Level by Emoeke (Garfield)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with thanks to Val for locating two secrets I'd missed.

Lara begins by sliding down a steep trough into a lake, where a trio of crocodiles lies in wait. Swim to your right and look for a place near the NE corner where you can pull up onto the east bank. Pick up the UZIS and dispose of the crocs at your leisure. Then jump back into the water and look for the flares on the sandy floor near the NW corner and some uzi ammo near the NE corner. Look for the small wall opening near the SE corner and swim into the next area where you'll encounter a fourth croc. Nowhere to pull out here, so swim past it and pause for the small medi-pack near the north wall.

Look for the wall slot near the NW corner and swim up through the passage. You don't have far to go, and it's possible to entice the croc to follow you, so do that if you're looking for maximum kills. However, you need to watch out for two wart hogs that come to greet you when you pull out into a subterannean cavern. When all the enemies have been vanquished, jump back into the water hole and swim to the previous underwater cavern. Locate the small floor opening in the nearby south wall and swim into the alcove for SECRET #1. Pick up the revolver ammo and crossbow arrows, then return to the subterannean cavern where you shot the wart hogs and locate some uzi ammo near the NW corner. Continue through the opening at the NE corner.

Watch the extended flyby through the next area, then move forward toward the large building to the north. (You can climb up onto the roof of the building behind you if you like, but there's nothing to do or pick up there.) Head over to the NW area in front of the building, where there's a cliff dropping off into a lake that surrounds most of the building. You can drop down onto a ledge and dispose of two crocs before jumping into the water for some flares near the SE corner. You can't swim all the way around the building because of the strong current at the NW corner, but there's an opening in the east wall that you can swim into. Follow the short passage under the building and swim past the opening you see above you. Turn right at the bend for SECRET #2 and the CROSSBOW.

Flip turn and swim back to the shaft leading up to an air hole. Pull up into a central room protected by a skeleton and a wart hog. Nothing much you can do about the skeleton right now, but at least you can kill the wart hog while trying to dodge the skeleton. The south door leading to the lake opened when you climbed out of the water hole, but there's no need to go that way. Instead, go to the east doorway and climb up onto either one of the blocks at the entrance. Take a standing jump and grab to the opposite ledge and pull up. Turn to face south and take a standing jump to the adjacent ledge if appropriate. Then take a running jump to the ledge in the SE corner. Turn to face west and take a running jump to the long ledge against the south wall.

Run to about the middle of the ledge, turn to face north and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing all the way across the room and release at the north wall to land on the companion ledge.
Turn left and walk to the westerly edge, and from there take a running jump to the ledge in the NW corner. Turn left and take a running jump to a block against the west wall. Climb up onto the block ahead, turn left and walk out to the easterly edge. Take a standing jump and grab the hole in the ceiling. Pull up onto the roof and run across into the east alley. A screen shot shows a closed door in a courtyard elsewhere. Pick up the REVOLVER, then reverse roll and go to the south edge overlooking the lake. Angle Lara to the left and jump to the veranda for some revolver ammo. You can jump around to the east side of the roof, but there doesn't appear to be anything productive for you to do on that end.

Go back to the hole in the roof, facing west with the hole behind you, and hop back and grab the west edge. Release and grab the edge of the block below. Pull up and drop down either side to the ledge below and then hop to the floor. Go through the opening in the east wall and enter an open-air alley. Kill the wart hog that charges at you from your right, then continue east along the alley. When you reach the sleeping skeleton, make a hairpin turn to the right and pull up into the crawl space. Turn around and lower Lara down into the trench, then run over to pick up the LASER SIGHT. A cut scene shows a grate rattling up in the alley outside. Go back outside via the crawl space, and you find that you've been joined by another wart hog and a skeleton. Kill the wart hog, then combine the revolver and laser sight and shoot off the skeleton's head so that it ceases bothering you.

Go to the opening above the ramp in the north wall of the alley and treat it as you would a crawl space. Lower Lara down the other side, reverse roll and pull up into the next room. Turn left to awaken a skeleton at the west end and shoot off its head as it comes your way. Then turn to face the south wall to the right of the entrance. Jump up and grab the crack, and shimmy to your right until you're able to pull up into a crawl space. Pick up the HORSEMAN'S GEM, then crawl back and drop down to the floor. Turn left and run into the east room. You'll hear the snapping sound of a spike trap, which now fill the trench ahead of you. Go down the passage to the left and insert the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle. Immediately reverse roll and run back to the trench, turn left and run across the raised trap doors to the other side. You have only a few seconds before the trap doors lower again, so you need to be quick about it.

Turn to your left and pick up the small medi-pack, then reverse roll and run into the next room south. Pick up the SHOTGUN in the far left corner, then shoot out the barrier in the east opening. Go into the open-air courtyard, wake up the skeleton in the corner to your left and shoot off its head to confuse it mightily. Now find the ramp to the left of the entrance and stand with your nose in the west wall. Jump up to grab the edge of the roof, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge in the east wall. Pull up and grab the large medi-pack and a 10-pack of explosive crossbow arrows. Safety drop to the floor and go through the doorway marked "Egyptian Adventure."

Take a hairpin turn to the right and enter a room with the pyramid exhibit. Climb up onto the block in the NE corner and use the crawl space to access a bare room with a burning wall torch. Locate the SW alcove and take the TORCH from the closed trap door. Light the torch and set fire to the rope holding the boulder. After the boulder drops and breaks through the trap door, hop down into the hole for SECRET #3 and another SHOTGUN, some flares, shotgun and uzi ammo, and a large medi-pack. Climb out of the hole and crawl back out to the pyramid exhibit. Go over to the coffin standing up near the SW corner and say hello to the mummy that pops out. It keeps trying to get its head screwed on straight, but there's nothing you can do to help it out.

Use your combined revolver and laser sight to shoot the lock in the door at the NW corner. The door then swings open automatically, so go inside and pick up the GATE KEY at the north end of the room. The other keys hanging on the hooks belong to someone else, so leave them alone. Return to the pyramid exhibit and enter the west passage. You'll be greeted by the polite warning of a spike trap, so don't venture too far inside. There are two bays of targets in the large west alcove. You can climb up onto either block to your right or left and obliterate all targets with a single explosive bolt (two at the most) from your crossbow. When all the targets are gone and all the remaining spike traps have been triggered, hop down to the floor (don't try to jump over the spikes, or you'll die), step through the spike field, taking some unavoidable damage, and pick up the TOKEN on the floor near the west wall.

The wall receptacle under the jackal head in front of you refuses to receive the Token, so climb up into the alcove where the targets were and run to the far right corner for another crossbow. Return through the spike field to the pyramid exhibit and you'll find that another skeleton has been awakened. Dispose of it by your preferred method and continue to the stairs on the south side of the room. Run up the stairs, and at the top you'll pass by two stars that are plastered to the wall on either side. Now where is that crowbar when you need one? Continue to the end of the passage and jump to the ladder. Climb down to a new room. Run past the receptacle for an artifact you don't yet have, and go down the east passage. Turn left and find the slot for your Token, whereupon a rope uncoils to your left.

Climb the rope and back flip into the upper room. Pick up the flares in the NW corner and the CROWBAR in the SW corner. Climb back down the rope or simply safety drop to the area below. Go back to the ladder in the previous room and climb back up. Back flip near the top, go down the south passage and follow until you reach those two GOLDEN STARS you passed by earlier. Pry them off with your crowbar and go back down the ladder. Insert one of the Golden Stars in the receptacle to open the sliding grate to your left. Vault up inside and pick up the ORNATE HANDLE. You hear the sound of a dropping trap door, so hop back down to the ground and go around the central structure to the NW corner.

Safety drop into an area you've already visited. Go through the west doorway and turn left. Return to the open-air alley and turn right. You'll awaken a skeleton as you approach the west doorway, so take care of it before entering. Back in the central room, exit through the south doorway and jump into the lake. Swim around to the right and pull up onto the landing facing the east doors. Use the Gate Key to open the middle door, and step inside to pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY. (You didn't really need that shotgun ammo blocked by the opened door, did you? But actually, thanks to Val, you can swim back around to the previous doorway and open this door from the other side, then claim your ammo.)

Go back out and jump into the lake, swim back around and pull up onto the landing facing the north doors. You may have been joined by another croc; if so, pause to deal with it before going back inside. Go across the room to the doors in the north wall. Combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy to form the PORTAL GUARDIAN, and use it on the vacant pole to your right to open the middle north door. You now have access to a part of the lake from which you were blocked earlier by the strong current. Dive into the water and swim over to the right. Pull up onto the east bank and run over to pick up the revolver ammo.

Go to the east opening and run down the ramp into an outdoor alley. Deal with the awakened skeleton and climb up onto one of the south blocks. Turn and pull up to the ledge above. Turn to face north, jump up and grab the underside of the bridge, and monkey swing over to the north side. Release and continue through the crawl space. On the other side, turn left and follow the balcony to a ledge in the west wall. Pull up onto the higher ledge, turn right and run over to the little trash can where you'll find the PHAROS KNOT. Jump over the trash can and pick up the shotgun ammo. Retrace your steps and hop down to the lower ledge. From there, safety drop to the courtyard below and shoot two wild boars. While your weapons are out, shoot the barrier in the east opening and enter another courtyard.

There are passages to the north and south, but first use the ladder in the west wall to gain the higher alcove. Turn left and climb up onto the adjacent ledge, then run across to the opposite alcove for a small medi-pack. Return to the north end of the ledge and take a standing jump and grab to the opening of the passage above. Pull up and run into the next room. Note the closed trap door in the floor of the NE corner and then use your other Golden Star in the receptacle in the west wall. The door in rhe SW corner opens silently, so go inside and pry the BROKEN BEETLE off the wall at the end of the passage. Reverse roll and quickly run back to the NE corner, where the timed trap door has lowered. Jump into the hole before the door is raised, and you'll be rewarded with SECRET #4, uzi, shotgun and revolver ammo, some flares and a small medi-pack. Once you get through safely, the trap door lowers again and stays down, so climb back out of the hole and return to the SE opening.

Run off with grab to land on the ledge below, hop back into the alcove and either climb or hop down to the floor. The south passage leads back to territory you've already explored, so take the north passage at a water hole. Jump in and swim down for some uzi ammo, and continue up for some flares in the NE corner. There's an air hole nearby, but you can't use it to climb out anyway. Swim back to the south passage near the spot where you picked up the uzi ammo, and follow it until you can turn left into a side passage. (If you continued straight ahead you'd come to a room lined with darts and a closed door at the far end.) When you reach the end (a strong current prevents you from swimming back the other way), pull out of the trench on either side and take care of the skeleton that materializes at the NE corner of this room. Go behind the column near the north wall and pick up a small medi-pack. Another skeleton will appear, so deal with it as well.

Locate the ladder on the south face of the pillar near the west wall and climb up to the sun-splashed area above. There are stairs leading up to the east and to the west. Go up the east stairs, but stop at the top and don't go past the first face tile on the wall. Jump up to grab the ceiling, and monkey swing over the deadly spikes. Release and draw weapons immediately to kill the croc that's scurrying about below. Then kill two more crocs that are swimming about in the pool ahead. Jump into the water and pick up the uzi ammo and shotgun ammo. Monkey swing back over the spikes, run down the stairs and insert the Pharos Knot in the receptacle to the left of the west stairs.

Run up the west stairs and crawl under the dart gauntlet to the other side. From the west edge take a standing jump and grab to the central structure in the next room. Look up to see all the goodies you'll get to in just a minute, and pick up the small medi-pack. Hop down to the floor (unless you can kill it from up here) and draw weapons to kill the squealing wild boar that's running around below. Climb back up to the top of the central structure and go over to the NE corner. Face the crawl space and take a running jump and grab to it. Pull up and crawl forward, making a horseshoe turn to the left until you get to that area above the central structure for SECRET #5. Pick up the flares, large medi-pack, revolver ammo and two stashes of grenade gun ammo.

Crawl back out and continue east past the opening. You'll eventually get back to the pool room just beyond the spike trap you navigated earlier. Monkey swing back over the spikes, drop down, run down the stairs and jump into the hole next to the north wall that leads down to the water. Swim west, take the left at the bottom of the dip, and continue south all the way to the other end. Crawl under the dart gauntlet and enter the now open south doorway. Follow the passage to a ladder and climb up to the higher passage. Run past a bunch of face tiles into an open area, go through the arched opening to the west and deal with the skeleton that awakens in the next room.

Locate the ladder in the SE corner and step over the sleeping skeleton to climb up to a a higher passage. Follow it around to a ledge in the previous area and pick up the shotgun ammo. Pull up into the north passage and use the crawl space to access a dark room where you can pick up some flares, a small medi-pack and some uzi ammo. Now use the west crawl space in this room that leads to SECRET #6. Pick up the large medi-pack, some grenade gun ammo and crossbow arrows. Crawl all the way back to the open courtyard area and run along the ledge to the other side. Follow the passage to the high opening overlooking the next courtyard, and instead of climbing back down the ladder jump down to the ledge below. Jump across to another ledge, turn right and go over to pick up the crossbow arrows.

Safety drop to the floor. Yes, of course the sleeping skeleton is now awake, so deal with it. Go through the west opening and follow the passage past some grated windows to your right until you reach an opening leading to the outside. Kill the two wild boars, then run across the sandy ground. Look to your right for a flat niche in the wall. Stand facing the wall below the right side of the niche, where you can get to just a little higher elevation, and hit the action and up arrow key at the same time. You'll climb up onto the niche for SECRET #7 and the GRENADE GUN. Drop back down to the ground and jump into the water. Swim forward until the current grabs you and carries you away to the exit trigger.