The First Trip to Creta

Level by Firoxis (October, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Follow the tunnel to an open outside area and get a flyby showing a ninja shooting at you. Go north into the water and pick up flares. Then climb the ladder in the south-east corner. Pull up to the ledge and kill the ninja. Go north to pick up red shotgun shells. Cross over the bridge to the other ledge. Go to the south and get into the crawl space in the west wall. At the end, climb a ladder to an outside area with a building. Shoot the ninja at the west wall. Go there and climb down a ladder into a hole. Enter the tunnel for secret #1 and a shotgun. Climb back and notice a closed gate and a crevice in the front of the building.

Enter the opening in the north wall and then enter the doorway into a dark room. Go to the south-east corner to find a shallow hole containing red shotgun shells. Hop onto the west block and the gate opens for you. Enter a room with a deadly floor. Use the center rope to swing over to the west ledge. Pick up an Eye Piece from the pedestal. The two mummies are in the side alcoves and are no danger to you. Use the second rope to swing into the tunnel in the north wall. Go to the end for secret #2, flares, and a large medipack. Use the rope to swing back to the east ledge. Exit the rooms and go back to the outside area with the building. Grab the crevice and shimmy to the left. Pull up into the open gate and safety drop into a dark room on the other side.

Go to the west wall and enter the opening to side down the slope. Grab the wall and climb to the bottom for Uzi ammo. Climb to the top and pull up onto a ramp. You see a spike ball rolling towards you. Stay where you are and the spike ball will fall into a hole in the dark area in front of you. Follow up the ramp to an outside area with ledges over a water pool. There is a closed gate in the south-east corner. There are closed doors in the west wall. There is a closed gate in the north-west corner. Jump to the north ledge and kill a ninja. Enter the opening that the ninja was guarding. Slide down the slope and climb the wall. At the top, kill the ninja before he pushes you into a pit.

Jump to the east platform and you hear spikes in the pit. Look at the pit and see spikes at the bottom. However the south-west corner is clear. Go to the south-west ledge and slide down into that clear area. Get secret #3 and a small medipack. Jump to grab the pole and climb up through a hole and to the top. Back flip onto the upper floor. Watch out for the two mummies, wall darts and the holes in the floor. Go to the north-east corner for blue shotgun shells. Move the statue on the floor onto the fancy tile at the west wall. The gate in the west wall opens. Enter the gate and face a deadly floor and ropes. Use the ropes to swing across to the west. On the last rope, do not go straight. Angle your swing and jump towards the floor lever. When you land a spike wall will roll onto the center of the slope. You can stand on the higher parts of the slope.

Use the floor lever and enter the tunnel and follow the tunnel to a room. The face tiles are deadly firetraps. Pick up a small medipack from the north-west corner. Jump over the face tiles and into the water hole at the east wall. Swim down the underwater tunnel and pull up into a dark tunnel. Follow the tunnel and the gate opens for you. You emerge back into the room with the water pool. Go to the south-east corner and enter the open gate. You have to swim to pull up into the corner, as you cannot get there from the south ledge. Just over the entrance ledge is a safe tile here you can pick up the Uzi's. You have to throw a flare to get the light in order to see the Uzi's. Go up a ramp and hop onto the column. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the central column. Pick up the Eye Piece and monkey swing back to the first column.

Go down the ramp and back into the room with the water pool. Go west and enter the open west doors. Kill the ninja who is hiding in the dark. Go west and make the Eye of Horus to open the circular door. Enter a room with a deep pit. Kill another ninja and jump the pit. Pick up the Ba Cartouche from the pedestal. Go south and enter the opening and the level ends.