The Zamar Lab

Level by Chris Radford (TombRaiderFan)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in Zamar Lab: Run around those corridors you see that need a few cards and keys but the only key is protected by electric current flow. Well ok, look for red oxygen balloon hanging on wall, shoot it to open the submarine door inside the room, shoot guard and pull the switch. Go to bathroom and pull the lever wall (it opens the gate at the beginning). Enter to briefing room, you see a few red laser beam blocking the doorway, look on other side, run and jump over the fence, pull Lara into high crawlspace and pull the lever wall.

Now you can go through the doorway into the missiles room, shoot those guards, one of them will drop the Drill Activator Key. Return to lab and don't try to use the card hole!! They are not activated; instead, go to electric current flow corridor and pick up the Basement Key. Use the key, follow down, pick up SMALL MEDIPACK left onto the box. Get in the canal, start swimming, pick up REVOLVER AMMO, look from your left, there is closed gate so keep swimming straight and get of the canal, use the Drill Activator Key to open the door.

Follow in the corridor, shoot a few bats, pick up FLARES, before you enter to boxes room camera shows you hanging from ceiling a machine gun. Pull the lever on the boxes, go behind and pull another one. On the way pick up REVOLVER AMMO and go to second shallow water pool, follow through the open gate, jump over small hole lava and get in the water. Swim down through the hole into cave, keep swimming to other side and get out of the water. On both sides there are offices; shoot dog, enter to right side office, pick up revolver, pull the lever wall to open the underwater gate in the canal. Make your way back to canal, swim through the open gate, get out of the canal, climb up ladder to new area.

Run around this area, shoot guard, look for a few closed submarine doors, double gate and key hole. Keep running, follow downstairs, shoot two guards, one of them will drop SHOTGUN. Proceed upstairs, at closed double gate turn back, get into open room, pick up MEDIPACK, get out and climb onto boxes, from right pull lever on box, the double gates are open in the new area (not what you see right now). Go over there, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, climb onto these boxes, pick up more AMMO and fall down between the boxes.

Pick up Blue Fuse, return to area, one of those submarine doors is open, inside the room pull switch. Go to other submarine door you just opened from left side area, shoot guard, he will drop Tower Key. Proceed to next room and get out of there.

Go where you see the keyhole and use there the key, follow through the open gate upstairs, shoot dog, pick up REVOLVER AMMO, keep going upstairs, from left there are two boxes, climb onto it, pick up crowbar, proceed to top stairs. Enter to room with two standing yellow robots that manufacture electric current flow, look for black trapdoor. Go to next room, shoot guard, pick up flares, light one, go behind the boxes, use crowbar to open the gate.

Follow between those boxes, light flare (it's dark there), shoot a few bats and find lever wall, pull it, it opens the black trapdoor. Go back and fall through the open hole, proceed underneath the robots and pull two lever wall, the electric current flow stops, turn back, climb out and pick up between the two robots Yellow Fuse.

Return to area you came from, follow through the new open submaribe door, place the fuses, flyby shows you where to go now. Go through the open gate into elevator, raise floor, pass to next elevator, light flare, crawl under the pipe (be careful not to fall into pit). Jump over it, use crowbar to open the gate, pull lever wall, it opens small gate other side the pit, catch the edge of the pit, shimmy around the pit, climb behind the pipe. Crawl into crawlspace and pull another lever wall, doors into pit are open, jmup carefuly to pick up SHOTGUN AMMO. Climb up into doorway, crawl under the pipe and get in the canal, short swimming and get of the canal, proceed to elevator, raise floor, few steps to dark and level is done.