Return to Colosseum

Level by Andrew McGrath

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Pick up the crossbow from the NE corner of the patio. Enter the automatic door on the W and kill two dogs. Find a bottle of health behind the pillar on the left of the entrance. Go N and around another pillar to pick up a laser sight. Combine it with your crossbow. Move W and grab some pistol ammo and 20 poison arrows from behind the next pillar. Finally, collect a golden skull from next to the lava pit. Now shoot the padlock on the W door to open it and another padlock on the next door in front of you. Exit the location and slide down. Climb the block and face the lava pool. Platform across to get a golden skull and enter the portal next to it. In the following room, pick up the the Pharos Knot and press a switch on the wall (unlocks a passage). Get back across the pool and follow a passage beginning in the N wall. At the end, pull up and notice the open door (this is what you pressed the switch for). On your way through the passage, collect a golden skull from side alcove. When the path splits in two, notice a door in front of you and go right. Enter another passage on your left. You are supposed to use the monkey swing above you, but it's placed too high. If you don't tolerate dozying, end the game here. If you don't mind cheating in levels like this, fly over the spike trap. Pull up into the crawlspace and get to the end. Remember the last door? The end of the level is behind it, but there's no way to open it. So realize You're doomed.