Strange Dream




Walkthrough by Moonpooka for


Note: I found no secrets in this level.



Lara begins in a long passage and wall traps are active. Also behind the wall traps are spike trapped pits and steam vents bellow out from the floor, so take care here. Judging the wall traps, run and jump through them and over the spike pits to get into the hallway beyond, and then shoot the large scorpion that attacks.


Find the Uzi ~ SMP ~ Uzi Ammo behind the plants at the south end of the hallway, and then and then head north to where you see a new room (also avoiding more steam vents on your way there). Approach the north room, but stop at the door and carefully run past the swinging blade that hinders your way.


A Harpy and a dog will attack, so gun them down; but also take care not to stray onto the wooden floor because it will collapse and Lara will end up as kebab meat on the spikes beneath the floor. When the enemy are seen to, make your way to the north door and again stop and assess the situation. There is a wall blade active in the entrance, and beyond that are rolling spike traps. Time your run through both the wall trap and spike traps and sprint towards the end of the hallway. A Demi God will show up when you are near the end, and you can either stop and shoot him or you can jump down into the room ahead (taking care not to land on the small spiked area below) and the Demi God will stay in the upper room.


In the new lower room. Watch the cut scene, and then kill the small scorpion that's nipping at Lara's toes. There is a central lava pool, and 3 doors; east wall, south wall and north wall. In the SW corner there is a spike pit, and poisonous darts are also active in this area so take care. In the NE corner there is an inactive Demi God but he won't do anything so there's no need to bother him. At the west wall there is a golden statue on a platform with a SMP, but this is spike trapped so don't bother trying to get that.


Now for those doors.  Two of them are merely traps and you will only be using the north door. The west door leads to a collapsible floor with a dead end and you will only meet a painful death on spikes below the floor. The east door leads to a dead end slope, and this is literally a 'dead' end because Lara will fall into a spike trap at the bottom of the slope never to return, so we are heading for the north door only!!!


North Wall Door


As you approach the north door a wraith will attack from the golden statue platform, so with the wraith now on your tail, run through the north door passage and jump the blade trap that pops out of the floor. Go to the end of the passage and nip out onto the green slope to trigger a boulder, and then hop back into the passage and wait for the boulder to pass. Return onto the green slope and run right to the bottom of it. Jump the hole in the floor at the bottom of the slope, and you will now be face to face with a barrage of swinging blades. Don't panic though, you can simply run right of the blades and Lara won't be harmed. Keep heading towards the east end of the room and run out onto the wooden collapsible tiles. Take a running jump to the circular blade in the east wall, and then time the circular blade to get into the room beyond.


There's a large pool in here, so jump in, wave goodbye to the wraith, and then pull out of the pool and climb the ladder on the east wall. At the top you will enter a stark room with pits in the floor. The first pit holds some dogs, and the second pit harbours three mummies. Jump the pits to the other side of the room, and then avoiding the wall darts ahead, enter the next east room and go up the stairs ahead to finish the level.


The End