Levels by Mateusz Stawarski (Ext)

Walkthrough by Anurag (Levels One through Four and part of Level Five, completed by Phil Lambeth)

Level One: The Forest

The level starts somewhere in South Africa. Go through the Southwest opening. In this area to your left is a LARGE-MEDPACK, but it is a spike trap so avoid it. Continue forwards, & kill the Bad guy that charges & pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS he leaves behind. Also pick up the SHOTGUN from this area. Continue ahead & kill 2 Dragon flies.

Jump into the pit ahead & activate the lever to open the next door. Continue through the door & 2 doors one at your left & right open. Each gate has a room with one lever. The right one is a spike trap, so use the left switch. The gate to your left opens & a Crocodile charges in; get rid of it. Now continue forwards until you reach an area with pine trees, from here climb a ladder down to a lower level.

The DANGER sign on the floor is a door, open it & drop down & kill a bat; also pick up FLARES from here. Continue down & then through the crawlspace. Shoot the barricades & kill another bat, shoot the wooden support to your left & pick up a SMALL-MEDPACK. Now climb up into an area with a jeep & kill 2 Bad Guys there.

Now continue South into an area with 2 slopes (like a canyon). At the end climb the ladder to end up in an area with 2 statues. Now if you want some extra ammo, then face the canyon & take a jump towards the left side of the canyon (Lara will lose some health though but it is worth what you get; a SECRET). This is SECRET #1; pick up from here 2 SHOTGUN WIDESHOT AMMO, SHOTGUN NORMAL AMMO, and SMALL-MEDPACK & SHOTGUN. Slide down into the valley & again climb up all the way from where you jumped.

Now climb up into the crawlspace on the south wall. (Note: Lara grabs the opening of the crawlspace only with ctrl & not with alt.) Crawl all the way out into an open area. The next area consists of a lever (on a block) in middle of water & 2 gates. Kill the crocodile in the water & reach for the lever on the block. Activating the lever opens a door opposite to Lara. Approach the opened door & grab the Monkey Swing above to avoid burner traps below. Monkey swing all the way & at the end quickly release & repress ACTION to grab the edge of the ground just ahead of the traps. Climb up & then jump sideways to evade a boulder that rolls down. Also avoid a Dart Emitter which is at the left from where you came. Get inside the crawlspace in the Northeast & be quick as the Spikes appear a little later at the starting of the crawlspace.

Crawl out into an open area, climb up on a block at left from there grab a platform in South above Lara. Jump to the next platform & from there to a third one & again to a brick ledge. Activate the Switch here to open the door below. Drop down & kill the Dragon Fly that attacks, go inside the open door & as you proceed another door gets opened; climb down the ladder onto the other side of the canyon & then slide down into the valley, exit this area as you came in.

Back into the open area with the Jeep you can observe that a gate has opened in the West; approach it & a cut-scene shows you that some of the floor breaks, revealing an opening in the ground. Drop down to end the level.

Level Two: Underground Temple

Lara slides down a chute, into a corridor; exit the corridor & a cut scene shows a Beast & a Corpse (most probably his victim). Kill the Beast with the Shotgun as fast as possible & see the way he sparkles & burns when he is dead. Go to the Corpse & drag it to reveal the UZIS; pick them up. Don't try to pick up the FLARES ahead, as that is another Spike trap. Now the other part is tricky, go to the lever ahead of you (the part behind the lever & that to the right of it is spike trap, so don't go there). Activate the ladder & roll, then take a diagonal jump & keep on running to avoid both the boulders that roll down. A door in the west gets opened, the first floor block after the door is a spike trap so jump over it.

In the next area step over the tile in front of the door & the door rises up. Go through the door in the new area & kill the Scorpion that attacks you. There is a door in the east, step on the tiles to its left & right & the door rises. Kill the scorpion there & pick up UZI CLIPS, SHOTGUN AMMO & LARGE MEDPACK. Return back & go through the crawlspace in the West to end up in a large room. Notice a receptacle in middle of the room in front of the corpse. Now there are 3 ways out of the room: South, North & west; but only the north one is open for now.

Go through the north opening; drop down & it is all chaos, as boulders roll down, ceiling crashes & fire starts to increase; run forward jump evade boulders & fire to reach the opening ahead. Once in the opening pick up the FLARES; beware, don't pick up the SMALL-MEDPACK, it is a spike trap. Continue straight ahead, now you have 2 pillars & 2 levers. Squeeze (run diagonally between the pillar & lever) Lara between the 1st pillar & 1st lever & push the pillar back to get some UZI CLIPS; repeat this with the other pillar to get a LARGE-MEDPACK. Now activate both the levers & the gate in front of you opens, unleashing a beast. Kill him, then go inside & grab the CROWBAR from the pedestal. Use the crowbar in the crowbar lever situated in between the 2 levers, this opens a gate in Southwest corner.

Go inside & pick up the HEAD, climb up to an opening in the ground. Drop down into the room with the receptacle & corpse. Now approach the North door, as you approach it the door raises. A cut-scene shows that a fleet of beetles has been set loose; also the door closes behind you. Run & grab the ladder in the East, climb up & backflip onto another ledge. Go ahead & climb up to a room with 2 pedestals; the right one (when facing them) is a spike trap. So go to the left one & pick up the HANDLE. A door in the room gets opened. Go through it, to end up in a room with raising & lowering blocks. Step on one of the lowered blocks, the block in front of you gets lowered, continue straight till the end then return to a block at your left, it is lowered & so is the one in front of it. Continue, step on both of them & also on the tile left to this one, then return to the (old) dead end. You can observe that a tile has lowered at your right. Drop down through the opening into the room with the receptacle.

Combine the Head & Handle to make a WAND & use it in the receptacle to open the west door. Go inside, this raises 2 walls of the room to reveal 2 Dragon flies. Kill them; there is also a GRENADEGUN in the middle of the room, but again it is a spike trap. Drag the Corpse to get some SHOTGUN AMMO; then go out through the opening. As you go inside a gate rises, revealing a GEM into the room, but again it's only a spike trap, so ignore it. (Accept this, there are many spike traps in this room, so save your game before entering this area.) Instead, go to the ramp in the southwest corner & climb to the area above you.

Go on the bridge (don't fall down into the fire below) & to your left; you can spot another GEM on a ledge. Jump to that ledge & pick up the gem, climb up & use it in the South receptacle. This opens a door to your right. Run through the next passage, avoiding the pits, as 5 boulders roll down to get Lara. Once on the other side, get on the BIKE (the floor behind you gets closed), 2 Bad Guys attack you; give them the taste of rubber. One of them drops UZI CLIPS; have at them. Get on the bike again & ride all the way, avoiding fire & killing 3 bad guys on the way. In the end you will reach a room with 2 pillars & a door, get down from the bike.

Go south & activate a lever, this opens the gate in the room. Go back to the room & kill 3 Scorpions there. Go through the door & a cut-scene shows a passage full of popping Spikes. The best way to avoid the spikes is to get 2 steps back from the 1st spike & as soon as it starts to pop, sprint ahead & you'll escape unhurt. Continue further ahead until you reach a toxic pool & a pair of ropes. Take a running jump & grab the first rope; using it, swing to the other side. Continue through a corridor & slide down into an area with 3 Bad Guys. (The best way is to just evade these guys, but if you want all the kills, then you can kill them; anyway, Lara loses much health here.) After killing these guys open the Danger trapdoor on the ground & drop down to end the level.

Level Three: RAT Base

Lara drops down into a restricted area through a hole. Go through the opening in the east & watch the cut-scene. Save your game (as you get only one shot at this), activate the lever at your right, then roll & sprint before the door closes. Once in, climb up the ladder in east & then backflip onto the central structure & pick up 2 UZI CLIPS from there. Now there are 4 climbable blocks hanging from the ceiling, climb on the northwest one & continue upwards, shimmy left at the end & get up on the platform. Follow this sequence to activate all the switches (information courtesy of Torry): Start at the lever nearest to the hole in the grating, then the second one nearest, then directly opposite to that and finally the last one, which should put you on the far side of the opening but parallel with it (not diagonally opposed to it). Now go down, you will hear an explosion & the door through which you entered the area is gone. You will also hear a siren ringing.

Continue straight; as you do, a gate closes behind you & another gate in front of you opens up. Shoot both the grates, & drop into a small room. Kill the Bad guy here & another one who comes from the adjoining room. Pick up a SMALL MEDPACK from this room & continue to another room; as you do, the door closes behind you. Continue straight through another door, which opens as you approach it & closes behind you. Go inside & climb a platform, pick up NORMAL & WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO & also activate 2 crowbar levers here. Doing this will open a door in North, go in & shoot the grates here, climb into the passage & activate the lever at the end, this opens a door in the room with crowbar levers.

Go through the door you just opened. Climb up the stairs & shoot a guard in a room at your left. Go to where the guard was; pick up some FLARES & activate the lever. This opens a door just behind you. Continue through it, a cut-scene shows a series of fire traps being activated in front of you. Just face a wall & then sidestep towards the other side; this way Lara will avoid all the traps. (Thanks to my friend Kushal for suggesting this way). On the other side you end up into a red lighted area; kill the Beast that charges & then continue, crawl down the bars & reach the other side, kill 3 Bad Guys here, pull the corpse near the Northeast corner & pick up UZIS from there; now continue through the opening at east.

Climb up the white block just right to the door, turn south & take a jump to another block & then to another block in east, avoiding the fire below. From here take a diagonal jump to the northeast lower block & then climb the higher block. Grab the monkeyswing & go to the other side, activate the lever here. Return back with the help of the monkeyswing & drop down & go through the door you opened in Southwest corner. Follow the signboards & enter a room with a lever (as you enter you will hear a sound of a man dying & the lights also get dimmer), activate the lever here & go through the passage parallel to this room.

Climb down & a door in front of you gets opened. Go to the Southeast corner of the room & drag the corpse to retrieve WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO, now continue through the door. You can see an opening in the ground of the next room, just run over the opening so that Lara falls down through the opening but not on the block below (if you fall on the block Lara will die). Once in the water below, go to the pillar in the southeast corner & then go to its west side & activate the underwater lever here, this opens a door in North. Swim through the door, you will end up in a room with a lever & a cage with a trapped beast & his victim. Activate the lever, as you do fires rise out of the ground (also the screen starts shaking); quickly backflip into the water, avoiding the fires, swim back to where you used the underwater lever for a SECRET.

The door in the northeast corner is open. Swim in & pick up GRENADEGUN SUPER AMMO, UZI CLIPS, SMALL MEDPACK, NORMAL & WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO. Swim back to the room with the lever, climb up avoiding the fire (i.e., climb from the side) & go through the door in the Northwest corner. As you continue you can hear some cool music, observe breaking ceiling & fires rising out of nowhere (obviously with your screen shaking like mad). Continue straight, avoiding the fire; at the dead end, turn around & jump to grab the ladder. Climb up, turn left at the end of the passage to avoid the fire in front of you. Continue avoiding all the fires. At last jump over the fire & go through the door on the other side.

Work out your way through the fires & climb on the highest block in the Southwest corner. From here take a jump to an opening, continue through the passage & pick up some FLARES on the way until you reach a room with a central burning dune. Go around it to find a lever in the Northwest corner, activating it opens a door to your left. Go through it & climb the ladder here. And when you are just one tile lower than the top, backflip into an opening. You will end up in a room with a burning sofa. Continue in & shoot the grates, crawl in & shoot another grate, to come out into another room. Pull the corpse here & take its NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO. Climb over the white block & the roof above; it breaks, revealing an opening.

Crawl in to end up in a large hall. Kill 2 Dragon flies here, climb the ladder on the back of the Southwest pillar. There are some enemies above who will keep attacking you; avoid their attacks, drop down & take care of them. Again climb up & get down on your left, kill the Bad Guys whom you could not kill from the ground. (There are 3 Bad guys in this area.) Use the Crowbar lever near the East wall; this opens a door on the right. Go through it. From here, jump to the brown ledge, avoiding the grate as it is a fire trap. From this ledge, jump to the one in front of you & from here to a third ledge. Crawl in the crawlspace to your right & at the end climb down a ladder. Again crawl & climb down another ladder. Now drop down at your right & continue through the door to end the level.

Level Four: Escape From The Dead

Kill a Dragon Fly that attacks & continue forwards, crawl through the crawlspace at the Northeast. On the other side pick up the GRENADEGUN & the GRENADEGUN NORMAL AMMO. Quickly equip the grenadegun & blast the 2 zombies that approach you. Climb on the block in front of you & from there to another passage. Continue in until you reach a couple of Jeeps. Go left into the room & kill the Bad Guy here, retrieve JEEP KEYS from him. Climb on a platform & pick up NORMAL & WIDESHOT SHOTGUN AMMO, also shoot the wooden box on this platform to reveal GRENADEGUN NORMAL AMMO.

Go outside while avoiding a MACHINEGUN & use the keys on the Jeep. Once on the jeep, drive the jeep till the end, avoiding a MACHINEGUN. Ride over the Bad Guy; get out of the jeep & head through the opening in the south. Follow the passage into a room with Fire. Deal with 2 Boars here, avoiding the fire. Blast the Zombie that charges. Go through the opening & pick up the FLARES, also activate the Switch here, this opens a further passage for the jeep. Go to the Jeep & drive into an area with a Stone pillar in the middle. Get down, the Southern side of the pillar is a Ladder.

Climb it up, to end up in a deserted area, find your way to an office-like place, with Fire & dead skeletons. Activate the Switch here & kill 3 zombies that will attack you. Backtrack to the Jeep & ride it through the now open passage. Break the barricades & turn right just after it to land on 2 Bad Guys. Go back & jump from the slope on your right, avoiding the fires; the door ahead gets opened. Jump over the fires to end up in another closed passage. Get down & drop in the pit at right, activate the switch here & get up by using the blocks. Now drop in the left pit & activate the Switch; you'll hear a gate open. Get back onto the Jeep & ride ahead until the passage is blocked again. Now there are 2 ways, one right & other left; take the left one first. Go left & you'll discover the bonus ZOMBIE that the author has described in the READ ME file. This guy will not attack you but just follow you (you can't kill this Guy).

Find an opening at the other end. Kill the Bad Guy at the other end. Find an opening in the northeast corner & pull the Block here once. This reveals a Switch on the other side. Now go back to the Jeep & take a left. Continue forwards to an opening at the far end; kill 2 Boars & a Dragonfly on the way. In the next area the wire textured floor with a SMALL MEDIPACK is a firetrap. Jump to the Southwest corner & activate the switch to open a door in northwest corner, this is a timed door so go for it. Run through the door; if you stand just after entering, the door closes behind you, again another door just in front of you closes & Lara gets trapped.

Once in another room, blast 4 more zombies. There are 2 openings, one leads you back to the switch & the other to a block. Climb on the block & drop on the other side of the moveable block. Activate the switch & continue forwards, this opens a door. Go through the open door & activate another switch. This opens a 3rd door, drop down & go to the Jeep. The gate ahead is open, drive through it, get down from the Jeep & jump in the pit to end the level.

Level Five: Hard To Survive

The level starts with Lara in a dim fire lighted area. Continue ahead until you see NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO, but it is a boulder trap, so sprint through the passage to enter the next area as 2 boulders drop after you. In the next area the circled textured floor is spike trap. Kill the Boar that attacks & crawl down the crawl space from the right side. Run forwards, sticking to the wall, as a boulder drops as soon as you crawl out. Now here there are many spike traps. Go to the Northeast corner & then go straight, evade a boulder on the way. A cut-scene takes place that shows a glimpse of the area, with 3 doors & a fountain of blood; the cut-scene also shows the Flares.

Pick up the FLARES. Go ahead & pick up the CROWBAR from the slightly raised block. As you do, the gate at the left gets opened. Go through it & at the end activate the Switch. Reverse roll immediately and run just around the corner, and stop there on a safe square, avoiding the spikes. Now go through the open right door. Avoid the rotating blade slicers & the fire; now make your way to the other side. Flip the Switch here & rush to the room with the blood fountain, the west face door is opened but it is timed. (If you can't do it at first then you'll have to flip the switch again.) The next narrow path consists of timed spikes, slide down and quickly jump to the middle tile & from there continue running in full stride and jump over the ramp at the other end with a curve to the right to avoid the spikes there. Jump over the spike trap pit on your left & flip the switch there. Immediately reverse roll & take a running jump to the other side to avoid the boulder that rolls down.

Pick up some UZI AMMO from the corner & continue through the door you just opened (it closes behind you). Kill 3 beasts that attack & enter another room; pick up SHOTGUN WIDESHOT AMMO, also drag the corpse to pick up SHOTGUN NORMAL AMMO. Flip the switch here to open a door in the west wall of the previous room. As you enter the passage, another door ahead opens. Watch out for the dart guns in the next room, not to mention some even more lethal hazards. To your left a variety of flame blowers going in all directions will ignite as you approach that area (so don't go there now), and the section to your right is riddled with hidden spike traps.

Step forward onto the nearest skeleton and a block rises up behind you to block the exit. The only profitable items to your right are the large and small medi-packs on the long slab. You can reach them safely by turning around, climbing up onto the block and taking a running jump north just to the right of the skeleton, then vaulting up to claim your prizes. I was able to get back safely by stepping off the slab, standing between the two skeletons and taking an angled running jump and grab to the right corner of the block. Pull up, but don't step off on the other (south) side of the block as there's a spike trap in the tile on that side, too. Drop off the west edge and run across the other side of the room and into the SW opening before the flames can start to get cranked up. As you enter the next passage a block rises up behind you to block it.

Go into the next room. After a brief and rather meaningless flyby, run around the central obstruction and enter the crawl space in the south wall. In the next room you'll meet a couple of mummies who look as if they've taken a dip in boiling water. Blow them away with a single grenade and pick up the LASER SIGHT. Throw the nearby wall switch to raise a block in the previous room.

Return via the crawl space and locate the raised block near the east wall. It allows you to climb to the top of the central structure, but for the life of me I can't figure out what you're supposed to do once you get up there (unless it's to provide a perch where you can shoot the swinging blue ball inside the west alcove, but you can access it much more easily with a standing jump and grab from the adjacent block). Anyway, combine the laser sight and the revolver or crossbow if you have either (although neither has been mentioned in the previous sections of this walkthrough) and shoot the ball. (If you don't have either of the named weapons, simply climb up onto the block below the west opening, take an angled standing jump and grab to the opening, pull up and shoot the ball with your pistols.) A door opens down in the north wall, so climb down and save your game before entering the new north passage. The depression ahead is a spike trap, so save your game, back up to give yourself a running start and take a running jump over the spikes. You'll probably die a few times, but be patient.

Once you get safely across, follow the passage and turn right at the intersection. (Turning left will bring you to a spike trap, and there's nothing over there anyway.) Stop at the entranceway to the next large room, because if you step off the paved stones you'll probably be killed by the deadly floor tiles where all those corpses are lined up for display. However, there are also unmarked safe squares here, so pay attention. Starting from the left side of the entrance, go forward (north) two squares. Turn left and go west two more squares. Turn right and go two squares north, and take a standing jump north over the last (deadly) square to the stairs.

Go up the stairs to the ramp at the NE opening and save your game. A brief but misleading flyby shows the spike trap sequence ahead. You can see that the last square against the far wall is not spike trapped, but don't be fooled. You can get there with a simple run, without using the sprint key. However, when you reach that last open square, a boulder trap is triggered to your right, so turn left without stopping and NOW hit the sprint key to stay ahead of the boulder. Release the sprint key at the last instant and take a running jump to the suspended block in the next room. Turn to face north, and from the NW corner of the block take a standing jump and grab to the spike ledge. This is going to hurt, and there's no help for it, but pull up, turn left and take a standing jump and grab to the ledge in the NW corner of the lava room. Pull up and gulp a medi-pack.

Go through the passage into the next room. You're met by no less than four parboiled mummies and two wild pigs that have a similar appearance. Try to herd the mummies together so you can deal with them by using a single grenade, then take care of the wild pigs if they weren't blown up, too. Locate the switch in the east wall and throw it to raise a block in the center of the room. Just for fun, you can squeeze behind the dead soldier lying nearby and actually pull him into the adjacent pillar. Now climb up onto the block you raised and stand on the north edge facing north. Jump up to grab the ladder in the shaft overhead, and start climbing up. Shift to your right, however, before pulling up into the next room, or you'll be set ablaze upon arrival. As it is, you'll trigger a mighty racket when you step onto the upper floor, so run forward and things will calm down again. Notice that a number of fires have broken out, including one just beneath a switch you need to pull.

Run counterclockwise around the room and note the closed face door in the NW corner. Keep going and you'll come to a large medi-pack in the SW corner. Pick it up and turn to your left. The depressed square ahead is a disguised spike trap, but you have time to run over it before the spikes are released. This also turns off the flame protecting the nearby wall switch, so throw it to open the face door in the NW corner. The spikes have been deactivated, so you can safely run back across the depression and back to the NW opening. As you approach the next closed face door, you can hear the sound of angry insects on the other side, so draw a powerful weapon and walk forward. The door opens as you approach, so kill the two giant flying bugs before they can get to you.

The next room seems to be straight out of hell. There are two wild pigs lurking about, so hunt them down and kill them. Go to the right side of the long crawl space along the NW corner of this room, lower Lara down the other side and shimmy all the way to the left (if you need to) before dropping down. Draw weapons and kill another giant flying bug sleeping down below, that hopefully wasn't alerted by your use of the crawl space. As you run west along the ledge you'll alert a second bug, so dispatch it quickly. Go over to where the dead soldier is lying on a red glassy surface near the south wall, and safety drop from there to the ledge below. Jump over to the north ledge and safety drop to the floor below. Alert and kill another bug near the NW opening and pick up the nearby flares. Face west and slide down the short slope. If you wish, you can drop down into the shallow trench ahead and kill another mummy. Otherwise, simply hop over the trench and continue to the west wall. Turn left and run down the long ramp past a closed face door, and drop down into the passage below.

Turn around and find another closed face door to your immediate left and a switch on the opposite wall just beyond it. Throw the switch, opening the face door, and immediately turn around to your right and run into the alcove before the spike trap is triggered. Leave the alcove and walk to the south ramp. Turn to your left and pull up into the passage that opened when you threw the switch just now. Hold your breath and pick up the shotgun ammo in the depression straight ahead. It's not spike trapped, so approach the closed face door on your right and pick up the small medi-pack as the door opens obligingly. There's nothing in the alcove in front of you, so turn to the left and use the crawl space to access a new room. There's a button on the south wall to your right, but it does nothing when you try to push it.

Go up the north stairs and enter the passage. In the next room is a weird structure that seems to be suspended in mid-air over a pit. You can descend into the pit if you wish, as there's a convenient block and a ladder that allows you to climb back out, but there's nothing to do or pick up down there. Standing at the edge of the pit, take a standing jump and grab to a ledge in the white structure. Pull up, light a flare and crawl inside. When you're able to stand, run forward and locate the crowbar receptacle in the corner of the next room. Go around to the other side of the receptacle, facing north, and use your crowbar to open that door with the nonworking button in the previous room. Crawl back out to the ledge and take a standing jump down to the cavern floor. Run forward, go up the stairs to your left and return to the green-tinted room.

Run across to the south end of the room, where the door is now open. Enter a dark passage, and you'll hear the retching sounds of a nearby mummy. There are several more in the vicinity, but don't use all your remaining grenades on them as you may need a few in the next part of the level. You're in a maze of sorts, and as you approach the first several intersections you'll see hints of either red or green around the corners. The trick is to stay away from the red turns and follow the green turns. So turn left at the first intersection and then turn left again. Take the next right, go to the next intersection and take another right. Continue to the next intersection, and you'll hear another mummy. Turn left, continue until you reach a passage to the right, take out the mummy and you'll soon come to an intersection that offers no tinted clues. Take the right turn, deal with two more mummies, and take a left at the next intersection. Head up the short ramp to your right into a passage that takes you out of the maze.

Watch out for the flame pit in the middle of this short passage. Hop over it and slide down into the next room. You're immediately assaulted by two giant flying bugs, an SAS on the block ahead and to your left, and three very dry crocodiles. After clearing the area, you can pull the SAS you killed and another nearby one into the masonry if you wish. On the other side of the room, you can pull a dead soldier to reveal a small medi-pack. The rotating blade in the center of the room seems to be here for decoration only, as you have no need to deal with it in any required manner. Go around to the south wall and the face door will open upon your approach. Follow the wide passage to your next destination and get ready for the grand finale.

When you make the final turn in the passage and face south to enter the next room, take a jump to avoid two flames that spurt from the floor just inside the south passage. Then step forward into the next room to trigger a neat flyby that pans by all the caged critters in this area and ends with your final enemy, the dragon. As soon as camera control is restored, make a hairpin turn to your left and throw the wall switch you'll find near the entrance. Then turn left and run west right in front of the dragon and throw the next wall switch. Hopefully you've been able to do all this before the locusts and fire balls are released. Hop up onto the ledge against the west wall and follow it all the way around the room, behind the dragon, as there's a third wall switch you need to locate and throw near the east wall. When you do so you cause a block to rise near the SE corner, so turn to your right after throwing the switch and find that block. Climb up onto it, facing south, and quickly take a running jump and grab to the south wall. You'll grasp and hang on to the grated wall of a cage.

Climb up, shift to your right and drop down onto the upper ledge. Turn to your right and run to the west end of the ledge. Turn to your right at the end and walk out to the part that's jutting out. Stop to pick up the flares, if you dare, and turn around and hop back to grab the jutting ledge. Pull up, reverse roll, and take a running jump north to grab the suspended ledge ahead. (If you'd tried instead to get there with a straight running jump and grab, you wouldn't have made it.) Pull up, run forward and turn to your right. Take a running jump to the next suspended ledge. You're over the dragon at this point and appear to be safe from its fiery breath.

Look north for the rope, and for the opening in the wall beyond it. Stand at the NE corner of the ledge so you can line up with the rope and the passage as nearly as possible, then take a running jump and grab to the rope. Swing forward and jump off to land inside the passage. A minor earthquake makes the ground shake as fires break out sporadically and parts of the ceiling fall down on you. Make your way through the passage and climb out into a cavern that leads out to the open air. Run forward toward the awaiting Jeep and you'll hit the exit trigger to conclude this Great Adventure.