By Tomo


This is a witty level, the author used interesting solutions. It has an atmosphere like the Skyscrapers in TR5. Lara's moves from TR5 were also involved in the level: walking and rolling on the pole. The solution of the Coke machine is as interesting as is the chloroform cloth taking out of the washing machine. The use of the chloroform is also involved. There are 3 secret Golden Roses: one under a box, one behind the door following the scarabs and the last one next to the fence, in the end of the level. The added sounds are good, they fit well to the level. There are only a few enemies: some soldiers and Sophia Lee emerges again but Lara doesn't have to fight with her this time.


As the cut scene ends, head to the first door which opens as Lara approaches. Explore the shelves. Later you will find smaller wardrobes which also can be explored, but don't stand too close them as they work only from a step away. Find the first COMPUTER DISC and use it in the next room. Go to the right to the elevator and use it.

Head to the left but don't hold your pistols in Lara's hands. Steal the 1 EURO coin from the asleep guard. Use the elevator again (press the button twice) and enter the door in front of you. Notice the musketry training of Sophia Leigh to the right who escapes as Lara emerges. Collect the DESERT EAGLE from the second lavatory. In the women’s lavatory read the lipstick inscription written on the mirror by Sophia. Head to the right at the washing machine. Kill the guards, light the torch or use your binoculars because invisible laser rays obstacles Lara. You can mind them by crawling on the floor, beneath them. Collect the CHLOROFORM and the SOPHIA LETTER. Stop at the Coke machine and have a Coke. Find the WASHING MACHINE KEY from under the machine and using it get the cloth for the chloroform. Of course washed up. But first glance into the left back corner of the musketry training with your binoculars. Shoot the red wheel there. As you don't have the Laser Sight yet it's a bit difficult to target exactly. A door opens not far from here which hides the secret #2 but you will get there later.

Return to the place where you saw Sophia previously. Combine the Chloroform with the Cloth, stealth behind the soldier and use. Collect the SUB WORKER ID CARD which he drops. If you lure him out and kill him you can't get the Card. Return and use the cards. After a run up jump on the pole and press CTRL. Slide down and grab the edge, let Lara drop down a floor and climb into the crawlspace. Climb down on the other side. Save your game now as you have to time well the next slide and jump because the fire blower can burn Lara easily. Walk along on the pole (you can correct Lara's moves with the arrow button) and after a single jump grab the edge of the other side. After a running jump grab the ladder on the ceiling, crawl ahead and climb down on the other side. Climb to the right on the wall and another crawlspace comes. Push the button which opens the door but kick in the wall (CTRL) on the other side. In the next room collect the LASER SIGHT from the small wardrobe and exit the open door. In the next room pull out the block in front of you and push it away to the left. Pull out the next one too. In the next room find the GOLDEN ROSE behind one of the moveable blocks.

Get up onto the floor, shoot the small tap (if you have enough patience use your pistols) and climb up into the crawlspace. Drop down on the other side into the water, pull the lever in the middle on the ceiling and turn around the wheel once at the end of the passage. On your way back jump up and grab the ladder on a small platform. Climb back and up into the another crawlspace. After getting through the pole make a single jump. Hurry in as the soldier will close the grate. Climbing in behind the machine gun shoot it with the Laser Sight and get the LASER ACCESS CD. Use it in the room. The laser door opens behind Lara. In the first store to the left find another ID CARD, in the second one to the right the AK and in the second one to the left the CD PIECE 1. When you pick up the ID Card fill Lara up with energy and run back in the room as a machine gun begins to shoot at Lara. The other laser door opens.

Slide down, head to the left but duck in crawl immediately so the machine gun observes Lara in this position. Now you can shoot it from behind the boxes safely but be sure that the weapon points to the corner. Target the small, grey plate on its back. After the crawlspace comes my most hated place of the level. After a run up jump to the left hand switch and while you are being eaten by the scarabs push it. Run to the right hand switch and into the now open passage. Maybe you will use several medipacks. Here collect the second GOLDEN ROSE from behind the open door.

Return to the beginning of the level. Use the ID Card, push the button and you are on the final area. Climb the ladder up to the storey and shoot all the 4 red wheels. A door opens below. Climbing down shoot another red wheel. Return and find a button in a corner beneath the broken off grate. Pushing it another door opens. Find the CD PIECE 2 outside and another GOLDEN ROSE.

Your final objective is to lift down to the floor with the sleeping soldier ? maximalists are able to clean up his room now. Stand in the corner where the machine gun appears on the ceiling. Take out your weapons so the machine gun can't shoot at Lara but she can shoot it and the waking up soldier too. Use your combined Computer Disc in front of the laser barrier and the level finishes.

Walkthrough by OBig from

Translated by Petunia from