Race Level

Level by Gary

Walkthrough by DJ Full

1. All the doors in this level open automatically. No single lever switch in this game.
2. No additional medipacks as well.


Turn around. Pick up Nitrous Oxide Feeder from behind the motorbike. Mount it on in the motorbike. To do so: get as close to the bike as you can from its right side and DON'T press Action. If you do so, you will just enter the vehicle. To use the item, You have to enter the inventory and select Nitrous Oxide Feeder from it.




Location 1
Optionally, kill 2 friendly soldiers. Get around the smashable wall. You can't smash it without a bike.

Location 2
Kill 2 SASes, watch out for the sentry and pass by the pit.

Location 3 (the hardest one)
Two sentrys on your both sides as you enter. Two SASes on your both sides as you proceed. And two soldiers on your both sides as you exit. Dash to the exit and slowly finish them all from there.

Location 4
Leave two pits behind you, jump over the next one, kill 5 soldiers (use dunes as a cover, as you're able to shoot through the sand!) and 1 green dino and go through a maze of steel while avoiding 3 sentrys. I strongly advise bypassing the main route by jumping through the steel bars on the right side of the canyon. This way you'll minimize the damage. (I accidentally saved in this moment with blinking lifebar and no medikits. Doh!)

Location 5
Climb the pipe ramp and choose one of 3 routes:
a) left one - avoid 4 spikeballs and jump over one more pit
b) middle one - there is another dino to kill on the other side of the ramp and 5 more soldiers to murder in the from the distance or by jumping up and down to shoot them over the pipe. When you're done, jump over one more pit,
c) right one - quite safe, but it joins with the end of the middle one. Not recommended.

Location 6
Use the right wall of the canyon to avoid another sentry and next pit. Slide down the dune. Roll and go back to the top of the dune to trigger enemies and escape from their range as fast as you can. Shoot the dino and two SASes, keeping the distance. Make it over the next pit. These two guys you can clearly see from up here ignore you. Take the advantage. Switch to manual and wipe them out.

Location 7
Before you enter the door, activate the soldiers, go back and escape behind the dune. Use it as a cover. SASes can't follow you into this place, they should remain on the open space, wandering around. Hit forwards/backwards to shoot them over the sand. If you are lucky, SHOOTING ANIMATION WILL OVERLAP and Lara should send the enemies the whole series of bullets. Or you can jump sideways, as Lara is the most difficult to hit when doing so. If necessary, repeat the whole operation by luring the second wave of soldiers out of the building into the open space. When you kill as many as possible from here, descend, stand in front of the entrance and finish the remaining SAS, who wanders around locked up behind his cover inside the building. Enter it and proceed to the exit door.

Location 8
Run ahead, stand under the metal tower, turn around and murder two allies guarding the exit from here. Jump over the row of three ramps and stand on the bank of the pool to activate two more soldiers. Backflip to make as much distance as you can and perforate them by firing rapidly your pistols. You can jump into the water and surprise yourself, but there's nothing to find. On the other side of the pool, climb the... the... let's say, the rectangular dune.

Location 9
Keep close to the left side of the canyon (sentries on your right!)

Location 10
Shatter the barricade. Get across the bridge and don't worry about anything. Shatter the second barricade. STOP on the SECOND square counting from the place where it was standing, roll to activate the enemies and sprint away. There are 6 of them, but this is the easiest fight. Just stand still on the bridge and KILL! KILL! KILL!!!! WHRAAHRRRAARH!!!

Location 11
Automatic targeting. Enter the place with a pit in the middle and kill 3 hungry dinos.

This the end of your adventure on foot - you can dozy across the gap. Anyway, you've completed 99% of this "Race Level" on foot, as the only thing separating you from finish trigger is that bloody gap in front of you. Shame the author didn't think about gameplay option for car haters. However, if you've just managed to fight all the crazy obstacles in this level on foot, you can be proud of yourself, as you gained some priceless experience in fighting enemies in all TR levels. Remember what you've just learnt. Keep this knowledge in your head, as it is going to save your life many times ingame.

Playing time: 20 mins to 1 hour

Get on the bike. Drive thru all the locations described in the peds' guide above. Beware of certain things that do NOT happen when on foot:

Location 6 - avoid the spikeballs. The bridge is a safe place (don't know why).

Location 8 - avoid the collapsible floor on the left of the pool.

Location 10 - this bridge also doesn't collapse. So don't mind the spikeballs on your left and right. BTW, even if you fall down to the bottom of the pit, they don't activate - must be some kinda bug.

Location 11 - perform a jump over the gap.

Playing time: 2 to 3 mins

Finally, wrote something what makes sense and gives some useful tips. DJF