The Flying Temple
Kerstin Schlott / Codo

This is an unauthorised walkthrough written by Monika Pietsch.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

This walkthrough will be removed as soon as dimpfelmoser will hand in the long promised translation of the German walkthrough written by the author.

Part 1

You start standing on a floating island with a helicopter on top.
Go to the right island. Then to the blue platform and then straight-ahead.
Go over to the left side where the lake is. On the other side of the lake push a star button. Get rid of a giant mosquito. Make your way to the red opening.
Pass the fire on the right side and collect a large medi-pack. Jump over to the wide staircase.
Go up and on the top climb into the opening on the right and jump to the right. Make you way to a ledge. Shoot the windowpane. Cross the room and climb out of the other window to collect a small medi-pack.
Enter the next room. Kill a Golden Bird.
You can go and get a Secret first. Go to the fire side and grab the right side of the slope. Slide, jump and grab. From up there take a standing jump towards the large medi-pack you can see. You get this and a Secret. With a running jump leave again.
Go into the water and find an underwater ceiling switch. This opens a trapdoor for later. Get out again and now use the left side of the slope near the fire. When you grab the edge transverse to the left and climb up the ladder. Jump over to the center part.
There is a place for 2 Guardian Keys. Just go on and jump over. You will see a high wall switch. Drop and grab the switch. This will raise a block on the left water side.
Go there and climb in. Use a monkey bar to cross the fire. Push a star button and this will drain some of the water in the pool. Go there and you will find the 1. Guardian Key on a pedestal. Push another star button and this will open the big gate on top of the red staircase. When you come back into the basin go to the open trapdoor (before there was a current there). Climb up and push a button and this will raise a block on the right side of the waterfalls. Go there and use the monkey bar to cross the fire underneath. and take the Shotgun, some ammo and get a Secret. When you climb up again you have to cope with a Golden Bird.
Now go through the big gate and jump and grab the climbable wall. Go down as far as possible and then let go. Jump into the water. You come to a room with a block and transparent platforms. You have to cope with giant mosquitoes.
I think altogether about 4. Be careful! They tend to push Lara from the platform.
There is a Golden Bird there too.
Make your way to the other side. Take the Key and a large medi-pack from the pedestals. Go back to the block and then to the door on the right side. Use the Key. Kill a giant mosquito. Inside you will get the 2. Guardian Key. From there you have to dash across the room to avoid the knifes.
Go back to the block. Climb up and from the second transparent block jump over to a crawlspace. Make you way to the main room and climb up to the central platform. Use the 2 Guardian Keys. This will stop the 2 fire emitters. Go up there. Start on the right side. Crawl to the right side and drop into the room. Careful, all the dark parts are electrified. Pick up some grenade ammo. Go back to the crawling area. Drop on the other end. Jump over the dark part and go on till you see 3 propellers.
Pass them carefully. Then take a running jump over the electrified track. Pull a switch on that side and get back to where the propellers are. Pass them again.
Go through the open door. Climb up at the right side. Take a standing jump and then climb up. You will find a small medi-pack. Go down again and cross the water.
Jump to the white slope, grab and transverse to the right. Drop and jump up.
Get some shotgun ammo in a niche and pull a switch, which will open a trapdoor.
Go up to the trapdoor. Climb up and then transverse to the left. Go down as far as possible and get Lara right to the left wall. Then let go and the fire underneath will not catch her. Go to the switch. Pulling it opens a timed trapdoor. So pull it, go down and start climbing up.
You enter an area with wind wheels. Go to the second block on the right.
Grab the edge, pull up and back flip. On the block you will find some ammo and a Secret. Go on and shoot a windowpane. Behind it is a small medi-pack.
Pull a switch and go to an open trapdoor in the floor.
Slide down backward (twist jump) to grab the top of a ladder. Climb down. Pass the 3 propellers and pick up a small medi-pack. In the garden are 4 white tigers to kill.
Then go to the only opening. In the next room is a big aquarium with a shark in it.
Go behind the aquarium and climb up. You can either take some time and kill the shark or just jump in and try and get the Key without being killed.
Maybe you meet another white tiger. Use the Key and behind the door you find a Small Waterskin. Go outside and fill it with water (cloroform). Go back in and use it on the pedestal with fire. This will open a door. Go into the room and collect the Key from the pedestal. Use it in the keyhole between 2 snakes. This opens the next door.
In that room you have to shoot 3 red buds and flowers open up. This opens the door.
Go in and you meet a female ninja. Kill her.
In the next room there is a hole in the floor and this is the way to the next level.

Flying Temple
Part 2

You slide down. Try and turn and grab the edge. Drop and slide a little and jump steering to the right to land in a niche.
There you find a Secret and a large pack-pack. (If you donít manage to get to the right side slide and grab a crevice on the forward wall) Jump towards the slope and grab and drop and grab.
When you get down kill 2 giant Mosquitoes. Then pick up the Key near where you came down.
Look for shotgun shells. There is also a Secret there.
When you use the Key kill first a Golden Bird before you start in the lava room. After that make your way up. Push the first star button and then the other (the one nearer to the pedestal).
Jump over and get the Token. Hurry, because the fire from the dragonís mouth comes back.
No go over to the keyhole and use the Token.

Donít forget the Shotgun next to the skeleton on the left. Go out and hurry to a hole in the ground. The big dragon will send lots of locusts at Lara and a Golden Bird comes flying along.
The locusts will follow Lara. Kill 2 black scorpions. Open the trapdoor. Go up and push a switch, which opens a hole just in front of the dragon. Kill a female ninja. She leaves a Guardian Key. Take a small pack-pack

Go back up again and run and jump into the hole.
First swim towards a propeller. Behind it is a ceiling switch.
Go and get some air. Locusts will take some of Laraís health.
Go back and now take the Key and swim on to the left side.
You will find a Secret, a large medi-pack and ammo.
Go back to the exit. Get out fast and run/jump because the dragon is now throwing fire. Go over to the entrance. In there (when you made without getting fried) kill 2 Golden Birds. Then make your way to the door and use the Key. When you enter go to the left. Pull the pearl string on fire during an interval.
This opens a door with a basin behind it. Go down. Watch out for the current in the middle. Find an underwater ceiling switch and pull it. Go back to the room and leave at the right side. Kill 2 female ninjas on the stairs. One will loose a Guardian Key.
Then you have to use the 2 Guardian Keys. Step into the middle and you get beamed into another room. Collect a large pack-pack and grenade ammo from pedestals with knife traps. Use the monkey bar to swing over the water and propellers. On the right side in the left niche is some grenade ammo. Swing over all the propellers and drop into the water. The current will pull you along. When you fall into a pool kill a giant mosquito. Go up the stairs and to the right. Kill a female ninja and she looses a Key. Use it and behind the door is a helper. She will show the way and open doors. Behind the first door she opened are ledges and swinging chains. Go to the other side. There jump into an opening. In the room you find the grenade gun. Leave the room and jump over to the star button. Pushing it will stop a fire.
Go back to the entrance and follow the helper into the next room. Kill 2 female ninjas and a demigod. Shoot all the eggs and kill another female ninja. She will leave a Key. After that a fourth female ninja appears. After you got rid of her go to the door and use the Key.
In the next room the helper will open a door and outside is the aeroplane to take Lara home.

Found all 6 secrets