Coming Home for Christmas

Level by Marion Hundertmark (December, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down a slope and enter the north tunnel. Follow the tunnel and just before the tunnel turns east, look up in the east ice wall for a crawl space. Drop down the other side and pick up the Hand of Orion #1. Exit and continue east down the tunnel. Cross some frozen water and exit into an open area. Go into the north-east corner behind the trees and pull up into another crawl space. Get down and go into a west tunnel to pull a wall switch. Roll and go through the open gate to pick up the Hand of Orion #2. You cannot get through the hole in the wall so exit back by the crawl space. When you get back outside, go south and find a hole in the wall that you can get into. On the other side is a picture of Santa Claus. There are no presents so just exit again. Continue east and find a tunnel hidden behind the trees. Follow the tunnel in the south wall. Just before a north tunnel and a slope, you can see a manger scene in a window of a building.

Slide down the slope and drop into a cave. Just follow the cave and emerge into an outside area with buildings and you hear church bells ringing. Go north for an entrance through the wall. If you go very far north, you can enter a cave and look through a closed gate at some houses at the bottom of a hill. Enter the wall and go north-west to a small building. Go to the west side and open the door. Enter the building and pick up a crowbar from the ledge. Use the crowbar to work the broken floor lever and exit the building. Go east around to the front of the large building and enter the open door.

Go to the south-west and push open the blue doors into the kitchen. Then return to the entrance and go west to push open blue doors. Push the south blue doors open for a short cut to the kitchen. Go west and the back door opens. The north door to the toilet also opens but there is nothing to find in there. Just beside the entrance are stairs. Go north and up the stairs. To the east is an empty bedroom. Go west and enter a library area with a closed door. Climb the bookshelves and go east into a crawl space and drop down on the other side. Go north to pull out a movable block from the north wall. Get behind the block into an alcove and pick up the Hand of Orion #3. Then go south to pull up onto a cabinet and into a crawl space. Drop down on the other side into a large room. Then go south to climb a box and pull up into an attic.

Go into both the north and south openings and press the two buttons. Go to the west wall and pull out a movable block. Enter the second attic area. Go into both the north and south openings and press another two buttons. Return to the library area and the door is open. Enter the room with a Christmas tree and some Christmas music plays. You can shoot the presents but they are empty. There is no end trigger but this is obviously the end.