Levels by Miguel

Walkthrough written and submitted with the author's permission, and then updated, by a gamer who wishes to remain anonymous, and later revised by Phil Lambeth.

Level 1: OUTSIDE

After an opening flyby showing a bunch of agitated guards, the level starts with Lara in a chamber.  Go up the stairs for some revolver ammo, then open the ceiling trapdoor and pull up into a street area with several side alleys.  Shoot a guard dog, enter the S area with the small yellow bus and look just behind it to get the CROWBAR. Exit this area; across the street there's an area N with two lamps and a park bench, go in and around the building to the right, down the stairs behind the building and find some flares in the room below. Exit and return to the main street, turn right, go straight W and you will see a couple of wooden crates.  Run toward them, passing on the right another long alley you will go down shortly.

As you come up to the group of crates you will see one that's much shorter than the others.  Step on the shorter crate and push the block in front two times, turn around and walk a step or two to the sewer cover and hit action to pull it open.  Use the ladder to climb down.  At the bottom you'll see a rusted door, use the crowbar to open it.  Enter and pull down the wall switch.  Climb back up to the alley, turn left and vault over the crate and go through the opened iron fence S.  Shoot another guard dog, go to the stacked crates in the SW corner and push the one on top to one side, exposing a shootable wall.  Shatter it and enter the alcove.  Push the block ahead and another attack dog hits you from behind.  After killing it, turn around and shoot another wall W to get the flares. 

Turn around, vault up onto the short crate E, turn right and shoot another wall.  Proceed forward and in the dark area ahead pick up the HANDLE (to the carjack you will later get).  Exit this area N (another dog attacks), turn right into the main street, then north up a slight hump into another alley. Walk slowly, as very close is an open sewer with greenish water.  Climb down into that opening, turn W and jump over to the area where the steam engines are and head north along the wall. Halfway up on the floor behind a steam machine are JIMMY'S GARAGE KEYS.  Pick them up and climb the ladder back up to the alley.

Head north up the alley and you will see a barbed wire entryway W with tri-angle supports on either side, look on the right side triangle in the dark area for the CANAL SYSTEM KEY, you may need to light a flare to see it.  Keep heading N along the alley and up the steps.  At the white cobblestone walkway turn left by a mail box, walk up the white sidewalk, you will see some laundry on a clothes line to the right, when you get to the wall turn right and go under a tree. You will be behind the clothes line, to the left is a crawl space, enter. In a dimly lit room you will find the LASER SIGHT. 

Exit and return to the main alley where the mailbox is, loop around the corner to your right and head west, you will see "Jimmy's Garage" go up and open the door with the keys.  As you enter you see a car ahead (not the one on the lift), look behind it in the shallow pit for the CAR-JACK BODY.   Go into the west room for the flares to the right.  Outside near the south wall is a floor lever that raises a nearby car lift, jump and grab the edge of it and pull up. In the dark south wall is a crawl space, jump and grab the entrance and pull in, turn around at the far end and climb down a ladder.  At the bottom on a crate is some revolver ammo.  Turn to face south and jump to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy to the right around two corner until you can pull up into a crawl space and get the DESERT EAGLE.   Drop down and climb the ladder back up to "Jimmy's Garage."

As you exit Jimmy's Garage two buzzard birds attack Lara, shoot them and continue out to the main alley and turn right, head south back to the open sewer.  Go down and jump in the water and swim up a bit to an underwater ledge (left) that you can stand on, stand there and face north.  Draw the combined lasersight and desert eagle and shoot until you have shot out a couple of those iron grates covering the underwater passage at the N end.  Go swimming again, through the grate, until you come to a "tee" and turn left and step up on the indented ledge, climb out.  Ahead in the dark area to the right is a ladder, climb the ladder and pull up, turn south and jump back and grab the ledge, shimmy to the right around three corners until you can pull up in an open area.

Turn around, jump up and grab the monkey swing on the ceiling and go north, as you near the far wall you turn right (drop down on the crate in the corner and save your game here).  Jump and grab, go about half way down, there's an opening to the left you can enter now, just head that way and Lara will drop when she's able to.  Now light a flare and run N down the passage.  In the left room there's a floor lever to push.  As you leave that room notice the greenish door, you'll be back later for that, exit the hall and just walk off the ledge at the end.  Turn east and you will see a grate has been raised in the corner in the water.  Use it to jump across the canal to the S side.

Turn left and use the Canal System Key to open the door.  Go up the steps to the left and continue until you come to another sewer pool.  Jump in and face the S ladder, under the column to the left is an underwater switch to pull.  Exit this area and go back down the stairs to where you used the key to open the door.  Jump in the water and swim back to the indented S ledge and climb out again.  Climb the ladder and shimmy around and repeat the monkey swing back to the opening around the corner to the left (again).  Down the dark hall the door to the right is now open.

Enter, go straight ahead and you will see a valve to turn and drain the sewer (see cutaway).  Exit this area and jump down S as you did before, jump back across to the open door over the water grate, enter (again) and head for the now-drained sewer.  Enter carefully this time (as the water is gone) and climb down the long ladder there.  Turn around at the bottom and you will see a floor lever to push that's up in an open area.  Push it, run across the drained sewer and see the gate is open and climb in.  Go forward and climb down to the water and swim up the long tunnel and climb out.  Go up the steep steps, turn right, at the end draw guns and shoot the black door ahead.  Turn right and shoot the next black door and climb down in there (cool music ).

You will see there are electric bolts emanating from the ceiling and floor.  As you enter (carefully) you will see some steam vents to the right and an electric box on the wall.  Draw your weapons, I used the guns but you can combine the lasersight and desert eagle to shoot the electric box on the wall that opens a gate to the left with a valve you can turn to turn the sprinkler on (cutaway). Make sure you have plenty of health and run S down the hall with the steam vents, trying to avoid too much damage, at the end climb up and pull the switch that turns off the electric bolts (cutaway). 

Go back there where the bolts were and use the combined desert eagle and lasersight to shoot the high valve on the north ceiling that fills the pool with water.  Jump in the pit beyond where the bolts were and there's an underwater ceiling switch to pull in an alcove on the left.  Exit the pool and return to the hall with steam vents, run down and climb up in an area to the left, at the end. Run down the passage, turn right, then right again and you will see a room with fire venting out of two places on the far wall.  Pick up the revolver ammo in the center of the room and turn right to see a floor grate.  Find the moveable crate and move it onto the grate to open a trap door in the ceiling.  Vault up onto the short crate in the center of the room and pull up through the hole in the ceiling. 

Crawl to the southwest corner and climb down past the flame blowers, vault up W into the alcove and climb up left to the hallway.  At the end turn right, go up the steps to the half bricked wall, there combine the Car-Jack Body with the Handle and use the CAR-JACK on the brick wall that opens the ceiling.  Climb out right and go N down the hall to the bluish area.  Jump down into a room where you will see two signs on the wall.  Drop down into the water hole in the floor in front of the "Museum" sign.  Jumping into the other hole in front of the "Trade, Inc." sign brings you back to a previously explored area at street level.  Swim along the passage until eventually a gate slams shut behind you and you're warped to the next level.



The level starts with Lara in the underwater tunnel, the gate has closed behind her.  Proceed forward and climb out in the small pool, exit the pool (cutaway showing some features of the room).  Go towards the north side of the room and pull aside the smaller vase on the floor (on the right side) to get the CHINESE ROOM KEYS.  Head to the west wall and open the small door into an office on the right side.  As you enter stop, combine the desert eagle and the laser sight and shoot the red light just above the electric box on the wall to the right of the desk (cutaway), it opens a door on the right.  Enter, pick up the revolver ammo, turn around and jump up to activate the jump switch on the wall above.  A guard is alerted, draw guns and shoot him and go back to the main room.

Go east toward the vase you moved and in the northeast corner is a small pool with a TORCH in it, get it and head west back toward the office you just left and turn left.  Pick up the flares near the electrified gate, look left and see a fire on one of the desks in the center office area.  Light the torch, head to the south wall where the gate has lifted.  As you approach, drop the torch and open the large doors in the center, pick up the torch, enter and go up the stairs and to the left. Light the lamp thing on the wall next to the doorway, leave the torch there where you can pick it up later and enter the room through the now open gate.  Turn right and push the block that's in the wall under the right side of the tapestry (you'll hear a door opening). 

Turn and go to the far end (stop for a small medipack next to the statue to your left) and turn right into a column-lined area and proceed up the stairs until you enter a higher and bluish room.  As you go through the room, between the rows of columns, you will need to shoot one of the large vases against the west wall (the one on the right), this opens a door behind the statue. Go through that door onto the balcony and turn left, combine the laser sight desert eagle and shoot the red light on the short wall there, you might need to light a flare to see it (cutaway).

Head back all the way downstairs to the main area (past where you left your torch) and toward the north wall, the gate is now open.  Enter and proceed upstairs, there are two closed gates at the end, use the Chinese Room Keys to open the door to the Chinese room on the left.  Enter and turn left, between the two guards is a glass case, get the CHINESE ROLL and turn right. Combine desert eagle and laser sight and shoot the head of the guard standing in the SE corner.  A trap door opens in the floor beneath a torch in the W wall, climb down the lattice panel, find the switch on the E wall and pull it down (notice another wall switch behind a glass wall that you can't reach).

Exit back up the lattice panel, in the northeast corner a gate is open, leading to a winding purple stairway, go up and shoot the guard on the way.  As you go up, stop the first time you turn to the left and jump and activate the jump switch above the stairs to open the door at the top.  Proceed up, as you enter this black and white tiled area, you will see a very dark area in the southwest corner with glowing embers (harmless), go there and pick up the FLOOR KEY (cutaway).

Exit this area all the way back down the stairs, all the way to the main lobby area and head to the south wall door and head up the stairs, turn left past your torch into the Roman room and loop around to the right into an alcove and activate the jump switch high up in the N wall.  The gate across the hall is now open, pick up your torch and enter there and light three candles around the room (a bell rings), pull the invisible pull switch on the north wall bookcase (middle section), head to the southeast corner and climb up and turn to see a lock in a pinkish area.  Ignore for now the opening in the W wall.  Jump up and use the Floor Key, jump down into the now open tunnel leading S.

Proceed along the passage and climb the far wall, at the top of the third panel back flip onto a ledge.  Turn and proceed carefully, there's a spike pit about halfway down the tunnel, side flip or jump over the pit and enter the room with overhead walkways.  Jump up and grab a walkway and pull up into a glassed-in area to get the TRIDENT.  Exit this area, go back over the spike pit and down to the library, exit and enter the black and white tiled room across the hall and turn left and then right up the stairs you used before.   Go all the way up again, in between the columns and put the trident on the statue (cutaway). 

Jump across the now open flooded area around it and back down all the way to the main lobby area and head to the north wall.  Shoot a guard, enter the Chinese room (again, up the stairs and left) and the trap door on the right of the altar against the W wall is now open.  Climb down and pull the wall switch, exit up and out back to the hall, the E gate to the India room is open. Enter and find a small door to the left with the letters "WC" over it.  Open it and enter there, halfway down find the grate near the ceiling to your right, combine the desert eagle and laser sight and shoot it.  Climb up into the crawl space and proceed, enter the room beyond and push the floor lever (cutaway). 

Exit back to the India room.  To the immediate left is a block in the E wall to pull out, move it onto  the nearest light square on the floor, go into the alcove where that block was move the second block onto the other light square on the floor.  A SE door opens to a pinkish area, enter and go up the stairs and shoot the dog that comes down.  Continue up and enter a small room, shoot the guard and shoot the center glass pane and enter the control room.  Push the floor lever (cutaway) and exit, shooting another guard on the way, go down the stairs and out of the India room NW and downstairs into the main lobby. 

Find the pool in the northwest corner (fight past the plants) and swim down a hole there, you will enter a drained pool with a floor lever.  Push it (cutaway) and go back to the main lobby, go to the south wall and up the steps to the library on the right.  Enter the opening straight ahead (the one you ignored earlier), between the two candles you lit earlier and up the steps, shooting a guard along the way.  Enter the room and in the dark opening on the right pull the wall switch in the doorway and enter a small office.  Shoot the dog, pick up the BABYLON ROOM KEY on the floor.  Exit back down the stairs (noting the closed gate in the far wall) into the main hallway and across to the black and white tiled Roman room.

Turn left and then right at the far corner, back up the stairs to the trident statue, the pool around it is now drained.  Drop down and pull the switch beneath the statue.  Pull up out of the drained pool and jump up into the east doorway, enter the dark area and pick up the EGYPT ROOM KEY.  Jump out and exit to the main lobby (again).  Go to the gate with the electric bolts in the west wall, use the Babylon Room Key and the Egypt Room Key in the receptacles on the columns to open the gate.  Don't enter yet, the electric bolts will cook Lara, so go up as close as you can on the right side, combine the desert eagle and the laser sight and shoot the red light thing high on the left wall.  Back up and go south around the corner to the now open office and jump up straight ahead and pull the switch to turn the electricity off (stand there for a second).  Exit there and go out around and now it's safe to enter the Egyptian room and go up the red carpeted stairs.   You'll soon be warped to the next level.



After the flyby, turn left and proceed down the steps.  Light a flare when you reach a darkish area on the wall to the right towards the end.  Locate the crawl space, climb up and in and exit into a small room with a floor lever and various cabinets and things.  Push the lever (cutaway), then walk up to each of the four cabinets, step back once in front of each one and hit "CTRL" to get the goodies (revolver ammo W wall, MILITARY JEEP KEY S wall, two small medipacks E wall), beside the gold casket there's a glass case in the NW corner, draw guns and shoot it for the WINDING KEY for the beetle. Climb back up in the crawlspace after noting the closed gate and exit to the hall, continue S into the next room with an orange glow.  In the far corner there's an open doorway, enter, on the right is a glass case and a small vase you can shoot for a small medipack.  The one on the left is empty.

On the far wall there are two large vases on a high shelf, shoot both to lower a block to the left of the vases, enter and proceed down the steps to the bottom and push the floor lever (cutaway), ignore for now the open gateway and go back up the stairs to the previous room.  Continue N the way you came until you reach some stairs.  Go down the stairs and into a blue room with tiered fountains in the far wall.  On the right side of the fountain is a pool tunnel you need to enter.  Swim to the end of the passage, climb out and run down to the end and combine the desert eagle and laser sight to shoot the iron grill above.  Climb up the climbable wall and enter the next room, go up to the cabinet and step back, hit "CTRL" and get the EGYPT ROOM KEY. 

Exit this room (again noting the closed gate), go back down the hall and swim back to the blue fountain room where two guards are now waiting, shoot them and pick up revolver ammo one guard drops.  Exit this room, go up the stairs you came in from (the SW area is for later), all the way down to the room with closed doors, the one on the left has a keyhole in the S wall.  Use the Egypt Room Key to open the doors, then enter a room with a pushblock puzzle.  Pull three green blocks out one time each, one in the south wall, one on the other side of the column on the east side and one in the west wall.  This raises some blocks to climb, and a trap door at the top opens, climb up W and pull through the opened trap door.

Head down the hall, a door opens at the end and just before you enter, pick up the TORCH at your feet.  Enter the room and light it from a flame nearby, note the key on the burning platform and walk over to the SE corner next to the spike pit.  Light the rope and hop back, when the rope burns the boulder will fall into the spike pit and break the glass case below (cutaway).  Walk up to the pit and jump and grab the climbable wall across, go up into the passage and push the floor lever and return down carefully, climb down and back flip to clear the spike pit.   Climb up onto the now-safe block and pick up the BABYLON ROOM KEY.  Exit this area all the way down to the main room again, turn left and enter the room in the SW corner again and now you will be pursued by biting beetles.

Go to the tunnel entrance in the corner and run down past the floor lever you pulled earlier and into the pool area to your right, jump in the pool to lose the beetles and climb out (or jump if you landed on the center area), run through the mummy door in the left side of the W wall and down the hall.  Turn left in the next room and enter the broken glass case to retrieve the MECHANICAL SCARAB.  Return to the previous room, on the north wall there's a dark tan colored column you can climb up (just to the right of the doorway).  More beetles emerge, so lose them in the pool before continuing.  When you reach the white block, shift right around the corner and drop down onto the ledge, the door in the N wall opens as you approach it, follow the passage until you reach the spike field.

Combine the Mechanical Scarab and the Winding Key and place it the big black dot in the scarab tile.  When the spikes have been triggered, pick up the artifact at the other end, then run a ways down (ignore the mummy that pops out of a coffin) and use it again on another spike floor.  Continue along the passage until you reach a door that opens upon your approach.  Go out onto a balcony where a guard shoots at you, if you have any desert eagle ammo you can shoot him, he's down below on the left side floor, if you don't have much ammo just go ahead and push the floor lever to the left, pull your guns and start shooting until he dies or you can't see him any more.  Safety jump down, if he's still alive, continue to shoot and jump in the pool again if more lingering beetles are biting Lara.

The casket door or mummy door is open on the right side of the west wall now.  Enter carefully, it's dark and there are chopping scissor blades you need to pass, go to the end and pick up the ASSYRIAN ROOM KEY, turn and carefully exit past the blades.  Go out NW and all the way back across the long hallway you started from to the bluish fountain room, head to the southwest corner of that room and see a padlocked gate on one side.  You can shoot it now but there's nothing to do up that hall until later, so turn right and run down the long hall and around to the right.  Jump onto the block and use the Babylon Room Key to open the nearby gate.  As you enter, Lara is looking up to a blue column (N) in the middle of the room, climb up halfway and back flip on the block to get a small medipack.  Jump down and head to the northwest doorway.

As you approach the entrance, you notice a block sink down in front of a floor lever, preventing access to it.  You need to get it back up so here's how, from the entrance jump onto the slightly darker-colored tile in front of the switch (between the wall and the sunken block), next jump to the tile to the right of the switch (also darker colored), next jump over to the darker tile in the far southeast corner.  You can turn now and see that the block is up, jump over to it and push the floor lever. (If you touch any other tiles along the way it ruins the puzzle and you can jump three times to the right to reset it and the white block with the switch is neutral, meaning you can step on it without messing up the puzzle.) 

Exit and go back to the main hall where the three large doors are in the Egyption expo, and the NW door is now open.  Go in and push the floor lever (cutaway) and exit to the main room, enter the SW room and make your way back down to the pool room, then through the left-side mummy door to the large glass case where the boulder fell and get the small medipack and revolver ammo in the open SW alcove.  Exit this room and head up the steps and down the hallway all the way N to the blue fountain area.  Turn left and in the far southwest corner, turn in and if you haven't shot the padlock, do so now and head up the passage and use the Assyrian Room Key at the end of the hallway.

Enter this area and look around, you see a pedestal in the center with laser beams protecting it. Go to the door on the west wall and use the crowbar to open it and enter.  Head over and push the floor lever ahead (the white block ahead will be lowered soon) and exit back to the laser beam room.  The lasers are now off, so shoot the glass case and pick up SENAQUERIB'S PRISMA (whatever that is) (cutaway of guards running and music).  A guard enters from the east door, shoot him and turn around and go back to the west wall door and enter the now opened hallway.  As you proceed around each corner a guard appears, so be ready with guns drawn.

After two guards are dealt with you will come to a pole you can grab and slide down, but be prepared, there are three bad men down below shooting out of alcoves and lobbing grenades at Lara.  If you have any desert eagle bullets, now's the time to use them.  Anyway, just shoot and shoot until they're all gone, you won't be able to kill the one inside the gate until you're in the jeep.  Once they're all dead, use the Military Jeep Key and start it up and drive forward, crashing through the south wall.  You can turn around and head back and run into the other gate to kill the last guard (or not).  if you do, just head back south and follow the passage until you reach a short brick wall, get out and jump through the opening in the gate to the next level.



After a flyby featuring a hot-air balloon in a desert scene with some nice eastern music, turn around behind the jeep and go through a small area to get the JEEP KEY and SENAQUERIB'S PRISMA in the alcove.  Exit back to the jeep and hop in.  Go left then high around the perimeter of the structure, a guy starts to shoot at Lara from far up, get to a safe place at the end and get out to go hunt for him after opening two crowbar doors in the W wall.  After you shoot him, find the small pool with a fountain and climb up on the right side.  Not sure if this is the best way to do this but dive between the two trucks, just keep diving over and over till you make it through (or use side flips), took me four times.  Then run up the sand dune and turn left, climb up and climb up again and run north along the ledge, to the end, turn east and run until you can jump down on the raised sand area below. Slide down the sand and push the floor lever and light a flare to see the SE ladder.

Climb up, turn around back up and run and jump back on the sand bar and make your way back to the jeep.  Find a narrow door that's open (between the two crowbar doors you opened earlier) with a narrow passage.  Get in the jeep and drive down and fall through a phantom wooden platform to a lower surface.  Continue forward until you reach a long series of ramps you now need to go up.  Start up slowly and carefully stop (use the ? key and the shift keys) carefully stop, back up and turn, go forward, stop and back up, and so on, after every successful turn, SAVE YOUR GAME!!  When you reach the top you will go through an opening and crash through a wooden platform (which means you couldn't have done all this on foot and been able to continue) and drop down a short distance, you will need to exit the jeep and climb the block wall (cutaway).

Run forward and down to the left and immediately take cover behind a column, machine guns are firing away.  Head west down the alley and drop down into a pit below, strike a flare, go north and jump up and pull down a trap door.  Climb out S and make it to a green garage area across the sand.  Locate the crawl space in the dark NE corner, crawl in and make your way to a small medipack and the MINE DETONATOR (which I never found any use for).  Go no further after picking up the Mine Detonator, or you'll be blown up.  Turn around, return to the garage (a masked dude is waiting for you at the end of the crawl space), shoot a small crate and jump in the area in front of a barrel and shoot a larger crate for revolver ammo (the door to the nearby alcove opens).  Shoot the large barrel next to it, enter the alcove and shoot some more crates for a small medipack, a guard will come there so be ready to shoot him.

Exit the alcove and push the other barrel away to expose the rope gun ammo under it.  Pull the wooden crate next to the barrel to expose a button in the N wall, push it to put blinders on the machine guns and go toward them now to get the TEMPLE STAR near the NE corner.  Get the nearby large medipack and go past the blinded sentry guns, head toward the west, toward the far green panel and the NW opening between those two structures (save your game now). Proceed through and down a short sand bar, run and jump the barricade (land mines) and enter the next room with the stone beasts and use the Temple Star on the far wall.

A door opened above you, pull up into the passage and proceed to the end, you will see a number of columns you will need to jump across, the problem is, there are boulders overhead that drop after Lara is on the block a second or two.  Here's what I did, a boulder doesn't fall on the first block forward so jump to it.  Walk to the west edge straight ahead, and take a standing jump and grab the edge of the block ahead, shimmy to the opposite side and pull up.  Immediately take a rolling back flip and grab the edge of the next block.  Pull up and jump (real quick) to the ledge ahead and you're safe now (you might have to grab the edge, I landed in the space here).

Go in and push the floor lever, turn left and go through the gate that opens upon your approach and do the same routine twice more (the first block is safe each time) (I had to grab the edge at the end of the last one).  After the third trip, you reach a gate E that opens into a green area.  Go up the steps and the large doors open, keep going up the steps all the way, go around the corner until the room opens up (cutaway).  Go forward to the blue area ahead and head down the stairs, a masked dude is waiting, shoot him, as he fades away he will leave you the ROPEGUN.  Pick it up, also pick up ropegun ammo in the corner where the stairs get wider.

Proceed down the steps, just beyond the spider web you will see a lava pit, combine the Ropegun and the laser sight and shoot a grill overhead. (if you can't see it, put the binoculars on and hit "CTRL" and it will glow green.)  Climb the rope and start swinging toward the tall column ahead, after reaching the apex of your swing, wait until Lara is starting to go back and then jump off.  When you arrive safely, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing toward the door in the N wall (be sure to stay on the brick textures or Lara fall will fall to her death).  As you approach the wall the door opens.  Release at the end and grab the wall on your way down.  Climb down and release to grab the opening. 

Pull into the passage, turn right and go down the E hallway to the end, where you'll find another lava room with cauldrons swinging.  Stand on the edge, step back once and jump to the first block, walk up as far as you can (without getting pushed off) and jump to the next block, do this until the last one, now you have to step back and time a running jump, using the action key to glide into the opening.  Go in and meet Mister Hammer Man whom you can't kill (cutaway).  Run in and find where he came from (N alcove), there's a place in there where Lara can turn and jump and climb a ladder up to the upper balconies.  As you come out, look up and see two darker squares, you need to shoot these with the Ropegun, sometimes it only take one shot (with explosive ammo) for both ropes, you might have to shoot twice.

Then walk out onto the platform to trigger two guards that start shooting at you from the ledge to your right.  Shoot them, go back up, run/jump and grab the nearer rope on the right and swing to the ledge on the right side (where the guards were).  Run left to the floor lever in the SW corner and push it (listen for a door opening nearby).  Come back and get ready to jump to the closest ledge to the right, line up on the dark statue at the far ledge and run and jump (or use the rope), do it again on the next right balcony E.  When you arrive, you'll alert two more guards.  Go to the dark area at the NE corner and find a floor lever to push (cutaway of a boulder dropping from the ceiling).  Safety drop down and run to the SE corner pool and jump in, swim up the N tunnel and pick up the SEASHELL in the dark area about halfway down, exit out the other side and climb out on the W side of the pool.  Run to the S steps and go up to the opening, jump left to avoid falling down one of many trap holes here.

Now it's time to do a movable block puzzle.  Make your way to the middle and slide down the pole, in the bottom there's one block that will not move, it shows you the relative position where all other blocks should be place (i.e., diagonally opposite the golden wreath tile).  Move the other three blocks to where they belong and climb the pole go back up to the upper area and do the same thing (cutaway).  There is now a small door open in the S wall, go in and up a ramp.  No boulder trap, but at the top be certain to turn around and slide backwards down the other side.  Lara's feet will find a wall at the end.  Shift the left around the corner and all the way to the now open door and climb in, go to the big room and the blue doors NW are open now.

Enter and safety drop in the large pit in the middle of the room, draw weapons and be prepared, four panthers want to eat you, after you kill them search for a short climbable wall SE with a floor lever at the top.  Push it, then go back to the light rectangle area and be elevated back up to the room you came from.  In the northwest corner there is an opening with a greenish glow, jump up and push the floor lever and get the TORCH on the outer ledge.  Return to the main room, run to the northeast corner and hop onto the green block to light the torch.  Exit this room, and turn right to a barred doorway with a small blackish pot on the lower step, light that pot and go back up the steps and put the torch down so you can get it later if necessary.

Go back down and stand on the edge of the opening (transparent platforms).  Take a standing jump to the first block from the middle of the opening (light a flare), walk over to the left side edge, angle Lara to the left a little and take a standing jump to the higher platform, walk forward and jump and grab the edge of the upper platform and pull up, stand in the center of this one and jump to the next (rightish) or you can run, Lara will just step up in the corner if she's running, (facing the pinkish doorway) stand on the edge of that side and do a standing jump to the lower block that you can't see, walk forward and jump and grab the upper block, pull up. Walk over to the left corner edge as the NW door opens, face the opening and jump and grab it, pull up and walk forward, then right through a opening (angled block), follow to a floor lever and push it, this opens another door in the main hall but also releases a horde of glowing green scarabs that want to nibble on Lara, so go back to the opening where the transparent blocks are.

You need to go back the way you came, here's how, turn around, turn left then right, right again, go through the angled block and turn left, walk to the edge, angle Lara slightly to the left and jump to the transparent block, walk to the south edge and just walk off the side, Lara will land on the block below, walk to the south edge and stand, jump and grab the higher block, you can just run to the next block to the left, or stand in the middle and jump left, Lara will land in the middle of the next block, turn east and walk to the edge and walk off, Lara will land on the lower block, walk to the edge and angle Lara so she's pointing to the doorway and step back once, jump and land on the lower block in front of the door, walk to the edge, towards the door and jump, press Ctrl and grab and pull in. 

Walk up the steps, straight across you will go down the hall with green floor and turn left (N), walk in slowly and you will get a cutaway.  The room is full of darts or lasers, and the brown areas on the floor are breaktile traps that Lara will fall in and be burned, so make sure she has plenty of health and run to the left or right all the way to the end, jumping as much as possible, pick up a second SENAQUERIB'S PRISMA on the blackish block and push the floor lever you can see in the far corner (cutaway).  Light a flare and go to the NW corner to find a climbable ladder, go to the top and shift to the left until you can see Lara's shadow on the floor and let go, Lara will land on the floor there.  Turn around and go forward, turn right and walk slowly to the edge of the darkness and press Ctrl, Lara will grab the ZIP line and slide down the rope to the end, continue holding Ctrl at the end so that Lara grabs the pole, and slide down the pole to the green floor hall.

Turn and go west and turn left before the blue room.  Go up the ramped hall, all the way to the end, jump and grab the ledge and crawl in (you have to grab and let go and press grab/crawl/forward key and Lara will pull in).  Turn around at the end and climb down into the large room.  In the cutaway the black ball crashed into the pit, broke through the floor and caused it to be flooded, so now you can jump in and swim.  Swim to the lower blue area and go west to the gate, it will open when Lara approaches.  Enter, and a shark will start after you, so return, climb out and shoot him.  Here's how you go get the second SEASHELL, enter the tunnel and turn left, then right, right then left, left again and you can pick up the shell. 

Return to the surface and get a breath of air, there's a small tunnel in the S wall of the water shaft (not the cave below), swim in and turn left to a place where Lara can stand up, turn to the north wall and climb up the ladderl, enter the crawl space and return to the main room.  Go to the west blue floor hall and now the door is open to another hallway, enter and go right, all the way down the steps.  At the very end there's a push block you need to push twice to get into the room where you place the Seashells (N) and the Prismas (S).  After placing all four, a brief earthquake shakes the room and a hole opens up in the middle of the floor.

Safety drop down to the room below and look for a block with a pinkish glow, go over and climb up and pick up SENAQUERIB'S CROWN (cutaway).  Turn and go to the N wall that lowered in the cutaway and climb up, then again to a green tunnel, go around to the left to the end and climb the wall to the bright sunny sky and the sandy courtyard.  Go forward and that's that, you did it!! Wasn't that a great level??