The Tower Bridge Incident (Demo)

Level by Terry Barrett (Dhama) (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

When the level starts, press the LOOK key and you can see a huge rat running away down the tunnel. Step off the east ledge to pick up three flares. Get into the water and swim due east and into a hole at the base of the bridge tower. Inside swim south and up to the surface. When you pull up onto the box, the fire goes out. Jump the boxes going to the north ledge. Pull the jump switch on the north wall and get a cut scene of a block rising under a trap door. Swim out and surface and pull up to the tower base. Look up and west and see that a piece of the bridge is missing. Go around the ledge to the east side of the tower base. Go up and east and see a bus about to fall off the broken bridge. Go to the south side of this tower to find blocks that you can climb up to the bridge decking. You also may trigger an explosion. At the top ledge, pick up a large medipack.

You can from this point, run and jump to the north-west to land on the bridge decking. From there you can end the level in the next five seconds. Assuming you do not want to do that, dive back into the water. Swim east and mid way between the two towers is a hole in the river bottom. Dive in and follow the underwater tunnel. It widens into a large room so swim north. Near the bottom, there is a small tunnel in the west wall. Swim into there and swim south to surface. You can go back and swim a little further north and look west to see a sign "SASHA WAS HERE" painted on the walls. Anyway, when you surface you enter a room with some fires. Approach the ladder and the fire goes out. Climb the ladder and back flip into a room. Look north and there is the block that you raised. Pull down the trap door and use the block to pull up onto the bridge decking. You are near the bus.

Go west towards the front of the bus. You can see a motorcycle on the other part of the bridge. Return to a ladder on the north wall. Kill a guard that appears. Climb the ladder and pull up into a room. Go east and climb a ladder to back flip into a higher room. Go to the west opening, drop and hang. Shimmy to the right and be careful of the steam. As you get over the bus, release and drop to the bus roof. Pick up a laser sight from the bus roof. Return to the ladders and this time shimmy more to the right and pull up near a fire. Quickly run forward and kill a guard before he pushes you back into the fire. Get onto a block and pull down a trap door. Pull up to the next room. Climb the boxes in the north and get into a ceiling hole in the north-east. Pull up into a higher room.

Go to the north-west corner for revolver ammo and the revolver. Go west to the open window. Shoot the swinging blue ball and the door on the other side opens. You also see a group of locusts flying from the far side and attacking you. Jump to the north blue bridge beam and shimmy to the left until you can pull up. Run west to a wall and look out over the bridge. Two ropes have dropped from the bridge beams. You can use them to swing into the open doorway. Or you can climb the west wall to a higher lever and use jump with grab to glide into the open door. Once inside, go down the steps and turn left into a large room. Use the floor lever and the door opens in the north beside the steps. Kill a guard and enter the door. Use the floor lever and return to the large room. A block has risen so hop onto it and shoot the barricade in the opening.

Get into the opening and hop down the blocks to the floor level. The raised tiles are safe but the ones with blue arcing are deadly. As you enter the north doorway, an injured guard crawls in front of you. Go to the north-east corner and drop into a hole. Kill two bats and jump the fires to a safe part of the floor. Go to the south-west and safety drop into a hole and land in the room below. Climb down the ladder in the hole in the middle of the floor. You are on the bridge deck with the motorcycle. Go north to pick up the left gauntlet. Get on the motorcycle and drive west over the obvious ramp. Many blinding explosions occur but you should land safely on another part of the bridge. Drive west over the bridge deck and the level ends.