ammo;
Then turn N, on your way towards the water hop up on the stacks of blocks on your right to find a small medipack;
There’s nothing in the water, but two sets of floor blades on the bridge, and another bat to shoot;
Following left turn, run through the darts and shoot 2 jackals;
Stairway with more darts, spikes on the left, swinging blade at the end;
Next room, big scorpion (they tend to get stuck in the big leafy plants), big beetle & lava pit; turn right (W) and jump into the water (hammerhead); pull up at stairs, go up, running jump w/grab towards ‘stargate’; push lever, return to big scorpion room and run through door now open;
Jump into water to retrieve 1 big medi and 2 sets of Uzis; the demigods both guard a lever —one for each wing of the double doors—, but neither needs to operated, as standing on the same square as either of them is sufficient to get you to the next room (the blue zappings are not harmful). So use the one on the right (S), whose guardian remains frozen unless you kill the other one;
Next room is a straight path with water left and right, one hammerhead on either side; left side has a pair of Uzi clips, right a small medi;
At the end, sloped hallway (flashes blue from activated LIGHTNING_CONDUCTORS) with several spike pits in the middle, and 1 spikey boulder on either side;
Next room has lava pits, 2 small scorpions, 2 harpies and a dog;
Cross the bridge magically appearing before your very own eyes as you run along (there’s actually a solid floor all the time, no use to take extra care), 2 more harpies appear;
Next hallway: small scorpion, dog, 2 sets of floor blades;
In the next (penultimate) room, you may witness the rare spectacle of a big scorpion killing a hammerhead; the pool holds nothing of interest, you might as well run towards the finish trigger in the room beyond the opening in the N wall.