Dream Caves




Walkthrough by Moonpooka for www.trle.net



Note: I found no secrets in this level. There is also an issue with loading save games from the in-game menu if Lara dies and your game will crash to desktop. To solve this, use the main menu to reload your game.


Lara begins her adventure in a snowy cave. Make your way ahead and kill the two Bats that show up to greet you. When you reach the second cave, go left and collect some Flares from the rocky platform ahead, and then find some Uzi Ammo in the SW corner. Now continue on north until you see a bridge leading over a pool; but before you venture over there, nip up the rocks at the east wall for a SMP, and then return to ground and walk towards the bridge.


Run jump over the bridge to avoid being snipped by blade traps, and then stop at the end of the bridge because there are rolling spike traps ahead. Judge the rolling spikes and when they are high in the ceiling, sprint through and over to the other side of the room.


Go left from here and sprint through the dart trapped walls, and then go left again and shoot the two Dogs that attack. Run south down the long steps, and judge the swinging blade to get into the next room.


Kill the Bug and large Scorpion that attack, and then enter the west room. Shoot the Shark in the pool, and then drop into the water and swim to the steps at the north wall and pull out. Run up the steps to the end, and then jump to the circular blade in the south wall. Judge the blade to get into the new room, and then use the lever inside to open a door back in the previous room. You can now return to the previous room via the pool room.


Back at the previous room: head up the steps at the south wall, and at the top you will see the newly opened door. Enter the new room and you will see two Demigods; one either side of the room, and closed black gates at the east wall. Behind each of the Demigods is a lever and you can use them without having to kill the demigods if you wish, but itís best to get rid of them to save an awful lot of commotion in the room. You also donít need to use both levers as one lever will open one part of the double doors,so again, itís up to use what you decide to do. Once the doors are open, dive into the pool before leaving to retrieve a LMP, and then head through the black gates.


You will now enter a large cave. Run east and kill the waiting Bug, and then continue on east and over the wooden collapsible floor ahead. At the end of the cave go left into the next cave, and then run straight ahead to the orange pillars at the east wall. Kill the Bug that pops out from the left, and then enter the door between the orange pillars.


Thereís a deep pit in the new room and suspended tiles make a path to the other side of the room where a Demigod awaits Lara. Also as you pass over the tiles dart traps will be picking away at your health so be cautious at all times whilst in this room. Jump to the first tile and then to the next. You will hear a Harpy awaken somewhere in the room but ignore him for now and make your way over the tiles to the other side of the room. When you arrive on the Demigodís ledge spikes will be popping out of the floor, so again you need to take care. Gun down the Demigod as quickly as you can, and then take out the Harpy who is also making its way towards you. When the battle is over, run to the south end of the ledge and top up with health because a Bull is about to appear as you approach the lever at the end of the ledge. If youíre quick you can pick up a SMP from the SW corner of the ledge before using the lever to open a gate back in the previous room; but you also need to be quick to avoid a battering from the Bull, so use the lever and then head back over the tiles and leave this room.


Back in the previous cave: Make your way to the west wall, and then enter the black gates between the orange pillars to end the level.


The End